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Her Alpha's Obsession

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She was never a woman who let's down her guard but on that faithful night she could not refuse his power and scent, she gave up to him but after that night she never rest from the hearing the name Adam Feng. She got tied down by his desire to have her, After having a night stand with that stranger although she thought she will never see him again until he suddenly appears to her demanding for to be his s** doll but had she know that she has fell into his trap right from the beginning of her life. It is not their first time meeting each other, it wasn't the second time. But I wants to love this cold hearted man no matter what it takes, I want to see more of his characters, is he the angry one? The s*x like being one? Sentimental? The rough one? "Adam Feng, what are you?" I ask him looking into his eyes. For the first time he smile and bites my ears. Written and own by Hër tâlênt Read this interesting novel of how A young lady named Genevieve got involved with an Alpha and tried to find more about him and love him at the same time.

Meeting him again

(Subtitle: A bitter mistake)

Genevieve's Pov 💕

"Good morning everyone."

I greet all around me.

I was seating at the front of the mirror already applying my make up, I checked my time and I relaxed. I still have alot of time to get ready but I woke up very early in other not to be late. It surprises me here in Canada because things are different here, I can't believe I can apply for a job as late as I want.

Italy is never like this at all because once you are late, you are late.

I raise my curtain up and the rays of sunlight I was expecting wasn't happening

this morning is unexpectedly dull and the sun is not giving any sign that it will shine.

I apply lip gloss and smack my lips together.

I look at my whole dressing and I think that I am ready to go, I look smart alright and everything here is amazing, a suit like this can't be found in italy Well maybe it i am poor.


Sorry my name is Genevieve and I am

twenty four years of age and as unexpectedly I am.......jobless, it shouldn't have been like that but I can't help but think it God's plan. Mum struggled to get me out of school but I couldn't find a job immediately after, it is so disappointing and makes me ashamed.

Mum fortunately believe that it is fate unlike any other thing that I have to believe.

We are a family of no large people, just me, a twin brother, s little sister and a younger brother who is just five year old.

My twin brother is quite a mess, a street guy, hardly home but he is responsible, he is a good help to mum and all of that f*ck*ng helping stuff.

When I am an italian and a graduate of business administration and no job, I have tried all of my luck in italy but nothing so I decide to come to Canada to get help since I have a friend living here it was much easier.

Canada was much cheaper according to my friend.

I move to the kitchen and decided to make something simple to eat.

Then I hear his car pull over.

I smile brightly

"Gene, are you home." He yells through the passage disturbing the neighbors.

"You left me here yesterday so what are you thinking?" I yell back.

For the first time of my life I did not use italian accent to speak english.

The foot opens and I peep out of the kitchen entrance throwing a wave.

"There you are, sunshine."

"There are no sunshines this morning."

Riccardo drop himself on the chair in the kitchen and start to unbutton his shirt. "That is why I think you are one."

I blush.

Blushing is my thing like as in I blush like a lot and I never stop early.

"Where were you last night." I ask with a serious face mixing the eggs I just break into the bowl.


Riccardo's favourite stuff is skipping question especially when he has done something wrong and he is gifted.

"You heard me."

"You were on my bed and I can not share a bed with you do I visit a friend and spend a night."

"It this one of your excuse to go the stripper club again, the couch was available." I said pointing to the chair he is seating on and I move my hand to the sitting room. "There are spaces on the floor too and....

There were two couches."

Riccardo groans. "Italy you have to grow up, clubbing is fun."

I throw a spoon at him playful at him but it unexpectedly land hard on his nose "Stop calling me italy, I have a name."

"Okay." Riccardo moans walking to the first aid "If you get this job, club tonight bills on me."

I stare up at Riccardo, I hate clubs not like I have it that much so let just call dislike, am a graduate with a school cert. But I don't have a job and the time but sincehe is my good best friend so I can refuse.


"Hooray, I gotta tell the boys that I got a hot italian chick coming tonight." Riccardo yell around the kitchen with his bleeding nose.

"No calling the boys." I shout

threatening him with another spoon.

I serve breakfast and Riccardo the devil surprisingly leads the prayer and for that moment I was thinking maybe his food items were poisned. Ric is the most wayward person on earth and cardio b is right why is the best fruit always forbidden. He is even doing well than a saint like me.

If being a saint is wrong, I will better turn to the devil.

My phone ring and Diego picture appears on my screen he is face timing me again.

"Genevieve how are you doing?" He shouts loudly.

"Am fine, good morning."

"Actually we have different days and night here."

Riccardo burst into laughter.

"Am sorry." I chuckles nervously

"Have you gotten a job, huh?"

"No but I was at the company yesterday and today will be the day for interview."

Diego make a sad pitiful face like🥺 for me and I hate it "I love you so much did and trust me, you will get the job."

I smile and shake my head "All you want is your share right?"

"Absolutely correct."

Riccardo sniffs.

I look at his side and he already have tears in his eyes.



"Did you cook one of your spicy food again?"

They both bark at me at the same time.

"Am sorry, I can't help the way I cook."

"Ofcourse." Diego laughs.

I sigh.

"Arya is here with me, wanna talk with her?"

I nod excitedly.

Diego turns the phone to My little sister Arya and her face was d*mn like sh*t, she looks at the camera frowning and turns it away."

"What happened?" I asked being serious.

"Well she wants an expensive barbie doll."

I laugh and choke on my own laughter. "She is still on that?"


"Diego Please get a job before I will come back, I might not have this one okay."

Diego just stares at the camera and frowns at me, like I said he is a total mess, he hates the fact that I think he is not helping the family and he is not. The awkward moment stopped when Riccardo took my phone and walk away loudly greeting my twin brother.

