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Her Duplicate Luna

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This is the story of two Luna who switched bodies and lived in opposite times. They must fulfill their mission to put their souls back to their original era. Meet Ariana Ferrer and Anika Perez. These two mysterious she-wolfs experience lots of adventure to unravel individuals' secrets. Can they succeed in their missions and both will return home to their original time or will be stuck forever because they both failed? How about their mates, are they going to risk their lives just to save their Lunas? -- - -- - -- - --- - - -- - -- - -- -

CHAPTER 1: The concubine assistant

" If I'm an animal, I'd rather be reincarnated into a werewolf. "

The year 1975

"Wake up Ariana, time to pack your things! The King's Butler is here to take you!" A roaring sound like thunder hit Ariana's ears. She groaned in her sleep. She's still not in the mood to open her eyes but when she felt a rough hand-shaken off her shoulders, she has no choice but to get up.

" Is this my birthday gift mom? To be sent in the palace?" She asked her mother Mira while her eyes weren't opening yet.

" Yes! It's the only way to pay off our debts. You're now eighteen and I told the King to select you as his concubine assistant!" She said she doesn't care about her feelings.

Ariana frowned and set a moody face to her mother.

Today is her birthday and some parents throw a big party for their daughter but she's not one of them. Her family was very poor and his father was a shoemaker only. Sometimes, she's dreaming to be like the King, he's the ruler of his own Kingdom and the law.

" Okay, just give me five minutes to prepare my things mom" she mumbled and drag her feet to the bathroom. Her mom left her and entertained the butler who was patiently waiting for her.


Ariana Ferrer bid goodbyes to her parents and she was sent alone to the palace with the company of the King's Butler Charlie.

She wanted to weep after leaving her town but this was her destiny and she has no power to decide for herself because her family would suffer the consequences.

At last, they came to the Arcadia Kingdom where royal families lived there. Her eyes were fascinated by the beautiful scenery in front of her. The place is cool and spacious.

The whole place was also covered with many guards at the entrance like war soldiers in their outfits. They looked like a gladiator.

" Come, follow me!" Charlie called out my attention while we are entering the King's room.

I'm a little nervous because this is my first time to work and to meet the King. I heard rumors that he's still hot even he's older.

"My Lord, I have the girl and she will be serving Concubine Amaya!" He told him with a bow as a sign of respect.

King Markus set his eyes on her with full of earnestly. He scanned every part of the young lad in front of him. He raised his eyebrows once and he blinks twice as a sign of acceptance.

" What's your name, young lady?" He asked her with a soft tone in his voice. The Alpha King played well to the newcomer in the palace. Ariana was not aware that she lured herself inside the family of werewolves.

Ariana gulped her saliva due to exhaustion and at the same time, she felt some butterflies rumbling inside her stomach. It's an indication that she's nervous.

She clears her throat and finds a way to let out a few words about herself.

" Ahm, I'm Ariana Ferrer, came from the town of Salem and I'm eighteen years of age and..." The King interrupted her.

" That's enough for me. Charlie, bring her to Amaya's room and let them talk" he ordered his butler to introduce Ariana to his concubine. She has her rooms, all of the King's concubines have their room. Since his Luna died, he wasn't satisfied with any woman he slept with so he decided to gather all the beautiful girls in the palace and made them his concubine. Every night he could visit or sleep with anyone he wanted but Amaya is one of his favorite.

She's the youngest one and the most vicious girl among them but the King doesn't mind it because she always made her job well especially during the love make part. She helps him to be reborn again and fulfilled his fantasies about young girls like her.

" Yes, my Lord, at your command," Charlie said and brought Ariana to her new owner.

But little did she know, before she left the King's sight, his eyes looked still to her beautiful body. The King had no idea that Romano Ferrer's daughter is beautiful and a true goddess.

Ariana Pov

I'm not excited about my new job. Besides I'm not loving the idea to be the concubine assistant. I didn't waste my time going to school just to be her maid. If it's not for the family's debt, maybe I'd rather run away and hide from them forever.

I love my parents but I felt like they had no guilt feelings towards me. They only lived for themselves and my heart feels torn into pieces.

We're now entering the room.

" You can go inside. I'm now leaving." He told me and I just nodded. Now I'm alone, just by myself inside this woman's room.

" Come in!" I heard her arrogant voice. She seemed not good for everyone. She looked spoiled.

I came in and when she comes out from her bed covered with a lace cloth around it, she was very young, I think she was the same age. I'm surprised to find a concubine so young and beautiful.

I waited for her to ask me anything. She just sat in her golden chair and comb her long and shiny hair.

She stared at me from head to toe. I'm not surprised about that because the King also did that to me when I met him and introduced myself.

" Hmmm, your not that bad to be my assistant. Anyway I'm Amaya and you are.." she paused.

I quickly answered back. " Ariana, I'm Ariana Perrier, my lady," I said.

She nods her head. She's not even smiling at me. I'm afraid on my first day since I don't have any experience in this line of work.

" Okay, Ariana, whatever your name is, just call me Amaya, and tonight the King will hold a big party for the victory from the Invaders so you have to help me okay?" She said and I quickly nodded at her.


My room was just beside her room so it's easy for her to call me anytime she needed me.

I skip dinner tonight because I'm not very hungry yet. Today is my birthday but I'm not celebrating it, instead, I'm working here all alone by myself.

I put my things down beside my bed. I lie my back on its soft mattress and I feel comfortable about it.  I want to sleep early so that my body and mind would be well prepared for tomorrow's big event.


" Run!" A loud voice called Ariana's attention from afar. She looked around but there's no one to be seen until a white wolf came in front of her, standing with his visible canines.

Ariana was tongue-tied and her legs seem like paralyze. There's a wolf in front of her and she didn't know what to do.

She just closes her eyes when the white wolf moved his legs to prepare for a quick launch but she's wrong. It's not attacking her. He licked her legs and did puppy eyes on her.


Amaya heard a soft whimper from the other room. She quickly got up ffrom her bed to follow the sound of that noise. There are more rooms in the concubine area until she found out that the sounds came from her assistant room Ariana.

She decided to knock but the sound gets louder until she tried to open it and it's no lock. When she finally pushed the door open, she saw Ariana, raising her hands like she's in a fight.

She stops screaming when Amaya shook her shoulders. " Wake up! Wake up!" She said and Ariana woke up from her nightmare. Amaya feels relieved to see that she was already awake and safe.

CHAPTER 2: The packs party

Ariana PoV

" Hey, what's wrong with you?" Amaya asked me when she woke me up.

I'm still half asleep while she's talking to me. " What?" I said. I don't know what happened. I just woke up and saw her in front of me. She frowned and stood up.

" You're talking in your sleep you know. Hurry! Quick! Today is the grand day so you have to hurry and prepare my things and dress for the party tonight" she said and left me alone in my room.

I took a deep breath. Today is my second day in the palace and I felt like this is my last day. I want to go back home with my parents because I miss them already but I think they're not happy to see me.

I got up and quickly took a shower when Amaya called me. " Ariana, I'm going to take a bath now! Hurry!"

" Coming!" I said. I hurriedly put on my maid dress and walked inside her room. While I'm on my way, I saw some concubines in the hallway on their own without an assistant. I thought to myself, Amaya was very lucky to


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