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  • Author: Stargirl6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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As a king in the kingdom of Slandor, Daniel had only one aim, to protect his people. It all went down when he met his mate, the one who shook his heart, the one who made him the most vulnerable man on earth. Unable to resist the connection he had for his mate, he does everything in his power to protect her after forcefully claiming her as his mate. Liliana is the naive, sweet but strong human who became a werewolf's mate even after the trauma she suffered from their kind. In the struggle to escape from the clutches of her mate, she finds herself falling in love with him. After successfully creating a bond with her mate, chaos erupted in the palace causing a separation between both lovers. Six years later, Daniel finds Liliana but she has no memory of who he is. Will Daniel fight to get his mate back or give up on her?  "I was shot!!!" she exclaimed and checked the arm where she got shot yesterday. That's right before she went unconscious she saw a man by her side. Who was he??  She started trying to put all the facts in place. She was about to leave the room when someone entered. She looked at the man in front of her. He was the definition of perfection, his firm and broad shoulders hanging on his perfect body along with his black hair that shined under the absence of light.  His tall unbreakable body looked enticing. Bringing her gaze up to his face, she was awed by what she saw.  He had chiseled features, a straight nose, and firm cheekbones.  His golden-colored eyes matched with the color of her hair and were bringing out a dangerous aura. Daniel who entered the room saw Liliana already in front of the door. Assuming she wanted to leave, he brushed the thought off. Meeting her gaze, he smirked when he noticed where her gaze went. It was expected, it is only right his mate found him attractive.  Liliana snapped out of her thoughts when she saw him shaking his head.  She couldn't believe how shamelessly she was gawking at him. She couldn't just deny it, he was equal to a god if one existed.  'You have Jeremy remember' she thought, rebuking herself. Shaking off her thoughts, she asked, "who are you?" "Seems like you are okay now, how is your wound?" Ignoring her question, he asked. She touched her arm and winced a little but she was able to bear the pain. "I am fine, thank you," she replied.


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