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He's My Mate

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My name is Athena, and my twin sister Vanessa and I are the great-granddaughters of the moon goddess. Growing up life was hard. I felt like an outcast, constantly getting into trouble just to get noticed but nothing worked, and eventually depression set in. My life wasn't the same until my grandfather's annual masquerade ball at the Royal Kingdom. When he grabbed my hand, I felt the sparks and instantly knew he was my mate. I finally thought I would be accepted by someone until my heart shattered when I saw him kissing my sister. That night when the clock struck twelve all bets were off, I turned eighteen and got my wolf. Now Venus and I will stop at nothing to take back what is ours. He is my mate!

Chapter 1

Athena’s POV

Who am I? I’m Athena or freak as Vanessa and her friends like to refer to me as. You see Vanessa is my twin sister, growing up we were close inseparable if you will. Things began to change just before we turned five. Vanessa was gifted magic from the Moon Goddess, our great-grandmother after inheriting it from our own mum. I however didn’t which in turn gave me my nick name.

Today should be one of the best days of my life, it’s our sixteenth birthday and the day we get to meet our wolf counterpart, or so it should have been. I peeked at the clock that sat on my bedside table, groaning when I saw it was only 5.30am. Vanessa was still asleep her eye mask covering her eyes as she snored like a flipping rhino. Closing my eyes, I focused trying my hardest to search the corners of my mind for any sign of my wolf, but nothing. Not a whimper a whisper or even the feeling of my mind space being shared. Just nothing. And this is where my story begins.

Growing up my parents had always assured me I was no different to my sister, that my time would come, and I would receive my gifts. That day however never seemed to come. I watched from the side lines as Vanessa flourished, mastering each gift she gained. By my count she now had six and me zero. I felt like a fraud, someone that was born into the wrong family. Somebody had clearly made a mistake; I mean my mum was the daughter of the Alpha King for crying out loud even she must have thought the world was laughing at her knowing she had given birth to me miss nobody. There was a time when she herself had the same gifts my sister now possesses, though she gave hers up in a deal she made on her and my dad’s wedding day. A deal that bought her friend Alice back to life.

Looking back at my sister the perfect daughter and next in line to be Alpha thanks to my grandad having had the wolf law changed, I dragged myself from my bed and into the bathroom. I knew Vanessa would be getting her wolf today there was no way she wouldn’t, she wasn’t unlucky like me she always got the better end of deal, and I didn’t want to be there to witness it. I didn’t want to see the look of pity and shame on my parents faces when they realise what a failure and waste of space their youngest daughter was. I showered quickly before stepping back out and drying myself off when I feel the mind link between me and Hector open.

“Happy birthday Athena” His voice chirpy voice echoed in my head.

“Is it?” I responded bluntly wanting today to be over with before it had even begun.

“What’s up with you? Grumpy or what this morning”

“You would be grumpy to if you were me, a defect a disgrace to her family name” tears burned the back of my eyelids as I meant each word I spoke. I truly hated myself and wanted nothing more than for the earth to swallow me whole erasing my sorry excuse of a life from existence.

“Athena stop, don’t keep putting yourself down, how many times have I told you there is nothing wrong with you? Ig you honestly feel like this then I think you need to see someone. I can go with you if you want. You’re not alone Athena”

“If you turned sixteen and didn’t get your wolf then you’d feel how I do to. I don’t need to talk to any doctor they would just give me some pills that I neither need nor want” I snapped at him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you hadn’t received one. Look its only early there’s still time for her to come so please calm down, just don’t give up hope” I didn’t answer him back instead I just shoved him away closing the mind link and putting my block up to prevent him from trying again.

Hector was my best friend; he was Beta Benson and Alices son we grew up together alongside his older sister Megan. Hector was destined to take over from his dad when he is old enough to retire becoming Vanessa’s Beta. Not once did he ever call me a nasty name, he always stuck up for me when no one else would, he didn’t care if he was seen with the ‘freak’ and for that I loved him. It was no secret that my mum hoped we would be mates when we became of age, Hector had even told me he had feelings for me regardless of the fact he was a year younger than me. I carried a flame in my heart for him to not that I would tell him that, deep down I wanted him to be my mate, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Nothing ever went according to plan, not for me at least. I learned at a young age that fate along with life didn’t care what we wanted.

Megan is older than me but we’re not friends by any means, she’s the complete opposite to her brother. Where he’s kind and considerate she’s viscous and rude, in other words she was better suited to be Vanessa’s sister for they were closer and had the same personality traits. After getting dressed and throwing my hair up into a messy bun, I headed downstairs hoping to avoid everyone so I could grab my lunch and head to school. I was planning on stopping by the café to get breakfast and eat it on my way, but as usual nothing goes to plan.

“Morning birthday girl” My dad’s deep voice startled me as he crept up behind me before pecking my cheek.

“Can’t talk dad got to run don’t want to be late I’m meeting Hector before school” I lie through my teeth while plastering a fake smile on my face something I had become good at.

“Morning” Vanessa’s annoying high-pitched voice hurt my ears as she rounded the corner still in her skimpy nighty.

By the excitement in Vanessa’s voice, I was right she got her wolf. My dad having sensed it asked Vanessa what her wolfs name was and she said Jewel before Vanessa turned and looked at me.

