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Hell Bound with the Rogue Alpha

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My wolf have never reacted to any female in my life before, why this kid? Maybe he feels pity for her, just like I do. When she sober up, I instructed her to help remove my shirt and the next thing she did brought my wolf rushing forward wildly. At first, I thought she was going to gently pull it off my head, just like every other human girl or Mixed-blood will do, but to my utmost surprise, she ripped it off, starting from the neck down to the chest then stopped. She couldn't tear it further as that part of the fabric was harder than the neck other parts. My wolf stirred wildly within me. What is going on? I tried to keep him still but couldn't. He forced himself to the surface as if he was trying to grab her to himself. Was he going to attack her? Not being able to resist the urge, I grabbed her hands suddenly and looked deeply into her blue eyes. D*mn it! My wolf desires her. This can't be? Fear was written all over her face as she stared into my bloody eyes. I heard her groan as my grip tightened on her hands. I forced my wolf back inside with great difficulty and let her go. She fell to the ground, rubbing her two hands where I held her before, gasping in pain. I rushed to her side. "Are you alright?" She whimpered and recoiled on the floor looking helplessly frightened by me. I was annoyed at the sight of this. I straightened up, breathing heavily and yelled "Leave" ************* This is a story of a rogue alpha torn in between love, revenge and a one in a million opportunity to mount the sit of unrivaled power and authority. Will his decision bring forth more chaos upon him or push him in the path that leads to his happily ever after? Find out in this suspenseful novel...

Chapter 1

Present Day

"I, Grayson Williams, disclaim and denounce you, Alec Grayson, as an alpha of the Dark Hind park and would henceforth cease to be recognized as one" announced Grayson, avoiding Alec's face.

The park murmured. Alec's fist hardened, the hairs on his arms and face stood up and grew longer. He looked scary.

This cannot be happening, he thought. His father has ripped him of his authority and humiliated him before the pack.

Members of the pack that gathered moved back in fear as Alec grew ferocious and began to transform, his claws first growing rapidly.

Without warning, he threw an arm at a member behind him and scratched his face. Blood gushed out of the injury.

Others held the injured one as they drew back in fear, not wanting to fight Alec.

Alec is known for his uncontrollable temper. He could shape shift when overwhelmed by it.

He was the most powerful wolf and alpha they have ever seen. His strength was unmatched.

But how? How did he lost the fight to his father's former beta? They kept wondering.

He threw an arm again and striked another member on his chest. He drew him close and hit him hard on the face with his clawed finger.

He growled as his body kept changing. He threw the almost unconscious member to the ground. The member winced in pain but no one dared to go near him

Alec has gone rogue, they all thought.

Only three days ago, he was announced the new alpha of the Dark Hind park, who could have thought events will unfold in this manner?

They were all scared now as they moved farther and farther back, away from Alec who is transforming right before them.

Suddenly, he was in his full wolf form. He growled and howled.

Alec turned to look at Grayson but Grayson looked away with anger, shame and guilt written all over his face.

Grayson turned to look again just in time to see Alec's wolf form jumping and crashing out through the window nearby.

And he was gone.


A Week Ago

It was evening in BloodBrigg, as a dark-green car pulled up in front of Alpha Grayson's manor.

A towering figure in black tuxedo, stepped out. It was Devon.

He is here to see the alpha on his call.

He went right up to the study, which was the aged alpha's favorite place to be by this time.

He met him sitting there.

"We have successfully defeated the Red mist pack, and once again, your tactics and plans have saved us all, Devon" beamed Grayson, as Devon approached his table.

The last battle was one very hellish one.

The Red mist pack is a rival pack which have been on their tail for months. And finally, after a recent bloody battle, they achieved victory, owing to Devon's master strategy skills and Alec's unbeatable strength.

"It is an honour to serve you and the pack, Grayson" said Devon, now seated across the table facing Grayson.

"If anything, I am willing to put my life before the pack, you already know this" he added.

"That is very reassuring to hear from you, Devon" said Grayson, nodding his head satisfactorily.

"Speaking of which, the timber forest across the Red mist pack's territory needs to be re-assigned to those who will look after it. Can I trust you with that?" Asked Grayson, raising a brow.

"Absolutely, there is nothing you can't trust me with, not even the position of an alpha.." He was about to say but was cut short by an angry growl from Grayson.

"Shut it, Devon!" A loud bang followed as he hit his hand on the table.

"Forgive my manners, please, I went over.." He was about to say again but was cut short by Grayson. "Over what? Come out from that dream of yours, Devon. Wake up" said Grayson, coldly.

Devon recoiled, and whimpered lowly.

"Yes, I will be off now" he said and stood up to leave.

Grayson said nothing more.

Once outside, Devon's eyes darkened.