I finished eating and went to get my purse from the room and since Riccardo was not in the living room I walk outside straight, he is already in the car waiting, I look around the car and I wonder where he actually found this one.

"Are you nervous?"

"Never being."

He start the car and immediately we set out for the company it is a big company and I can't wait to get a job there. Riccardo drove in full speed because I was getting worried I might be late.

The freedom I got with this company is strange but I think of it as good luck, imagine someone approach you and gave you a business card and a business offer, that is how it w,as for me and I was told to come at any time.

After some few minutes we reached the company. The company name is FENG GROUPS, IT is so luxurious but I had no much time.

I did not wait for anything but I hear Riccardo yell after me to wait. As I rush into the company I spot the receptionist and run to meet her immediately she sighted me, she smiles.

"Hey good morning."

"Good morning miss Genevieve, how was your morning?"

I met her before.


"Are you here with your files already?"

I show her my brown file.

She smiles "Ok the office is that way."

"Thank you so much."

I walk gently to the Office and I knocked for minutes before a male voice told me to come in.

As I walked in no one was in the Office but there was a figure behind the close curtain and I wonder what is there.

I take a seat and wait for who ever it is to come out.

Silently I pray so that I will get this job.

The entrance door opens and a famillar lady walks in, she is said to be the director of the company, yesterday when I met her she said her name was Lizzy, she tiptoe at the curtain and signal at me to follow her without saying a word.

I became suspicious at first but because of the fact that she is the director I met yesterday I have to follow her.

"Good morning ma." I get her when we got out of the office.

Unusually she did not reply.

"You can not be given this job."

"Why?" I yell out at her words that ruin my expectations.

"The boss doesn't like you."

"But I haven't met him or her yet."

She rolls her eyes at me and threw two bundles of countless dollars at me.

"Get out."

She said and walks into the office.

I look at her stunned and angry but my tears betray me, I can't act strong anymore.

Then I heard this voices.

"Who was that?" A cold male voice ask.


I couldn't weep or cry I was helpless, now I have to go back to Italy because mum had told me to come home already, this is bad, so bad. Why am I always unlucky, I need a job to feed my family.

Riccardo waves at me smiling happily.

"Did you get it."

"No but I was given some money?"

I say sadly.

"Am sorry about that, Genevieve." Ric says comfy

"I will go back to Italy tomorrow."

"So no more clubbing tomorrow."

"Ofcourse there is going to be because I know that I won't stop thinking am a bad luck."

"So you wanna drink?"

I nod.

🏢 Clubhouse nine9🏨

Loud music that you can hear from the next street start playing and I can turn deaf within this minute so hard to hear anything at all Ricardo guide me into the club and there I was able to see what they really do in club.

I look at them and I gape.

Men smoking and dancing

While there are naked girls stripping and dancing.

"This is hot." I said smiling

"Yes, I gotta tell my friends I brought you."

"No I wanna be alone."

"Okay suit yourself."

Riccardo leaves and I go to the counter if you can see me you will think I am a club customer , I have a purple bob hair on and a mini shirt. I look at men throwing money on ladies and I think this job is crazy. Just by staring I have like ten shot of wine 🍷 then my head start spinning.

Every thing start turning in my eyes.

Suddenly my favorite song Despacito plays.

I move to the dance floor and start dancing madly, everyone start staring at me I am a very crazy dancer and I love it alot but mum advice me to stop dancing that it ungodly.Then everyone gathered around to watch me throwing money, I can't believe dancing is this helpful so I have just being wasting a talent showing it to my friends alone.

Riccardo himself stood there looking at me his jaw dropped and he can't help the moment but clap.

Suddenly someone dragged me from the crowd and my eyes went spinning again, I can only hear my name and soon all I see is a dark passage, I keep screaming but the person is not letting me go.

When he drop my hand I almost slapped him.

"Please he is waiting inside, go in before he gets angry."

"Who are you talking about?" I ask holding my head

"He is inside."

"What does he wants?"

"I think he just like your dancing."

"So am I gonna get paid?" I can't believe myself saying that

The man brings out his phone and gives it to me and ask me press my account number.

Immediately I received an alert.

I knock on the door and there was no response and the man leaves, I open the door and I see a man seating on the bed, he was seating there all the lights have been dimmed all I see is his huge body in the dark.

"Do you know what you are here for?"

"Dancing I guess."

"No way." He says and walks to my side and he slaps my bag away and he was standing chest to chest with me and his face is yet to be seen.

"What do you mean?"

"You are an italian I see."

He laughs a little.

I quickly pick up my bag to leave because I have start to feel like drug is taking effect in me but this drags me to bed and he was laying on me, me below him above.

"I will pay thrice the amount."

I become weaken but having s*x with a stranger no he can't have his way, but I can't move any part of my body.

He unbuckles my shirt and tears my skirt, at a time I want to struggle but this stranger was too fast with me and he push his way in roughly.

But who is he? Why do I feel like his scent is familiar to me? Do I know him?

He is a demon

(He is not just a person)

🍑 Genevieve's Pov🍑

I left canada after two or three days because my body was badly dealt with, the strange man is demon that is not suppose to be allowed among human, his sex skills are like that of a mastered demon, all though that night I was begging despite the fate am not a Virgin anymore, it was really bad and the pain is what am still struggling with.

The way I lost my virgin was the worse, and ofcourse my mom knew and my dad was there, Diego broke down and he couldn't look at all, my little siblings are the so young they can't understand.

It was a sudden moment when some people broke into our house requesting for some money that dad own them, we couldn't afford it and dad said he spent the money so I had no options all all.

The man in charge was the one who asked one of his boys to do it and I was beaten close to death when I refused.

Well now that it is done I live my life in a different way


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