“What’s your wolf called Athena isn’t it just the weirdest most wonderful feeling?” The way she smirked at me as if already knowing the answer.

“I…I have to go”

“Athena come on I’m just dying to know” And I’m dying to punch you in that smug face of yours I thought to myself.

Before I could give into the urge to smack Vanessa, I turned on my heel and left the packhouse. The last thing I needed today was to get into more trouble not to mention I felt sh*t enough as it was. The local school wasn’t far away but I needed to put some distance between myself and my family. I stopped to get a coffee and a croissant having not wanted to stay home I was now starving. I must have fallen asleep at my table because my phone rang making me jolt up. Looking at the screen Hectors face popped up making my heart flutter as I accepted his call.

“Hey where are you? School started an hour ago” goddess his voice was s*xy.

“I’m on my way, have I missed anything interesting?”

“Other than me nope. Just hurry up and get here we have Mr Kiln next for English and we both know what will happen if your late again”

After telling Hector I’d be there shortly I ended the call before putting my phone in my bag. If there was one thing I hated more than being at school surrounded by stuck up wolves, it was being in Mr Kiln’s class. He was an azhat of a man, he abused his authority by making his students look small in front of the whole class. Last week he overheard an argument between my sister and myself then even though she was clearly in the wrong, he took her side anyway.

The morning went by quickly and without incident, the upside to being the freak meant you became invisible. Nobody wanting to ruin their reputations by interacting with me, no one but Hector. Before I knew it lunchtime had arrived, taking my packed lunch out of my bag I sat at a table to the edge of the room away from prying eyes as I waited for Hector to finish his training session. As I lifted my bottle of water putting it to my mouth someone squeezed it soaking me in the process. Looking up I saw Megan standing there with her b*tch posse behind her like a bunch of braindead zombies. Megan was a stunning girl, she has long black hair similar to my own though hers thicker with natural loose curl whereas mine was straight, like most she-wolves she was slim but held an athletic toned look due to all the pack training she participated in; something that was mandatory in our pack once you reached sixteen.

“If it isn’t the freak. Did you get a special friend today Athena” What was it with everyone pestering me about having a wolf?

“Nope no wolf aye Athena. Not even a wolf spirit wants to be a part of you. That just sucks, I guess you’re always going to be along” Vanessa appeared behind Megan causing me to see red as the other she-wolves laughed at my misfortune. The more she rubbed how human I was in my face the more I was beginning to lose it.

I jumped from my seat tackling Vanessa to the ground. I entangled one hand in her long blonde hair while using the other to punch her as I sat on her chest restricting her movements as best I could. I may not have a wolf but being the daughter of an alpha meant I still had strength and speed behind me. Vanessa just laughed as I hit her causing a crowd to form around us in the cafeteria as they chanted ‘FIGHT,FIGHT’. Megan and one of her lackies grabbed me by the arms ripping me away from Vanessa as a cruel smirk spread across her face. I watched as her eyes changed from blue to black showing me her wolf was present.

“Take her outside” Vanessa ordered her friends with her growing alpha tone as I struggled against them trying to free myself from their tightening grip.

Once outside Megan and the other girl dropped me to the floor kicking me in the side of the head causing me to face plant the floor. It had been raining so the ground was wet and muddy and now so was I. Horror spread across my face as I watched Vanessa shift into her wolf. A first shift was said to be the most painful yet freeing experience taking hours to complete with the time becoming shorter the more often you shifted. Vanessa however made if look effortless taking mere seconds to transform into a beautiful white wolf, one almost identical to my mum except for the black diamond patch that sat in between her eyes.

I scrambled to my feet as fast as I could stepping backwards as Vanessa’s wolf stalked closer. Just as she lunged for me, I jumped to the side just in time to see her circle back around snarling at me. It was obvious that even though her first shift didn’t take long her fighting methods needed improvement obviously not knowing how to attack in this form. This time as she prepared to lunge for me, I heard a voice tell me to duck and kick upwards though quickly glancing around I couldn’t see who’s voice it was. I ducked as instructed when the wolf jumped hearing the same voice again tell me to kick now. I did as I was told and to my luck it worked, I kicked Vanessas wolf in the stomach sending her flying into the old oak tree that sat nearby. Before Vanessa had a chance to attack me again, I used my speed and ran as far away from this this place and the lingering looks and my sister as I could.

Chapter 2

Vanessa’s POV

I couldn’t believe Athena just ran off, we were in the middle of a fight and the coward she was bloody legged it. I was fuming, my wolf Jewel practically seething with anger. We were supposed to be daughters of an Alpha the blood that run through our veins linked to the moon goddess giving us the edge over other wolves. Athena however didn’t deserve the title. She had no gifts, no wolf, she was a weakling a disgrace to our royal heritage. I knew she was hurt that I was gifted, and she wasn’t and yes, I may have thrown it in her face multiple times but why should I have to hide what I have? I’m proud to have what I do, to have aced in my training when our grandfather tested me.?

Athena missed the rest of the afternoon at school, which was no skin off my nose, personally I was glad she wasn’t here. I didn’t want to be associated with her by any means. Megan had suggested convincing my parents to send Athena away, to stay with our grandfather Using the idea th

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