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Fated To Two Werewolves?: The test of love

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Rhea is a free-spirited werewolf whose heart lies in a world of passion rather than on the fabled promises of a happy life filled with love. She is one of the strongest in the pack and the most sought after by the best warriors because of her irresistible sensual energy. All she wants is a life of adventure and the thrill of passion. Jericho is the young Alpha that just recently took over leadership of the pack from his aged father. He is shy and has always lived his life avoiding responsibility and the prospect of becoming a leader one day which is his fate. All he wants is a life of peace and quiet. Axel is a Delta warrior dedicated to a life of fighting and living on the edge of life and death. He falls heavy for the irresistible charms of Rhea and it affects him changing his personality forever. What happens when their paths cross and their destinies intertwine in a dance between life and death in the test of will

Chapter 1

If anyone told Rhea she'd end up in Axel's king-size bed, half-naked, she was never going to believe it.

Her lush breasts lay bare in front of Axel who leaned up, staring at the two mounds of delight before him. Her breasts had to be the most beautiful pair he had ever seen in the whole Greimdall pack.

Axel bent low and took one of her pink, taut n*ppl*s into his mouth, eyes closed as he suckled with pleasure. His other hand palmed her other breasts, expertly working on her n*ppl*s. This motion incited moans from the back of Rhea's throat as she brought her fingers to the nape of his neck. Her fingers slid into his wavy dark hair, digging into his scalp as she felt a pressure build up between her legs.

She had been with a few men but they had never made her feel this type of way. A few light kisses, pecks on the lips and cheeks, butt grabs, and caresses did nothing but made her yearn for something more pleasurable and she had found it in the arms of Axel, one of the most powerful Delta warriors.

"Ax-- Axel," She whispered. Axel's response was a light nip on her nipple. She cried out and arched her back as she plunged her abundant breasts into his mouth.

But Axel had other things in mind. He pulled away from her n*ppl*s and graced her with his shocking green eyes while smirking in mischief. He bent over her again and peppered kisses on the surrounding flesh of her breasts.

"Oh, Rhea. You're so sweet, so delightful. You're driving me crazy," Axel's muffled voice came from between her breasts as they pressed softly against his cheeks. He drew a deep breath, taking in her subtle lavender scent and his eyes closed involuntarily. "You're so beautiful and I want to have every part of you."

His hard-on pushed against her abdomen and Rhea gasped in surprise.

What was that?

Her dark, sensual eyes dropped low and when she saw a thick bulge in his pants, she nearly freaked out.

Her mother had told her how it was going to be for her when she grew up but she never explained the anatomy of men to be this way.

She needed to inform him about her lack of knowledge regarding these things.

Before she could utter another word, Axel flipped her over. She was on her knee, hips high in the air and her cheek pressed against his comfy bed. This got her more confused.

Confusing, but delightful.

It wasn't until she felt his lips on her feet. He licked her up to her thighs and began to grope her butt cheeks. Soon, all the questions she was preparing to ask him flew out of her head. She couldn't think straight, couldn't utter a complete word as she whimpered softly.

Axel was kissing her thighs and even taking her smooth, soft skin into his mouth and the higher he went, the more pressure was built between her legs.

Axel spread both of her legs apart and kissed the entrance of her sheath. When his tongue slipped into her warmth, Rhea jerked forward and her slender legs bucked, making her fall back on the bed.

"Axel!" She cried out in confusion. Such power was in between her legs and today was the first day she knew.

Axel paid her no heed. His fingers sank into her thighs as he brought her back into the kneeling position. "Trust me, sweets,"

She felt his mouth on her sl*t and felt tiny sparks shoot up her head. She had never felt this kind of pleasure in her whole life.

The pleasure she felt after hunting down animals or killing a rogue? No. That type of pleasure was animalistic; Axel was making her feel a different kind of pleasure. One she couldn't get enough of.

Axel's lips worked on her clitoris, sucking and lapping on the flesh. His tongue slipped out of his mouth and began to flap against her mound of sensitivity. Rhea was beginning to feel her legs vibrate as he s*ck*d. She wanted more, she felt like she hadn't achieved the peak of this and she wanted to tell Axel to do something about it. Make her get to the finishing point.

But it seemed like he had other plans. At the peak of it all, he stopped.

The anger that surged through her body was one of frustration. Why did he stop?

Axel laughed when she fixed her glare on him. Her eyes were the darkest pair of eyes he had ever seen and they held mystery and desire; he wanted her more.

"Why the hell did you stop?!"

"Will you allow me to do my thing? I am in control here, Rhea," He pushed her back on the bed. From where she lay, she took in his form. From his dark hair which had been cut low to his eyes. Those green orbs had driven her crazy the first time they met. His eyes always had a mischievous glint to them. Her eyes traveled down his body.

