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Fated to a Human

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The day Caleb found his mate, he also watched her die. There was nothing he could do in the chaos that ensued. His brother, the next Alpha of their wolf pack, has his own priorities. Still, he's torn between blaming him or forgiving him. He left and decided to live away from them as he mourns. He'd been looking forward to meeting his mate and enjoying life with her, but it won't happen now. Or so he thought. He chose living a difficult life. He lived among humans. One night, she stumbled into the store he's working at. Her scent caught him off-guard. She grabbed his arm as she asked for help, some b*st*rd has been stalking her. His need to protect her rose to the fore and he did what he needed to do. Meeting her then, how is he supposed to proceed?

Chapter 1 – First Encounter

Caleb was tidying up the counter and the items on it when an intoxicating scent hit him. He frowned as he looked around. There’s one guy on the other end of the store, eating his sandwich and noodles. Aside from him, there’s no one else. It’s almost midnight and he’s manning the cashier in a convenience store. Well, he’s technically the only staff around. His boss left an hour earlier.

The scent made him a little dizzy. He has an inkling of what it could mean for him, but he dared not to hope. A second-chance mate? Where? He looked outside the windows and saw a couple walking on the opposite street. There was an old man guarding a different store right across where he’s working.

He held the counter to balance himself and took a deep breath. He waited for the scent to disappear but it only seemed to have gotten stronger. Within two minutes, the door was roughly pushed open and a woman directly approached him. She looked agitated and a little haggard but it didn’t hide her apparent beauty.

She looked at him directly in the eyes and reached for his arm. “Can you help me? Someone’s been following me for a while now. He’s been stalking me, it’s scary.”

The fear was there and her eyes are begging him. Just then, the door opened again and a guy who seemed like he’s middle-aged looked around before his gaze landed on them. He didn’t approach, but he went to the center aisle.

“That’s him. Please, can you hide me for a while?” Even without looking at the guy, the creepy feeling she’d been getting hasn’t disappeared. She instinctively knew it was him.

As for Caleb, he gripped the counter tighter. He simply wanted to rush out and kill the man. Who dared to threaten his . . . He stopped that thought and inhaled deeply, calming himself.

He gestured towards the door on his left. “Come this way.”

She quickly followed him. Caleb remained by the door after she went inside, keeping an eye on the man and the store. He didn’t forget about his job.

The lady still looked distressed, though her posture told him she’s relieved, compared to earlier when she showed up.

“You don’t know him?” He quietly asked.

“No. I worked overtime in the office and decided to walk home. I live four blocks from here but he was getting close. When I ran, he also did. I was so terrified I won’t make it home.”

“I see. What’s your name?”

“Lourianne”. She didn’t dare to give her full name. This man was also a stranger.

Unusual name, so he tried to confirm, “Lorraine?”

She smiled a little, used to people getting her name wrong the first time. “No, it’s Lou-ri-anne.” She emphasized each syllable.

That smile made his heart flutter. In his mind, he already carved her name into his heart. Lovely name, actually.

“Do you live with someone? Preferably a guy who can take you from here.” The thought didn’t appeal to him. Just thinking that she’s living with another man . . . he clenched his fist and refrained himself from pulling her into him.

It’s clear to him that she’s human. D*mn. That would make it difficult for him to woo her. Just explaining about wolves and mates would make him sound crazy to her.

“No. I live alone.” She replied to his question and it relieved him of his worry.

The man sighed and Lourianne wondered if he’ll help her.

“Stay here for now. There’s a chair in that corner. Lock this door. I won’t put it past him to try and get in here. I’ll call out later when I knock, so you’ll know it’s me and it’s safe to open the door.” He thought of making another suggestion, about her contacting her friends who can take her home, but he quickly dismissed it. If he can find a way to get her number and her address before they part tonight . . . well, wasn’t he acting like the stalker now?

She was immensely relieved to hear his instructions. “Thank you.”

Unconsciously, Caleb reached out a hand and patted the top of her head. They both froze.

He coughed before setting the lock and closing the door.

Back on the counter, he realized he could get into trouble with the store management. The possibilities presented themselves in his head. But heck, she’s his mate. She needed protection. She needed his help.

He marveled at this turn of events. How long had he been grieving the death of his mate? One that he hasn’t come to know but loved all the same. He hasn’t gone to the city and interacted with humans to find a second-chance mate, but one presented herself. He didn’t find her. She found him.

His eyes followed the man as he inched closer and closer to the store room. He squinted, thinking of ways he can inflict harm on the b*st*rd. Should he break an arm?

He glared as the man continued his approach, but the guy must have sensed his anger. He would steal glances at him and Caleb made sure he saw how p*ss*d he was, ready to take him down any minute.

In a way, his built can be seen through his clothes. He’s not an easy person to take down. Especially when he’s a werewolf and had enough training growing up.

That thought took him down memory lane.

Chapter 2 – His loss

It was nearly a year ago when it happened.

He was running in the woods, as a usual part of his nightly routine. Given he’s from the family of the alpha, he’s quite strong and could take on many wolves at once. Alright, many is an exaggeration. A few wolves. More than a couple.

His older brother, Conrad, is the next alpha and he’d been ready to take over anytime. Until recently, that is. He found his mate and he has been acting a little wildly. His need to protect and his possessiveness was so strong, there’s the risk he was going to protect her at the expense of the pack. Their parents are giving him lectures about it. His mate was a gentle one. Submissive and friendly. A follower. She came with a risk, though. She arrived with a group of rogues, chased by hostile werewolves. Apparently, her mother was killed and she’s being haunted. The alpha of Silver Crescent Pack was known as a crazy bastard.

Being the mate of the next Alpha, she remained in their territory. Co


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