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Her forbidden wolf

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“ what are you? How do you affect me so? “ He asked, his voice coarse. . . His voice left sinful sensations against her neck, his breath sending tons of emotions all over her body. It was unbearable. She moved closer to him, letting her body touch his in shameless abandon. “ I don't know what you mean. How do I affect you? “ she said her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes looked up at him innocently, not grasping the effect she has on him. He would be damned if he allow her to get close to his heart. Their lips are barely an inch away from each other now, hot within and outside. Penetrating deep into their bodies. “ I have never met anyone like you, how can I find my mate in you? “ He growled. His hands reached up to cup her soft face. Held it in place so he could see through her eyes. Nobody has ever affected him the way she does. And it was definitely not his wolf animalistic behavior. This is just him, what would happen if his wolf awoke and he is not able to control himself? After unintentionally killing his brother, Dante, now an outcast from his pack, leaves London and adopts a new identity as a brooding rogue mercenary to find some solitude but his new neighbor, However Ava Damaris, (a human) has different plans for him. Repulsed by his devil-may-cry persona, Ava was determined to turn him into a kind-hearted gentleman. As they both begin to uncover some hidden secrets of a deadly scheme, a fierce passion blooms between them, which neither anticipated -- and neither can resist.  But will Ava still love him after finding out that it was his kind who had killed her beloved parents? Or will this knowledge alter her deep feelings for him?

Chapter 1

It was on a busy street and busy day when I, Dante Bradford got the note from a very young boy, not more than six, telling me he was sent to give the note to me personally. And since the boy could not possibly remember nor could he tell who had sent him on this errand, I just knew it could not be good news. My heart raced like never before, I could already feel danger and betrayal even beforeI managed to open up the little double folded note.

"You are being betrayed by your Luna and your brother"

and that was it. That's all, No preamble, no nothing, not even the sender's name.

I quickly dashed back out on the street, as if I was being chased and my life depended on it.

I had left home that morning to go Craton street because I needed to meet some pack members on some important things, more like cousins of cousins. . . But that meeting would rather have to wait. I was soon inside my black jaguar V8 pushing the gas on top speed, not minding anything else, I wanted to get inside that house, I didn't want to think about the numerous things that letter could mean, and I know that nobody would dare come to me just for lies or prank! I would find them for my trouble and I would make them pay.

I dashed out of my car and headed inside, straight towards the stairs, my heart racing thinking and then not trying to think about what could be happening right now, I found my mother and my father and some of my cousins just down the stairs, but I tries not to pay them any attention, I checked every room, for just any sign of them, I didn't see them, the only room left to check was my own room, the room I was supposed to share with my Luna, our room, only thing I could think about when I took the double strides up towards the room was it just could not be, I did not want to believe it . . . Not accept it.

I forcefully opened the door into his supposed soon to be matrimonial room and saw my brother and my supposed Luna all tangled up in bed, moaning like their life depended on it, I was enraged, I growled and pounced on them, I was in agony, I could feel my wolf cry out loud inside me, he must have felt it too now that we are both seeing it play in front of us. I removed my brother from the bed first with full force, when they didn't seem to acknowledge my presence.

"Brother! This is not what you think! I can explain all this". Rowan Bradford said, frantically realizing the terror my elder brother's eyes. And yeah I could see that he was really afraid! How dare him!

Amani Vincent, my supposed Luna sat there in shock but definitely unapologetic, that is even more appalling, what the heck! I cursed!

"I am going to freaking kill you Rowan!" I roared, I was not thinking straight, I meant that one hundred percent. Rowan knew there was no turning back now, he knew me since we were little, and he knows for sure that I meant every word. He knew his life was at stake.

To defend himself Rowan rushed towards the drawers and reached for my gun, where I had always kept it. That did not bother me, I knew for sure that the gun had no bullets, I knew there was no way he would harm me fatally, I kept the gun there myself, so I know.

I dashed at him trying to get the gun off his hands, if he cannot harm me fatally, he could still harm me with the silver lining, I got into a struggle with Rowan in no time I had almost completly disarmed him when I heard the gun fired. It sounded so loud for that full second and then silence followed.

I watched my brother slowly slipped away from my grip! For one moment I had no idea what was going on, I looked at my hands and there was blood everywhere from where the blood gushed out from his chest.

The look I saw on my brother's face was shock, unpreparedness and guilt and I could say I felt the same way, how did a bullet get into my gun, to the point of killing my only brother!

I was more shocked by the minute, I had not expected bullets in the gun. Who put bullets in it? could Rowan have really wanted to kill me? Did he put the bullets in my gun because he was going to use it to kill me? I asked myself over and over again, as I watch my brother taking his last breath. But there were no answers to the questions that filtered through his my. I suddenly became numb. The bullet entered so deep into my brother's heart, which made it impossible for him to heal, butjust stood there hoping desperately for a miracle. None came.

My brother is gone. Next came a shrilling scream which came from Amani. Everything seemed to move so slowly now to me like I was lost in time.

Before long, my father, the current Alpha and my mother the current Luna and our cousins and pack members that I have passed earliercamw barging in, my mother came up to me, shaking me, her mouth was moving but I could hardly figure out what she was saying.

The only thought that kept registering in my head was "What have I done? I have just killed my only brother! My only brother”

Chapter 2

Ava’s POV

5 years later

" Ava ! Ava ! ! , get off your bed, I have been calling your name like over a hundred times " I could hear My grandma, Aloha Damaris, barged into my room to wake me up , I could hear that she had been trying to wake me over and over again from outside the room, I was just too tired to wake up completely.

I finally woke up to the sound of her banging the doors, yeah that always does the trick, but not so easily because I still needed to find my bearing .

" This is the hundredth time I have called your name. Did you forget what I told you to do yesterday , I don't think Mrs Nate will be in for long! , you have to be able to meet her before she leaves , I told you she has something to submit for me at the match making office , I want her to give them in hand , so that it would be attended to properly "

" Oh grandmama , it has probably only been the third time , you definitely don't have the stren


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