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Fighting Fate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Alle
  • Chapters: 63
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.2K
  • 7.5
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"Say it," he growled nipping at my neck. "We…have…unfinished business," I panted, widening my legs myself to let him explore as much as he could, little whimpering moans escaping. Suddenly he withdrew his fingers and placed his hands on the basin leaving me physically aching for more. Still staring at me in the reflection of the mirror he said firmly. "Then when you've stopped pretending this guy is what you want, come find me." Selene doesn't want a mate. She's ambitious, determined and independent. To end up shackled to a man who won't support her dreams like her sisters is her worst nightmare. The mate-bonds monthly heat, overwhelming lust-fuelled insanity terrifies her control-freak nature. Rocco doesn't want a mate. Running a buzzing casino gives him ample opportunity to sleep with all the beautiful human women the city has to offer. Shifters are a hassle. Even beautiful, blonde haired wonders like Selene. Yet when their paths cross sparks fly and they find their own rules impossible to follow. However back in their home town the local Alpha loves taking down proud women. There's a forest full of their bodies at the back of the packhouse. His head Beta desires Selene, and Rocco wants to kill them both for the pains in his past. They are fighting against the very thing that may keep them alive as the cruelty of the pack's leadership turns against Selene. Her trick of hiding in a hotel and lying to her family every full moon can only last for so long...

CHAPTER 1 - Organisation is key


The only problem with being the most organised person at work is, all roads inevitably lead to you. My desk appears to be a magnet for the confused and chaotic. I don’t mind it though, my favourite thing to do is unknot a problem and see it work out nicely. Would be nice to have an office of my own though. The empty one that I can see from my computer seems to be teasing me. I am hunting down that office with ruthless precision and a shitload of spreadsheets

Devastatingly organised my best friend and housemate Troy would say, Sensible Selene. I take it as a compliment. He didn’t intend it to be one, he said my way of thinking takes all the fun out of life. I just don’t like nasty surprises

I've already had my fair share of feeling like a trapdoor has sprung open beneath me in my life. I won't go through it again. Only love can break your heart as the song goes, so love can go to hell.

I've learnt to rely on myself alone. Whereas Troy is like a messy, takeaway stealing alley cat. I love him to pieces but the chaos of his life makes me want to reach for a pad and pen every time he tells me a story.

“Selene?” the door to his office opened and Greg popped his head out and gave me a smile. A few years older than me, around thirty with a wolfish, lean face and eyes that had their own sparkle, he was undeniably attractive

For a human anyway

His expensive, smart suit highlighted his lovely wide shoulders; you could just imagine your legs lifted resting against them as you sank into a mattress. Delicious

I've had a serious relationship before that. We should have been together forever except for the crappy part of being a wolf. The mate-bond. It’s only magical when you’re the one picked. Otherwise you’re an audience member as the man you thought was yours drops you like trash

“Coming right in Greg,” I called back as I take a deep breath and try to focus on the task.

My policy for at least the last five years has been to just get my kicks where it's safest. There is nothing wrong with a passionate, easy, no commitment f*ck with a human man. I then realise I'm standing in Greg's office with what can only be described as a horny, sappy grin on my face. I blame his shoulders.

Thankfully he was smiling back and not looking at me like I'd lost my mind. I shook my head and brushed my blonde curls behind my ear, game face back on.

"So Miss Wilding, are you looking forward to tonight?"

He sat on the edge of his desk, legs slightly apart in that classic Alpha-male ape way. Instinctively trying to assert his strength and virility to me like a zoo exhibit. Greg was footing the bill for everything all thirty staff members were buzzing. I smiled politely, ignoring his groin-touting pose. "Definitely, I think the whole office is excited."

"Looking forward to sharing some drinks, maybe you'll bring me some good luck tonight?" His eyes left mine, heading lower towards my circulation-cutting black pencil skirt. Troy had persuaded me to wear it against my better judgement.

"Well I don't gamble, but I'm certainly going to give it a go!" I replied in a voice so chirpy I annoyed myself.

I wondered if he was planning to make a move tonight. I'd go there if it wasn't for the promotion. Once we're equals, I’ll be game for anything he wants to suggest. Until then, serious, boring Selene takes charge. As usual. My wolf growls with frustration.

Firstly the casino for tonight. After introducing myself he replied.

"Wonderful to talk, we are very much looking forward to hosting you”?

I was surprised to hear such a deep, rich voice on the other end. How can a voice be so s*xy? I don't know how it's even possible, but I could tell he was smiling as I asked him question after question about scotch, canapes and timings.

“Of course, we have the twenty-year-old available," as his voice curled through me like a smoke from a candle

“Can you get the twenty-five?” I answered crisply, trying to ignore the fact I liked the sound of him

"Of course," he purrs in a voice so smooth it could be melted chocolate. Anyone that confidently smoot must be a playboy, surely?

The sooner I get that promotion the sooner I can let myself flirt that bit more with Greg. Who knows he might be a good guy

At least it will stop me from getting turned on from a male voice on the phone.

Stood in the work bathroom preparing to go straight out after closing, pointlessly adjusting my hair and makeup I Iet out a frustrated sigh. I couldn’t shake off that deep voice from the phone, that masculine confidence oozing from him had made my stomach flutter I wondered if I would be able to recognise it in person

The frustration is double-edged because there is a definite downside to only dating human men. At least in the bedroom. I'd pretty much given up on dating after the last couple of guys were just all flirting and tension with no end game. Not the ending I wanted to be getting anyway

There was something about the roughness, the animal energy racing through a shifter as you f*ck*d each other every way you never even knew you needed. And let’s be honest, human dicks…a mixed bag compared to wolves. And that's being nice.

I shook my dirty mind clear with a smirk. Perhaps I did need to blow off some steam if my mind kept heading to the bedroom. I fluffed my curls in the mirror and applied some bright red lipstick. Pouting in the mirror Jax, my work bestie appeared having quickly changed into her party dress.

"You're not wearing that are you?" she said with an eye roll.

"I'm undoing the top a bit!" I answered defensively. Jax stood back a few paces and tilted her head to the side. She wore a red off the shoulder bodycon dress, her petite frame perfectly highlighted

"You're going to need to undo an awful lot more buttons if you're going to bag Greg tonight."

"Jax! Shut up! It's not going to happen, I don’t want it to happen either!" I said panicked, checking the other women in the space weren’t eavesdropping.

"It's his birthday," she said with a wink, "I know I wouldn't mind being his present."

Adjusting her own long black hair and adding a touch of mascara to her soft green eyes she already looked immaculate. I wore my tight black pencil skirt and a purple silky top with a black bra underneath. S*xy sensible I tried to tell myself. It was a lie, but it's too late now.

CHAPTER 2 – Allow me to introduce myself


There’s nothing like the chase…why not? It’s a casino after all. That quick look away, followed by another hopeful glance, that’s the shit I live for. That hope, the wanting to make something happen with another person, even if just for a night

So I do. I go over and introduce myself in a deep quiet voice as the owner. That’s when they really notice my eyes and face. I buy them a drink and the dance begins.


Not as often these days, I’m twenty-eight now and the tottery, tipsy bachelorette with a fifty-fifty shout of throwing up on my suit has lost its appeal. Same with the angry cougar, the flirty psychotic, and the fake ice queens. Last week though a beautiful divorcee with a penchant for biting came into my world. Different but I was glad for the shifter healing after the mauling she gave me. All good fun though

There is nothing you cannot do if you set your mind to it. Unfortunately, my mind is as jumpy and impulsive as a jack-in-a-box. All my


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