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Fated To The Alpha

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Luna Valdemar suddenly became an outcast in her pack after she lost her wolf and was rejected, mocked, and scorned by her mate. Heartbroken and traumatised by the incident, Luna's parents have no choice but to relocate her to their second pack, the Oceana Clan, in order for her to live a normal life, to avoid a stain to their reputation. And get her married to an influential Alpha for marriage. However, when the Alpha of the Oceana Clan, Lyfing Valdemar, secretly expresses a passing interest in Luna. She discovers that her family's secret is more difficult than she anticipated. Luna shockingly learns that the clan's Alpha who is in the place of her father was her mate and has marked her a long time ago and doesn't recall ever meeting him in her entire life. Her wolf was nowhere to be discovered to know if Lyfing is truly her mate.


I heard Omegas are well known for being whores, doesn’t mean I am one of them.“My daughter is not a slut. It is your son who doesn’t want to keep his thing between his legs.’ My mother, Emilia, yelled at Karl’s father, Denis.“The next time you call my daughter a slut again, I will wreck your pack and burn it to the ground,” my father roared, pushing me behind him. Karl’s mother also stepped forward, pushing Karl behind her.“My son is an Alpha who can get as many ladies as he wants, Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, but not your daughter. We don’t want to see your daughter close to my son again. You are nothing but a useless alpha who can’t even have a son to take after his name. Don’t get close to my son again.’“Don’t you dare insult my husband? It is your son who is chasing after my daughter, not my daughter pursuing your son. Tell him to stay away from her. He’s an Alpha right? Teach your son how to respect himself.’ my mother uttered, pushing Karl’s mother forcefully to her husband.They both quarrelled intensely, and I didn’t know what to do.The argument between both families grew so intense that I was crying and begging them to stop, and Karl kept looking at me with no words.We both didn’t know how to stop this situation, and besides, I was just ten years old and Karl was just twelve.They prohibited Karl and I from being together, despite our friendship.Our families were from original packs.Karl’s family was from the BaRoque Pack, while my family was from the Paxon Pack.The BaRoque Pack and the Paxon Pack had been at war for so many years.I don’t know why they were always fighting, when it could have just been easy to get along.Yet, whenever I asked my father, he would tell me to shut up and face my studies.Though my parents are the leader of my pack, their orders are absolute.I was five when I met Karl in the woods, training with his coach but hiding himself behind a tree.“Hush! I don’t want him to see him, he whispered to me.I whispered back to him. “Why?’“Because I don’t feel like training today.” He said it back to me with a smile.That’s how we met, playing pranks at our mentors, but little did we know we were from distinct homes.As soon as I found out, Karl and I still didn’t hate each other, but we became friends and then lovers as soon as I turned eighteen.On a fateful night, we met in our usual spot, which was in the woods during the festival. “Hi, Luna.” He whispered, and we both hugged each other so well and had a passionate kiss.To our surprise, we found out we were both fated mates as the bright moon shone upon us.But there was a problem.Will both of our parents ever accept the love we have for each other? Accept the Moon goddess’s will and let us be together.Karl brought out a golden ring from his pocket and handed it over to me, sliding it on the fourth finger of my left hand.“I want you to be mine, Luna; be my mate and let’s run away and be together. We don’t have to deal with the people of each of our clan who don’t want us to be happy.’I smiled and also brought out a golden necklace from my box and clipped it around his neck with my little diamond name written on it.“I want you as my mate, Karl, no matter what happens to us. Forever, Karl, let’s be together.’“Yeah, I agree,” he nodded. “It doesn’t matter if our parents are enemies; we will always be together. They can’t stop us; after all, we are fated mates.’I kissed him on the lips that night, bid our goodbyes, and went home.I gave a deep sigh and sneaked into the living room to avoid being suspicious since the plasma Tv was still on.If I go through my room, my parents’ suspicion will arise, so the living room was a good place to pretend like I’m watching my favourite show.I successfully entered the living room and closed the window with a huge smile after dusting myself.Behold, they switched the lights on. I was stunned; my body felt faint.My parents, a couple of elders of the clan, and a young Alpha were sitting in the middle of them.My heart skipped rapidly at what I had just done.Crap! I should have used my bedroom to get in if I had known this was what was going to happen to me.I wish the ground would just open and swallow me up and I will act like this is a nightmare. “Take a seat, Luna.’ My father’s dark look nearly gave me a heart attack.“Alright, father.’ I sat down beside my mom, who was also glaring at me. I guess I just embarrassed her guests in front of them by sneaking in through the window.“This is Alpha Kai Parker from our clan; his father is my best friend, and he seeks your hand in marriage.’Every family has that one person having a best friend all the freaking time.“What!’ I gasped.My father nodded. “Yes, he is a very handsome man, and I had set the date of your wedding for a week’s time, so be prepared to get married to him.’“Wait a second, father.’ I took a deep breath. “This is not what I want. You can’t just set a date without my permission; this isn’t how it’s done.’“You will do as I say,’ he roared. “I am the Alpha of this pack; you will obey the Alpha’s order and do as I say, or else I will cut all ties with you if you keep following that boy around.”“Father.’ I yelled.‘Don’t you dare shout at me,” he said, slamming the table. “Has that boy taught you how to disobey me?”My father didn’t care if he was scolding me in front of his visitors.


He must have felt ashamed of me sneaking through the window in front of everyone.Then, he did the same thing to me so I will feel embarrassed about my actions.I didn’t know they were in the living room, so why is he behaving like this? I don’t want to get married to some random pig who I know nothing about. My father is just so fixed on this marriage, so I will stop meeting up with Karl.He doesn’t care about my feelings, which are so grating on my nerves.“No, father.’ I shook my head. “He had no hand in this, please, father. I can’t get married to someone else; Karl is my mate. I just found out tonight.”That should take him off me.“You can’t mate with the enemy of our clan; it is an insult. What will the clan think once they find out that their Alpha…”“Father.’“Shut up. You are the daughter of their leader, a mate to the enemy’s son? Do you think you will stand it? And besides, his parents will not allow you near their son, so be quiet. Everyo


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