His chest was broad and sculpted. His bulging arms flexed as she lowered them to her thighs. The pleasure between her legs had her squeezing her thighs but Axel was going to have none of that.

"Spread those legs for me, Rhea,"

Rhea was a stubborn woman but the speed at which she used to spread her legs open came as a surprise to her. Axel smiled and lowered himself.

Rhea watched the muscles in his back as they moved smoothly above each other like tectonic plates. He grazed his chin on the skin of her hip and kissed every spot. Rhea's moans could be heard out loud as she lifted her legs and pleaded with him to kiss her moistness. Her hands traveled lower till she felt his head plunge lower till his tongue lapped against her clitoris.

Rhea's knees jerked, and her back arched as she floated through clouds of pleasure. She pushed his head further into her out of reflex but her hands were placed back in their normal position, above her groin.

She was busy muttering incoherent words when she felt Axel pull her to his knees. Her eyes were wide open and she took in his handsome face. A scar ran across his cheek and she found it attractive. It made him look dangerous and that was what she liked.

He had a devilish smile and standing to his feet, he pulled his pants down. His briefs came next and when her eyes connected with his manhood, she gasped.

"You like what you see, huh?" Axel asked, his tone dripping with so much confidence. Rhea had nothing to say in reply which was why she nodded slowly and swallowed.

Axel climbed back on the bed and aligned her body with his. His erect manhood brushed her lower abdomen, causing Rhea to writhe. She shut her eyes, waiting for him to surprise her with something more pleasurable.

His manhood against her entrance seemed to bring her back to her senses. Her eyes flew open to see Axel hunched over as he tried to guide his manhood into her. She immediately pushed herself away from him, causing him to look at her in surprise.

"No, don't do it." She said. Her head was filled with thoughts. Her mother had trained her with the idea of keeping her virginity only for her mate and she didn't even know who he was. If she made this mistake, there would be no going back and no matter how much sexual frustration she was feeling right now, she had to think and act wisely.

Axel was the perfect guy to break her virginity. He knew what he was doing. He had transported her into different realms in a matter of fifteen minutes and she could as well part her legs for him to slip into her.

But she couldn't. It didn't feel right.

Axel creased his brows. In his whole encounters of sexual escapades, he had never been turned down by a woman at this point. What mistake had he made? "Why?"

Rhea shook her head and crawled to the other side of the bed. Axel's eyes followed her swinging breasts as he cursed within him. Why was she so stubborn?

"I can't. It doesn't feel right. I am still a virgin and I have to keep it till I am mated," she replied, climbing out of the bed and bending over to pick up her dress.

Her soft, round buttocks flashed before Axel's eyes before she quickly slipped into her dress and his fists clenched. If she left him here, all starved, there was a tendency for him to punch holes into the walls of this room. He wanted her so bad and he didn't want this to be a one-time thing. "So, you mean you do not want to have s*x with me?"

On Rhea's side, she was curious and only wanted to explore and Axel was the right man for it. He had the body and charisma. Look what he had done to her in a space of thirty minutes. But she had to make sacrifices at the expense of their pleasurable adventures. "No, Axel. I want to but it doesn't feel right. I'm sorry for leading you on and cutting this beautiful thing short. I wished my brain hadn't reminded me that I had to keep my virginity for my mate. He better be good in bed like you,"

Axel couldn't hold back his laughter. Rhea was funny and she didn't even try hard at it. "It's fine, Rhea. I understand. But know that I'm always here if you want to explore and be pleased."

Rhea gave him one of her most seductive looks. She took out a breast from her dress, kneading on it for a few seconds. She bit her lower lips and fluttered her lashes, enjoying how she had Axel in a chokehold. When she covered up her breasts, Axel groaned in frustration. She had made him hard again. Wicked girl.

"I'll see you around?" Axel asked.

"Sure, you will. Bye!"

"Make sure you sneak through the back before you get caught." He warned.

She gave him the peace sign and shut his door. As soon as she was gone, he stared at his erect manhood and the wall.

Punching holes in the wall was the ideal thing to do if he wanted to get rid of this erection. Cold showers were useless.

Chapter 2

Jericho hated being in the midst of people. Sitting with the elders of the pack was even worse.

A meeting with the cabinet members had been scheduled for this afternoon and he had been preparing all morning and trying to calm his nerves. Now, he sat before all of them, playing with his fingers.

He had no idea why he had been called upon but he had graced their invitation all thanks to his servant who convinced him to.

One of the old men cleared his throat. "We have summoned you to this meeting for a reason. According to the Lycan law, every existing Alpha of a pack is meant to present his Luna a week after the coronation. And as King, you are expected to find your mate before the new moon,"

Jericho nodded even if he had no idea who his mate was. He was eighteen years old but he had never thought about having a mate. Now that the elder had brought it to his notice, he thought about it.

Who would agree to be his mate? He had been among females a


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