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My wolf have never reacted to any female in my life before, why this kid? Maybe he feels pity for her, just like I do. When she sober up, I instructed her to help remove my shirt and the next thing she did brought my wolf rushing forward wildly. At first, I thought she was going to gently pull it off my head, just like every other human girl or Mixed-blood will do, but to my utmost surprise, she ripped it off, starting from the neck down to the chest then stopped. She couldn't tear it further as that part of the fabric was harder than the neck other parts. My wolf stirred wildly within me. What is going on? I tried to keep him still but couldn't. He forced himself to the surface as if he was trying to grab her to himself. Was he going to attack her? Not being able to resist the urge, I grabbed her hands suddenly and looked deeply into her blue eyes. D*mn it! My wolf desires her. This can't be? Fear was written all over her face as she stared into my bloody eyes. I heard her groan as my grip tightened on her hands. I forced my wolf back inside with great difficulty and let her go. She fell to the ground, rubbing her two hands where I held her before, gasping in pain. I rushed to her side. "Are you alright?" She whimpered and recoiled on the floor looking helplessly frightened by me. I was annoyed at the sight of this. I straightened up, breathing heavily and yelled "Leave" ************* This is a story of a rogue alpha torn in between love, revenge and a one in a million opportunity to mount the sit of unrivaled power and authority. Will his decision bring forth more chaos upon him or push him in the path that leads to his happily ever after? Find out in this suspenseful novel...


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