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Her Fae Prince

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One seemed so perfect, a strong, handsome warrior wolf... The other is headstrong with a bad reputation, oh and a Fae... Solving both her heart and a mystery the now grown-up Ember McKenzie-Nichols has her hands full. She thinks she's in love with her friend who is a strong warrior wolf, the perfect Alpha for her grandfather's pack. However, it seems the goddess may have other plans as she's drawn to a renowned playboy, the Fae Prince. She can’t stand him yet she is drawn to him nonetheless. Both are fighting for her, but before she gets a chance to figure out where her heart is leading her she’s thrust into the mystery of missing supernaturals. Both wolves and Fae have been taken and before a war breaks out it's up to Ember and her small team to find them and hopefully get them back. Little does she know that the Blood Lust Coven is trying to do just that, start a war. Will Ember be able to solve the mystery and save her people in time? Will she be able to follow her heart and choose her Goddess-given True Mate?


It had been a long week and he only wanted to go to the pub to let off some steam. He jumped on his bike and took off from the pack. He had been working hard at rising in the ranks of his pack and he was almost there. Today he had bested one of the top warriors in front of the Alpha himself. Alpha David even congratulated him personally and told him to keep up the good work. Shortly after that he was challenged by another runt who took him down quickly. It was humiliating. That boy Caleb thought he was king sh*t, just because he was close to the Alpha and his parents.

He sat alone in the corner of the pub drinking away his foul mood. Ale after ale he put back. The waitress tried flirting with him at first, but he just asked for another pint. Being wolf meant it took a lot more to get drunk than a human, and he was already one his fourth. He was just starting to relax when a tall dark woman walked in her hair sleek and smooth and all the way down to her bum. She was beautiful. He watched as she swayed slowly to the bar and leaned against it. Giving him a perfect view of her behind. She ordered with the barkeep and looked around. Her eyes lingered on him for a moment and he raised his ale in a salute and gave her a sly grin. She turned back to the barkeep and said something else. He put two tankards on the bar and she nodded to him reaching into her purse to pay. Then she gathered both drinks and made her way towards him. Perhaps his luck just got better.

“Hey handsome.” She winked and sat across from him sliding one of the ale’s across the table towards him.

“Hey, right back at ye.” He drained his current tankard and set it aside picking up the one she brought holding it up to cheers. “What shall we drink to?”

“Good fortunes?” She lifted her own drink up and took a gulp. “What brings a handsome man like yourself, alone, to the pub? I don’t think I have seen you around before.”

“Nah I don’t come to town often. I am usually kept pretty busy, but I had a hard day so I decided I needed a break.” He took another swig of his ale. This one tasted different, Do they give the pretty lasses the better quality ale here. “What ale did you order? This one tastes different from what I have been drinking.”

“Oh, is old Dale swindling the newcomers again by watering down their ale? That’s probably what it is.” She sighed prettily and took another drink from her own.

“Penny pinching Eejit.” He downed the rest of his drink and put his tankard down beckoning the waitress for another.

“Easy there boy, you don’t want to drink too much.” The woman purred at him. “Is that your motorcycle outside? I’d love to go for a ride.”

“Aye that’s mine. I’ll take ye for a ride anytime lass.” He winked, and felt his head swirl. He hadn’t had that much too drink yet.

“Well lets go outside then.” She stood up and he felt himself rise before even thinking about it and started to follow her out. She was dazzling, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. As he followed her out of the pub she walked past two men who had evil grins and glowing red eyes. Suddenly everything went black.

Going Away

"Come on girl, mean it.” Thomas yelled, “Where is your head at? Certainly not here, where it should be.” He bantered and swung in low sweeping Ember’s feet out from under her, landing her flat on her back in the dust.

“Tell me you wouldn’t be distracted if you were leaving everything you know, tomorrow?” She breathed heavily, this was the fourth time Thomas had knock her on her backside. Usually she was able to keep up better than this. He was right, she was too distracted today. He smirked as he held his hand out to give her a hand up.

“It’s not like you haven’t been there before. You have spent half of every summer there since you were little.” Thomas pointed out, as she dusted herself off and started to do her cool down stretches. “If you show up fighting like that, no one will take you seriously. You can’t let feelings distract you, when you’re fighting it’s just you and your opponent. No one else, nothing else. You clear your head. Do that and you have the pote


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