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Lance has secretly been hoping to find his mate, he was an alpha who was cold and ruthless, on the outside, he never shows his emotions, so people think he was never bothered by the fact that he was mateless. But deep inside, he was bothered by that fact, and he needed to find his mate. A sudden visit to the human town brought him face to face with his mate, but then, he realized something. His mate was a human! Now things are bound to take a massive turn around, secrets will be unraveled, and these secrets will change their lives forever.

Chapter 1

The door opened and Martha, Gwen's mother, barged into Gwen's room holding a bucket of water and looking Furious.

With the look on her face, you would have thought she wants to kill someone (and maybe she wishes to kill someone).

She moved closer to where Gwen lay, sleeping soundly, she gave her a look filled with disgust and disdain before emptying the whole content of the water on her body.

“Wake up you useless girl!" She screamed at her daughter.

Gwen woke up with a start, feeling her entire body wet with water, and she didn't need someone to tell her that it was her mother Who did that.

What should she have expected, ever since she was a child she has never experienced the love of a mother. The only thing the woman she calls her mother ever showed her was nothing but hatred.

Growing up as a child, she had always wondered What she did to make her mother, her mother, hate her so much.

She had always hoped that one day her mother would somehow change and show her love, even if it was just a tiny bit of love and care.

But no, with each passing day her mother's attitude and hatred towards her only increased, and it got to a point where she stopped hoping and resigned herself to fate.

She concluded that her mother would never love her, and she would never get to experience the love and care of her mother.

“Good morning mum”. She greeted as she hurriedly stood up from the bed.

Instead of replying to her greetings, she was rewarded with a slap.

“Don't you ever call me mother, I never want to hear that word coming out of your mouth, do I make myself clear”. Her mother said while giving her deadly glares.

“Yes, ma'am”. Gwen replied while holding her cheek and trying to suppress the tears that were threatening to fall.

“Stupid girl, do you think you are in this house to sleep like a log of wood? I need you to go downstairs and prepare my breakfast, make sure to do all the cleaning and If I spend much time waiting for you, I'll make sure you regret your life”. She hissed, then she left.

Gwen let out a sigh as she left the room to do her mother's bidding, on getting to the kitchen, she paused for a while to decide what to prepare, and Finally, she settled for scrambled eggs and toast bread. She brought out the ingredients she will be needing before setting out to prepare the food.

In a few minutes, she was done. She fondled the hem of her nightwear, contemplating If she should go upstairs to call her mother or not. Knowing, either way, she would get insulted. She heaved a sigh before leaving to call her mother.

She walked upstairs, her body shaking with fear. Likewise, she would rather not get hit again, although she was getting used to the beatings of her mother by now.

On getting to her mother's Door, she placed a Soft knock and waited to see If her mother would respond. Not having to wait for long, she heard the voice of her mother asking her to come in.

Getting inside, she bowed her head, not wanting to look her mother in the face.

“Your food is ready, ma'am”. She said, still keeping her head down.

“Ok, you can get out now”.

Gwen wasted no time in leaving the room, feeling glad that she was not insulted or hit.

She doesn't know the reason her mother tends to hit her for little or no mistakes at all.

Occasionally, she gets beaten to the extent that she passes out, and her mother would leave her there, caring less If she lives or dies.

Gwen would wake up the next day feeling weak, and every so often she wishes she could just die already. But that would never stop her mother from giving her more bad treatments.

She heaved a sigh before setting out to complete the rest of her chores.


Deep inside the woods, away from the humans, was a whole new world entirely. A world of super-naturals, a world filled with wolves, but no, they weren't just wolves, they were werewolves.

The werewolves choose to stay hidden from the humans, but Most times they do come to the human town, but it is mostly at night. Anytime the werewolves visit the human town, a human must get missing.

Sudden disappearances always remain a mystery to humans.

And so, the humans set a curfew that once it's 8 pm, everyone must stay indoors and make sure to keep their doors locked.

No one is to be seen outside, and coming out is at your own risk.

But that didn't stop the werewolves, as they still ventured into the human town.

***Red moon pack****

The red moon pack is the strongest and most vicious pack among the werewolves, and it was ruled by the strongest alpha of all. Although he has a name, other packs gave him the name “Cold Alpha”.

The red moon pack was the biggest pack of all. Their alpha made sure to destroy Most of the other packs and took over their land, thereby making him the biggest. Although before killing the people he gave them a condition, which is to either join his pack or be killed. And I'm sure you know the answer already. The majority of them choose to join the alpha and his pack, while the ones Who choose to remain loyal to their alpha and their pack were killed.

He was feared, and his name alone was enough to bring fear. But then, there is always a rival which you would get to meet in due time.

*Alpha's lodge*

Seated in his office was the alpha of the red moon pack. Alpha Lancelot (for short, lance). Judging from his looks, you could tell he was a very handsome man.

His jet black long hair was neatly trimmed until it was below his shoulders, his eyebrows were thin and narrow, he carried as well a beautiful pointed nose and his angular cheekbones carved down towards a flinty jaw.

He had a perfect manly physique and when he walks he moves with an athletic grace without skipping a beat. And his eyes were the most beautiful red eyes you could ever see. But then he always had a cold look.

A knock was heard from outside, and he could immediately tell who it was just by sniffing the air to get a scent.

“Come in,” He said. His voice was cold as ice.

His beta walked in, and he immediately bowed his head to show respect to the alpha.

Asher raised his head to take a look at the alpha, who had a cold expression on his face.

The alpha was not always like this, cold and emotionless. But ever since the incident that occurred some few years back, he changed completely, shutting everyone out of his life and turning into the cold and emotionless alpha you see now.

He knows So much about the alpha because they were best friends and very close, which is why he chose him as his beta.

Nevertheless, he was happy that he had the alpha's trust. Now, He just hopes that someday the alpha will find his mate, someone who will be able to bring him out of his shell. Even though the alpha never talks to him about his mate, he knows he also wishes to find his mate soon, even if he never says anything about having a mate. He has been very faithful because he has never, for once, seen the alpha with any woman.

A clear throat was heard, bringing him out of his thoughts. He composed himself immediately and looked at the alpha, who gave him a questioning look.

“Forgive me alpha”. He said, bowing his head to show he was sorry.

“It's alright, what brings you here”.

“Alpha, we caught a rogue snooping around the pack borders and I think he's hiding something, the pack guards have been trying to make him talk, but he's refusing to budge”. He said, having a serious expression on his face.

“Where is he?”. Lance said, his face turning even colder.

“He's being kept in the torture room”.

“Good, then, I would love to see the rogue who dares to come into my territory”. He said, having an evil smirk on his face.

Beta Asher couldn't help but notice the evil glint in the eyes of the alpha, and he knew that whatever may come, it wouldn't end well.

Chapter 2

You might be wondering about the torture room. A few years back, when Lance became the alpha, he created this room because of issues like this.

If a rogue was caught and thrown into the dungeon for questioning but refuses to talk or pass any information, he would be transferred to the torture.

Believe it, no one would dream of going there, all sought unimaginable things happen there.

Even his pack members are not left out, anyone caught trying to betray the pack or going against any of the pack rules would be taken to the torture room, and such people never live to tell the story.

On getting to the room the rogue was kept, the guards bowed their heads, showing respect to the alpha and his beta.

The torture room was very dark but immediately after the alpha came in, the lights were turned on revealing a man placed on a metal table bound in silver chains, the clothes he wore were soaked in his blood.

His face was swollen due to the excessive beating


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