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  • Author: Alle
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"Say it," he growled nipping at my neck. "We…have…unfinished business," I panted, widening my legs myself to let him explore as much as he could, little whimpering moans escaping. Suddenly he withdrew his fingers and placed his hands on the basin leaving me physically aching for more. Still staring at me in the reflection of the mirror he said firmly. "Then when you've stopped pretending this guy is what you want, come find me." Selene doesn't want a mate. She's ambitious, determined and independent. To end up shackled to a man who won't support her dreams like her sisters is her worst nightmare. The mate-bonds monthly heat, overwhelming lust-fuelled insanity terrifies her control-freak nature. Rocco doesn't want a mate. Running a buzzing casino gives him ample opportunity to sleep with all the beautiful human women the city has to offer. Shifters are a hassle. Even beautiful, blonde haired wonders like Selene. Yet when their paths cross sparks fly and they find their own rules impossible to follow. However back in their home town the local Alpha loves taking down proud women. There's a forest full of their bodies at the back of the packhouse. His head Beta desires Selene, and Rocco wants to kill them both for the pains in his past. They are fighting against the very thing that may keep them alive as the cruelty of the pack's leadership turns against Selene. Her trick of hiding in a hotel and lying to her family every full moon can only last for so long...


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