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Victoria is an ordinary woman who lives in a small village and live an ordinary but restricted life. She is sweet, selfless and smart but she always wanted to explore. For some unknown reason her family never allowed to have a boyfriend. No one is allowed to even kiss her. Victoria wants to have fun in life, but she can't escape her family's hawk eyes. Just like any other girl she wants to fall in love, get married and start a family. But all her dreams shattered when she her village was destroyed, and she was taken as a slave for a cruel Alpha. Alpha Cristiano is ruthless, arrogant, stubborn and sadist. He has special plans for Victoria and only he knows that she is not who she think she is. What is Victoria's true identity? Read more to find out.

Chapter 1 BUCK MOON

There's an ancient power in the woods, resting and waiting. As the solstice grows nearer and nearer, the Islanders know to guard the females and the children, especially during the Buck Moon. It was not a big village but there was everything they needed. It was safe from crime and the creatures that roamed the forests surrounding them due to the peace pact between the mayor and those creatures, and it was something that could never be broken.

Victoria Duncan was the granddaughter of a descendant of the founder of the village and was the second female born into the family after her mother of course. She felt she had to live up to her family's expectations and did what she could to make people comfortable around her. Everyone in the village knew that Victoria has all the solutions to every problem.

Victoria stood at five feet 9 with long, fake caramel-coloured hair, which was a lame attempt to look like her mother Linda that reached her waist in soft waves. Her black-coloured eyes popped out against her golden skin and her small waist was always pulled in by her corset. Her body was wanted by many of the young men in the village but she was off-limits. Victoria was to remain untouched until she was married and she wasn't allowed to have any sexual contact with anyone which was a weird tradition according to her but she never dare to question her mother or grandfather.

Her grandfather's rules were strict and if anyone was seen trying to get too close to her, they were punished for it. Victoria Duncan was the girl boys dreamt about at night and only wished they had permission to court her.

The Buck Moon was a dangerous time for humans that strayed into the forest and they couldn't be saved. The rule had been set in stone since the village had been founded. It was one rule that was there to protect the villagers, especially the women. Yet at the same time, the day was full of celebrations, feasts, and drinking late into the night to divert the attention of villagers from the forest.

Victor Duncan, Victoria’s grandfather, enjoyed throwing the celebrations for his people and never let them down. He made everyone work hard to get the feast ready and this year, it was special for him but also devastating at the same time, he knew that things are going to change after this. His only granddaughter was turning 21, but the dread was heavy in his stomach fearing that they would finally come for her. Linda too was worried about her and was trying her best to think of a solution to deal with what's coming for her daughter. Victoria's nightmares also weren't helping, they were getting vivid but with the extra dose of herbs, it was nothing Linda couldn't control.

Victoria often asks her mother why she always had the same nightmares since her childhood but Linda instructed her precious daughter to not think about them much, they were nothing but just random nightmares.

They both had done their best to protect her from the creatures in the forest and made sure that they were unaware of her presence, but they knew about her existence. They knew that it was too late to send her into town. If she had left, the creatures would have torn the villagers apart not caring if they were male or female, or children. They were surrounded by those red-eyed creatures. Every once in a while, Duncan saw them shining into the dark night, telling him, warning him to not do anything stupid.

It would be a massacre and it would be his fault.

Victoria also got this feeling of being watched but she shook it off thinking it was nothing serious.

"Grandpa?" Victoria called him, making him jump, "Is everything ok?"

Duncan turned around and what he saw made his face turn red in anger.

Victoria holding a few bags, getting ready to help around the village. He smiled stiffly at his granddaughter and nodded, "Yes. I am just thinking and why are you carrying so many bags all by yourself."

"Oh..this! It's nothing, Grandpa. You worry too much, I am a strong girl. And what are you thinking about, I hope it's not one of those models?" She teased, "You seem to be away with the fairies recently and you've not been eating. It isn't good for your health."

"Don't worry about an old man like me," He said while shaking his head helplessly at his granddaughter.

"Are you ready for tonight?" He asked

Victoria smiled, "I am. It's been a while since we have been able to celebrate something and now. I am 21, I can do as I wish and now, even mother Linda also can't stop me."

"Within reason, Victoria," He warned, "I don't want you to rush into anything that you may regret. I need you to-"

"Grandpa, I appreciate the concern, but I'm old enough to finally make my own decisions," She chuckled, "Right, I need to get these to Kenneth. He is helping with the bonfire this year."

"I won't keep you," He said, "Victoria, be careful out there. Ok?"

"I always am," She smiled and left her grandfather with his thoughts. He let out a shaky sigh and looked out of the window once more.

Victoria stepped out of the house with all the necessary stuff in her hands and chose to walk to the place where all of her friends were waiting.

On her way, she got that ominous feeling again of being watched, but there was already too much in her mind to look around. She fastened her pace to get rid of that feeling. By the time she reached she realized they all had started the preparations without her.

"Hey, you are finally here?" She heard the familiar voice and all her frenzied nerves calmed.

"Yeah, I am sorry for being late."

"It's nothing let's start, you can help me come on," Kenneth said and took her to resume his work.

It was on an open field which was surrounded by large trees and the forest. Before Victoria could move to form her place her eyes caught a pair of feral red eyes that were solely focused on her, she blinked and in the next second, they disappeared as soon as they appeared.

Was it her hallucination? Or real?


The sun had slowly started to set and the howls of the red-eyed creatures in the air were getting louder and closer. Duncan knew it was too late to explain everything to Victoria and why he needed her to remain pure. Her life was no longer in the palm of his hands and he wanted to make the last few hours with her as memorable and perfect as could be. The time was passed quickly and with each passing moment he was getting restless, he could feel it in his heart that things are about to get dirty.

The celebrations of the Buck Moon had been going on for a few hours and the fire was now burning brightly, and strong in the center of the village. Children were speeding around playing games, giggling loudly and the adults sat back enjoying their drinks without a care in the world, few females were huddled in a corner playing gossip girls while others just didn't care, but no one knew what was about to happen.

Victoria was handing out food to everyone and making sure that e


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