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  • Author: HanGram
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Centuries, as it was perceived; the world of the supernatural were said to be united in harmony. All races with each specific prowess of its own. Werewolves, Elves, Witches and the strongest of them all. The Vampires. It was described to be peaceful till the beginning of the prophecy. Werewolves wanted freedom, Elves wanted to keep their dragons and be free to chant. Witches felt the need to have their Queendom, to perform chants and even trade with it… all of these couldn't be done under the rules that the Vampires had prepared. They wanted to keep all possible powers from humans and so, it led to their fight. Rogues became later introduced as the pain of losing one's valuables was unbearable. Tides changed, they began killing themselves.. their blood gathering together like that of a red sea, but it was merely the beginning. Leaving only the Elves, Witches and Vampires… another decade passed till the return of a new chosen. An Elf whose power is still not awakened and only a mere human. A prophecy that said she'd mate with a true blooded Vampire, an inevitable curse but also a solution. Would Alyssa come to understand herself from onward? Would she be able to receive the challenges and consequences? What would become of her if she mates with the Vampire crown prince Gabriel? Would dark Elves and light Elves accept Alyssa and Gabriel as mates after their unending fight..? Would they reunite to fight against the Witches who from them was the beginning of this misunderstanding..?


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