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Deceived by the Delta

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Following on from Betrayed by the Beta, can Alpha Dave and his twin sister Daisy work through the trouble of reorganizing a pack that has been mistreated for months all while helping their friends, Jack and Cassie, to capture a threat that could bring them all to their knees? Help Jason and Tara come to terms with a difficult past? and assist Brian as he tries to help Mark overcome his strong need to prove himself worthy, which could result in serious consequences?

Welcome Back!

Welcome back my dear, dear, readers and thank you so much for sticking with me, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this story goes, with Dave and Daisy get along in a new pack, Cassie and Jack fully Mated and the others finding their way, all while trying to capture that piece of work that has caused so much trouble already.

New readers please note this is a follow on book and many parts will not make sense unless you have read my first book: Betrayed by the Beta.

Happy reading!!!

Some things you should remember from last time…..

In this particular world of supernatural beings there are a few rules.

The Mind-link or verbal link to your wolf, is brand new, only a few people have it, though all wolves coming of age will have the connection with their wolves as a gift from the goddess.

Mind-Linking between pack members is also very very new, only a few people currently have the ability, but as packs change, so will the abilities.

You get your wolf at the age of 15.

You can find your Mate at 17, regardless of their age.

Pups are only born to True Mates, Chosen Mates are not able to have children together, but second-chance mates are common.

Rejection is rare (Due to the baby thing) but not frowned upon.

Rejection hurts the rejecter more than the rejected.

Movement between packs is uncommon but not unheard of (Especially for ranked members searching for their Mates).

This is a fictional world where some things may seem familiar but are out of the ordinary in this land.

Everything written here is of my own imagination and any similarities between this and other works is purely coincidental.

Thank you for giving my book a chance!!

There will be a lot more ‘Author POV’ in this book, please let me know how it’s working for you in the comments. I do so love to read ALL comments that come in.

Let’s start by checking in with Daisy and Dave at their new Pack, Twin Lakes, and see how they are getting on in their ‘new normal’.

Chapter 1 - Catch up

Daisy - 

My twin brother is a freaking Alpha! I can't even believe it, an Alpha! In the span of just a few short weeks our lives have been completely transformed, turned upside down in every way imaginable and I'm pretty sure my brother's head is still spinning. I know for a fact that mine is. 

O.K, O.K, Let me slow down, rewind, breathe, let me take you back to that time a ‘few short weeks ago’ and I'll tell you everything and bring you up to speed.

So…Our pack is… no wait, was, the Rival River Pack, Jack was our Alpha and he is still the Alpha of Rival River, my twin brother Dave, was the beta, Jason is the Gamma and Brian is the Delta, we all grew up together, we have always been and still are very close, almost like siblings, which, O.K. I mean Dave and are actual siblings but well, yeah, you get what I mean. 

Anyway, it only feels like it was a few weeks ago that I was on night patrol with Jason. I was moaning about something or another that Dave had done, I can't remember what he did precisely but I do know that it p*ss*d me off and I was bitching about him to Jason, when all of a sudden, out of absolutely nowhere, Jason just f*ck*ng leaves me, just gets up and walks off into the forest that surrounds 75% of our border. It didn’t even look like he knew where he was going, nose in the air following goddess only knows what. So naturally, I follow, but I don’t follow for long before I decide it is best if at least one of us stays at our post, so I quickly return and within say, around 30 minutes Jason comes back, but now he has some unconscious she-wolf in his arms, like what the actual f*ck.

Well, we hide this girl in a broken down hut at the edge of our territory, simply based on the fact that Jase had some kind of connection to her, we had no idea what at the time, but it turns out this chick, Cassie, is our Alpha's mate. Which explains Jason’s connection to her, she is our Luna and he, being the Gamma, is destined to protect her with his life. She was a part of Twin Lakes Pack, but she didn’t have it easy, and she has been through some tough sh*t and she is still the sweetest thing you'll ever meet, which baffles me, I don’t know if I could survive what she has and still be a bloody angel like she is, like seriously like an angel, she is sweet and kind, innocent and untainted by all the crap thrown her way so far. We quickly became best friends and started doing everything together. There was an attempted kidnapping, so we all vowed to keep her close, protect her, and then she was actually kidnapped, from our own pack-lands, by the mate she rejected, yes you heard that right, the one SHE rejected, because clearly he was an absolute *ss to her. He kidnapped her, in broad daylight, seriously injuring Jason in the process. Then the Moon Goddess pulled Jack, Dave, Brian and me into some weird dreamland type place and gave us the ability to talk to our wolves as well as with each other through our minds, which was wicked crazy but super helpful in our rescue attempt, which was also seriously helped by the fact that Cassie escaped with the help of 2 of the pack members of Twin Lakes Pack. Two pack members that wanted to fight against her ex-mate’s tyrannical ways, Dr Thorne and Tara, when they managed to escape they also brought Alpha Sven with them, he was super weak since Cassie's ex-mate Ace had had his Luna killed in an attempt to force Alpha Sven to relinquish the pack to him, naming him Alpha. But good old Alpha Sven was tougher than Ace anticipated, he refused to hand over his Alpha aura.

Now Ace, he really is a sh*t, like seriously, he abused Cassie, he kidnapped her, he had his own pack’s Luna killed just so he could weaken his Alpha, he then imprisoned Alpha Sven and was in the process of trying to force Alpha Sven to relinquish his Alpha aura and bestow it upon Ace, I mean seriously, who the f*ck does that? Jeez, get over yourself already, what a d*ckh**d. Anyway, when Cassie and the others escaped Jack, Dave and I were waiting for them by the river between our lands and Twin Lakes, and after a nauseating reunion between Jack and Cassie, we helped them get back to Rival River in one piece. Once we got back we got everyone settled, Tara and Dr Thorne were given accommodation, Alpha Sven was taken to the hospital and Cassie and Jack got some alone time before Alpha Sven informed us all that he had decided he wanted Dave to have his Alpha aura, which was totally mind blowing and awesome and scary and all kinds of other adjectives. Alpha Sven made sure to emphasize that if Dave didn’t want it, he shouldn’t take it and that he would pass it along to Jack and Cassie happily as he and his mate had come to love Cassie as if she were their own child in the short time they had together.

Dave gave it considerable thought and chose to accept the position and not because he wanted the power. 

Chapter 2 - Vows


My darling brother was never one to covet what others had, but because he didn’t want to burden his best friend with 2 packs to run, not when he had only just found his mate after almost 8 years of longing for her. So, with him taking on the role of Alpha to a pack under such turmoil, I am now the unofficial Beta of Twin Lakes as, without Dave as Alpha and me as Beta the pack would be completely leaderless. 

Ace very quickly went underground, he like, literally vanished, he is in hiding, the bloody coward ran as soon as he felt the shift in power, according to some of the pack members. He escaped with Maddie who was the Delta's daughter and her father. From what we have learned, it seems her father began orchestrating her rise through the ranks a long time ago, he poisoned the Luna to be barren, he encouraged Maddie to be with Ace, as he would have been Alpha since the current Alpha was and would always be childless, and he helped to kill t


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