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Escapades: Alpha Xavier Rodriguez

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Matilda Garcia, that's my name. A name that brought nothingness to my life but would instead, never fail to disgust me. Most times, I'd curse why I was birthed because it has been of no use or importance to me. Living rather, a false life... I withness shame and hatred from even my own royal parents. That I'm a murderer, since I was a pup... Like they said, I killed my birth mother which was why the kingdom of Dagsinal never saw light. Growing up only to be locked up and all alone, not until this moment. A moment where everything changed drastically... I need to know him, the young fine man created by the moon goddess herself. Who is he?

Chapter 1


It is still a dream to me that I am presently in the ball room and is already the centre of attention. I did nothing, I could swear it to the moon goddess but of what use would it be?

"You ungrateful b*st*rd..!"

That was my step sister, pretending again just to drag me into mud. Like I said, I did nothing but who would believe that? That the person who took no pity in her own Mother isn't here to cause trouble?

Well, not until a resounding slap graced my face as I winced. Tears dropping down in slow motion. A not too straight pattern.

"How dare you?"

My step queen Mother quizzed this time after the effect from the slap lasted a little more than expected. My life had always been like this; a life where there is not even a sign of peace. It has always somewhat been twisted in my case.

"Have you come again to bring disgrace in the family? Haven't you done enough with your mother?" Her voice pitching high at passing seconds and you'd think I did more than just attending the ball her daughter invited me to.

"M.. mother" I called, feeling the heat from where her print laid gracefully on my cheek, turning it red. It hurts.

Murmurs from the massive crowd began, some taking absolute pity on me while the rest just stood there, clearly In support to whatever accusations that would be further laid.

" filthy nothing!!" Bella, my sister, the one who dragged me into the mess shouted too. Tsk! They never seem to surprise me.

For the record, I have nothing and want nothing to do with them, they are only created to annoy me but still, I won't say it gladens me. It hurts as much as it has always been. Who would have thought that I would be in this mess again after so much promise that I made not to get muddled up in their issues.

Never have they wanted me, not even my own Father.

"B...but I did nothing. I swear Mother, with my life," I pleaded.

"I should let you go so that you'd do worse?, What really do you want from us?." Again like the first one, another slap landed this time, with doubled force that I bleed in my lower lip.

Almost stumbling, I felt a hand holding me still.

A strong cologne hitting my nose, intoxicating my brain. The hand wasn't hard, neither was it soft. It was just there, when I thought I would crush down again in the presence of all the nobles that attended the ball. Holding tight to me when I felt it was finally over; but who could it be?

My entire life I have been alone; no friends or anything.... Not even do I have a maid of my own. I was just alone even when Im born royal. To be exact, I am the only rightful heir to the throne; meaning, I would one day become the Alpha of Dagsinal kingdom.


The crowd roared to life after the incident of my falling and the sudden thick silence. In their eyes, all i saw was fear; shock and maybe, disbelief.

Still trying to figure out why they are staring so stupidly because it made no sense, Tessa, my wolf suddenly screamed innerly. 'Mate'

I felt it, the compartment of the two of us but still,the person remained unknown.

I tried turning around, to see who he was; but his strong hands held me Still.

"Don't move..!" I heard him whisper in my hearing alone.

I would have thought it was all a dream till I felt my father come down from where he sat. He had being there all along, watching how I got humiliated but he did nothing; at least, not until this unknown person came to my rescue.

"Alpha Xavier..?" He called.

""I have always being against the fact that justice well seen but not justified is good. What did a young woman like her do to earn that?"

His baritone deep voice sculpted the whole ballroom; leaving me with the aftermath of what he said.

'what does it mean?'

"Oh your highness.., you are just arriving aren't you?" My father interupted. Obviously for some unreasonable reasons, he wanted to divert from the topic.

"You look tired, why don't you rest?" He continued; staring deeply In my eyes, he smiled.

My father smiled?

After the little drama that unfolded, though the environment already changed with everyone's gaze on the person that remained unlock to me, I watched my father take his hand and took him to an empty royal seat too, where all the nobles were seated.

My heart beat kept palpating, going round and round and making me dizzy. I wanted to know him; he saved me.

"Don't just stand there Matilda; come seat too."

For the first time in my twenty years of living, only this once did my father ever call me by my name.

It sounded awful, sending a bittersweet sensation down my spine. None of his feelings felt right. I saw him nod at my step Mother and siblings too, while they in turn nodded at me. Approving me for the first time in how many years.

It felt too good to be true; that I even ran back to my room, my tower.

Throughout the night, while the sound of their merriment filled my ears, all I did was cry my eyes out.

I knew it was only for the main time, and only because the mysterious man was there.. but I won't deny how good it felt to have them approve me even if it smelt once.

I wanted to bask in it alone, to cherish the feeling but no. I won't change the fact that I am just a nobody but certainly a murderer.

Who is he?

Where did he come from?

It made no sense at all, and to think he's my mate..!

There was certainly a mistake somewhere.


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