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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: 1958
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 9
  • 3.0
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They say everything is fair in love and war but nobody ever mentions love, hate and war together. All my life I have been trained to loathe one specie my entire life. Uzi was the most powerful of vampires and as the daughter of an alpha committed to hiding our existence while keeping humans safe from the bloodsuckers, I have always hated, Jethro. Uzi's son. But something is happening, it is weird, it is different, but I'm realizing that even the devil was once an angel and I never allowed myself to see Jethro's halo. But war is coming and I doubt the new love we have found can halt centuries of so much hatred.

Chapter 1


Under the naked eyes of the sun and the bare glistening of the moon by night, this rivalry hath survived centuries before the birth of today's many Alphas, Betas, Elders, and hunters that scratch the vicious soils of the earth as werewolves.

The mother of this rivalry is what my father meant as an alpha to the dark moon pack of werewolves, which seems to trigger the hate from the most feared vampire from dozens of generations. Uzi is a grand elder vampire who's over ten thousand years of age and still breathing.

Many things over the years will kill my urge to wear a smile, but not the sight of good-looking men, but strangely the most handsome young man I've ever met all my life was the soul I hated the most, of course, he too hates me.

There he goes under the sun unhurt, looking like he wouldn't leave bites on the neck of unsuspecting humans with any chance he is given. He must be here seeking ways to quench thirst, another reason I just wouldn't leave this place, not even if the tsunami will hit this space, I thought on seeing the cute-looking demon in sight.

It was Jethro the son of Uzi who strangely was found amongst the students I've embarked on a bonfire picnic with, although a few persons we've now embraced as buddies, have joined us here uninvited, I can tell he wasn't one of them but was here for his selfish urges.

I would want to go into my tent and continue reading one of the many books I've journeyed to the woods with, but going into that tent at the moment is almost like an official okay to Jethro to do as he, please.

“what's he doing here?" Ella asked,

I wasn't aware she was behind me, as she too has seen Jethro.

I looked away from Jethro, smiling at my human friend who with her honey brown curly hair and dressed in her too cute tanktop and shorts as she curiously watched him through the window, was as fragile and innocent as they come.

She'll be that perfect prey. "We're done here after tonight.” I simply replied ignoring her question about Jethro.

She shrugged in compliance and although at first she like every other woman amongst the female population had a crush on Jethro, it was cute how easily she had shared my vendetta the minute she realized I didn't like him one bit. She knows I'm leaving because of Jethro, as she was very much aware of how much we both hate ourselves.

But I wish she knew more, enough to know I have considered leaving for the safety of those who can't protect themselves from this demon.

I trusted her and wish I can tell her what I am but even though that was going against the strict law of my father who unfortunately was also my Alpha, I feared for our relationship and if things might change between us.

“She's at the lakeside and completely dead, we all need to vacate this place now”

A voice echoed from the woods, as I can spot a young man running towards us, like one who was running away from a wild animal.

I clenched my teeth, of course just like I suspected, Jethro was here to get his blood thirst fixed and has succeeded.

The closer the running lad got, the more he looked like one of us, as soon as he got closer it turned out it was Joseph who had gone into the woods to fetch firewoods that we needed to make a fire.

“There's a dead girl at the lakeside in the woods,” Joseph said on his coming close to the group, panting so hard that we all could tell he did saw something strange in the woods.

This was the least of what I was never expecting to happen here, not while we were only like two days into the supposed ten days we planned to spend here at the bonfire picnic camp.

Everyone present was already in shock, with the fears on their faces so visible.

We've blended into the woods together etched apart, as no one was brave enough to stay at the front but me, it was only right we all try to go and confirm what Joseph saw was true.

Beside me was Ella who wouldn't stay a gap away from me, as we plodded close to the lakeside where Joseph had said he saw a dead girl.

Just like Joseph had explained, a girl was lying completely dead beside a tree close to a lake in the woods.

The group immediately began to lose numbers as many of the students ran back to their tents and were already set to vacate the camp.

The dead body had two bite marks on her neck, which to me were a vampire's bite, but the other few students who stood by as we examine the body of the dead girl together were so quick to conclude she must have been bitten by a snake.

“yeah myself and my guys saw a huge anaconda earlier in the woods” Jethro replied to the suggestions of the students, as he gently glided his brows above their usual positions.

How cheap a lier this demon was.

He must be having the last laugh deep inside, having these humans believe he saw an anaconda in the woods for real.

I was not looking away from his direction for any reason, as I wasn't so sure his blood-thirsty lungs were satisfied yet.

I followed him closely as he walks away, leaving behind the other students, who were already dialing 911 for yet another investigation I was sure they were never going to get right.

“What now, ain't you satisfied yet?” I vented as Jethro watched me yell at him like a giant looking at an ant.

He is by some miles taller than me, and will always want to make the most of that every time I get close to him.

As soon as he spotted Ella coming, he crooked a smile and walked away, leaving me to yet another series of questioning from Ella who was wanting to know what I was discussing with Jethro.

Chapter 2


*Jethro's POV*

I stood right on the balcony of my college lodge trying to figure out where the students who were busy carrying their mini-sized bags were headed,

as every one of them seemed to be busy throughout the morning except me, as I was still busy thinking of what to do with the next ten days.

The school authorities already announced that there will be no lectures for a week and an extra three days.

Perhaps some of them were on their way home to spend the next couple of days with their families

but a few of them are walking in packs, like a group of ants that found a dead cockroach somewhere, I'm guessing there must be an interesting camp within the city waiting for them.

“Someone has to solve my puzzle, or else I could stay wandering all day while the entire lodge goes empty on me” I whispered to myself, taking another step forward as I get even closer to these busy schoolmates of mine

I was not


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