"An old grey-haired alpha who is a step away from his grave" he muttered under his breath, then brought out his phone, and dialed a number

Once the other end was connected he said quickly "Keep an eye on him" and put the phone back in his pocket.

He entered the car and zoomed off to Erret's place; a cottage at the outskirt of BloodBrigg. Only the witch's guests could locate it.

Getting there, he remembered the witch's words the last time he had a meeting with her "Once you are in, pat the owl twice, you will find me"

He looked around, the house looked like a place which has long been deserted.

Inside the house was nothing like its exterior, it was large and spacious.

Devon wondered how a small cottage could be so big inside.

Everything looked like it has never been put to use before.

Where are you, owl? he questioned in his mind. He caught a scent and looked up.

There it was, looking down at Devon quietly from the large ball-like chandelier hanging from above

Devon jumped to catch it, but it hopped from there. His big hand striked the chandelier instead and it came crashing down

"D*mn!" He yelled. He approached it again, this time, slowly.

It stood looking at Devon as if it was trying to mock him with its large eyes.

Using his swift ability, he caught it in a twinkle of an eye.

"There you go" he said, as he rubbed the owl's back with his palm. He waited, but nothing happened.

He was now weary and annoyed

He hit it twice.

Suddenly, a dark whirling storm enveloped them. Next he found himself in a fairly large dark empty room.

A woman stood with her back to him. Who was that? And why was she standing upside down. He asked mentally.

Then he felt himself spinning slowly. He had landed on his head!

When he spun round to his feet, he moved close to the woman, slowly but gingerly.

She was chanting some incantations with so much vigor that she seem not to notice the company.

"Hello" Devon called. She stopped abruptly "Move further not, Devon" she said angrily.

"Erret" Devon realized who it was.

She continued her chants which lasted for almost half an hour then stopped.

She moved to a side of the wall with several broken pieces of glass mirrors. On her hand was what looked like a large fireball which she has been rolling and rolling in her hands while chanting

"Avrakhanundajva!!!" She chanted out loudly and with a single blow, striked the mirror pieces with it. A crashing sound echoed in the room.

Devon covered his ears with his palms.

Right before him, all the piece began to stick together, until they became one large single piece.

Devon watched in amazement.

Erret is indeed a witch, a powerful sorceress and dark magic practitioner. Magic that could bring a werewolf to its end

Now satisfied, she turned to Devon and beckoned "Come with me"

Devon followed as she led the way

He felt like they were walking through a dark passage.

Suddenly, they emerged somewhere in her house again- a room which looks like a mini library, foggy and dimly lit.

She sat at her table and folded her hands in front of her.

"Beta of the White Hind park, you are an enemy, I told you before. Yet, you came all the way up here, alone. You have no fear, do you?" Said Erret, her green eyes fleeking dangerously.

"I am here for business, Erret. You may have your history with my alpha, whatever it is, but trust me I am no enemy" said Devon, pushing a chair back and sitting right across Erret.

Erret raised a brow at his impetus.

She could snap her fingers and rain down some bane dust on him right this moment, still he dared to put up such show of confidence? Interesting! She thought.

"I wish to be the next alpha" he stated, waiting nervously for the witch's reply.

She bent her head slowly to one side, her eyes fixed on him, "You are an alpha material, but you are not the heir. You wish to push him out of your way, don't you?" She asked.

Devon regarded her for a second and asked "Can you do that?"

Erret broke into a croaking laughter. Her laughter itched his ears.

"Can you?" He asked again impatiently.

She stopped. "Alas! fate is about to serve itself right before us" and laughed screechingly again.

Erret had a not so clear history with Grayson. He killed her only son a very long time ago.

Right now, she felt her painful patience all these years is going to be rewarding after all

"What fate are you talking about?" Devon questioned suspiciously.

Without answering his question, she stood up from her chair and walked up to Devon.

She bent close to him and whispered "I know and have just the perfect strategy for you" her eyes widened mysteriously.

Chapter 2_Alec's POV

I woke up few days to my initiation as the new alpha, only to find my brother in the gym section of my house.

What is he doing here this early? I wondered.

"Luc, what are you doing here" I asked him, with one of my eye still closed.

He rushed towards me looking bubbly and excited. "You wouldn't wake up no matter what I did to you, man" he said looking at me with knitted brows

I remembered when I woke up, my legs were dangling off the bed and the sheets wrapped around my face, as if suffocating me could wake me up.

"When will you stop, you know it never works" I said ruffling his hair.

"At least I shook you up a bit, else you will still be in bed snoring away by now" he said, putting his hand on his waist.

Lucas was always a fun kid to be around. At 17, he is still pretty much a kid to me.

I am way older. Well, not really "way older", I am 8 years older.

"As I stood the


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