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Dawn of Frida

Dawn of Frida

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The Protagonist of the Novel Dawn Of Frida is Frida Morgan while the antagonist is Polo Leon. Frida is an orphan who lost her parents at a young age, nursing the loss grew her into a heartless young woman. Frida took it upon herself to rain terror on the Werewolf clan doing everything in her power to seize their existence. The Setting of the story is in a secluded region in far North America and it takes place in the 21st Century. Frida ends up falling in love with a werewolf which changes the track of the saga. Frida is a cold heartless killer who shows no mercy to her prey. Hardened by the brutal murder of her mother and the death of her father, Frida dedicates her life to seeking vengeance. Deprived of a childhood as she trained to become a skillful and ruthless killer, Frida feels misunderstood by others. Though surrounded by people who love and care for her, Frida feels all alone. As she sojourns through realms to eliminate every werewolf that walked the earth, Frida finds love in the most unexpected place. Right in the arms of the very kind, she swore to destroy. Frida’s morals and beliefs are shaken as she struggles with her loyalty to the people of Ponderosa or giving into her heart's desires. Polo has always been known as a simpleton by all the villagers in Ponderosa. Being mocked for always chasing after Frida like a dog. He was jeered by all for his silly little crush as they called it but they couldn’t see it for what it truly was and when they did, it was already too late. What started out as a little crush for Polo turned into an obsession that consumed his entire being turning him into something very sinister. He was on a warpath eliminating everyone he thought was in the way of his love for Frida and in the end he brought great danger and pain to the people he claimed to love. Frida’s initial plan was to win the Tournament and win the ultimate prize using its power to cease the existence of the werewolf clan. Frida toils with death and betrayal as an unlikely source (Polo) is the architect of her demise.

Chapter 1

Night fell as the Ponderosa Forest birds began chirping on towering Pine trees. A Short-haired blond female swayed through pine trees of the forest stealthily. She effortlessly dashed from one tree to another without making a racket. She was lurking in the shadows waiting to kill her prey, a colossal creature with elongated claws and a hairy frame. She watched on, unfazed as it howled and ripped a human body limb by limb. She took up an arrow from her quiver as she aimed at its hind legs. She positioned her physique skillfully, holding her breath and ready to shoot. She took the shoot, as she whisked her way into another pine tree switching directions. The creature let out a loud moan as it retreated into the forest.

She wasn’t done yet as she dashed from the shadows onto the creature maneuvering her way on its body with relative ease. The creature scrambles as it’s been choked, She swiftly uses her dagger to slit the anterior jugular vein in the neck of the creature exposing the trachea. She leans back using her arm strength to rip the creature's head off its body as it thuds to the ground.

“This is for my mother,” she said as wiped off the blood on her face.

Frida Morgan was a Vigilant young woman who swore to revenge her mother's death by slaughtering all the werewolves in existence.

Frida was once a happy girl who lived with her parents, Her mum was killed by werewolves while her dad by cancer. Years of training and mourning grew her into a heartless hunter. Frida hunted supernatural creatures. She has been called out by the people in the village because she decided to be a hunter. The cardinal defender of the Ponderosa Village was on a killing Spree, slaying countless creatures over the years it became a craft to her. The heads of the deceased creatures are kept in a gigantic cabinet made of mahogany. The most acclaimed individual living in the village with a diehard psyche, her short blond hair, bust-snatching corset, and thigh-high boots were her


Frida laid bare on her bed giggling as Carter stoked her thighs with passion and lust in his eyes. ‘Carter I need to get dressed there is the Combat Forum I need to attend at the Capital concerning the recent sightings near the boundary’, Frida said still giggling.

‘Darling come on’ he started to protest. She adjusted her position and met his lips softly. He was taken by surprise, now fully aware he responded passionately. He pressed his lips fiercely against hers as if his life depended on it. She withdrew letting out a moan, his hands worked their way to her left breast caressing the firm top gently. She let out another moan. He gently kissed her face, her ears and down to her neck. She gasped, grabbing his hair. She tugged at his shirt which was still on and helped him out of it.

He pulled her on top of him stroking her thighs and resting his hands in between her legs which had a warm and moist feel. She pulled harder on his hair trembling. He slowly massaged the area. She was fueled now. Her hands reached for him but he caught it smiling. She made an attempt again this time his mouth cupped her right breast she let out a soft scream. This was bliss and she wanted more.

He pulled her away from him saying, ‘Look who has a Council meeting to attend’, he chuckled.

Her eyes flared ‘ I’ll get back at you, trust me’ she said getting up.

Carter laid back on the bed admiring her goddess features. She was all he wanted. ‘Do you hear me Carter I’ll surely get back at you’ she added looking away shyly.

‘Baby you know if I started we won’t stop, I did it for your own good besides you were against it remember’ he said smiling still staring at her naked body.

She picked up her dress robe to cover her body but Carter quickly dragged it from her saying, ‘I’m not done gaping’. She laughed and walked to the kitchen to make some coffee. Appearing with two steaming cups of coffee. This time she wore her dress robe. They stared at each other as they drank in silence.

‘Carter are you here? I came by your house but no one was home so I guessed you’d be here', a hesitant voice called out.

Carter and Frida walked out to the sparsely furnished living room. Frida was never really home, she was always out hunting and keeping an eagle eye out monitoring her traps for any prey. She had her finest Quiver and Bow hanging by the door of the living room which reminded her of her purpose and worth.

Bane stood at the door. ‘I’m really sorry if I interrupted anything he said’ as he looked at Carter and winked.

‘What was the big news which couldn’t wait Bane’, Carter replied in a conversational tone.

‘Well, we had a new DNA match show up on the specimens we collected near the boundary’ Bane replied.

Cather frowned, ‘Really? A new DNA match that is impressive. I’ll meet you at the laboratory today to check it out and compare previous samples’, he said with a look of concern flashing on his face.

Frida leaves her home making her way to the Council meeting. She sits at the center of a cross-section of males as her eyes meet that of her best friend Vilda, a vicious component of the Ponderosa army.

The head of the Council, Sir. Wedemeyer pleads with the army and people of ponderosa to be open-minded due to the recent sightings of supernatural creatures in the district.

“These creatures are mind-walking between realms,” he said in a deafening tone as the crowd mumbled.

‘Can we have silence please’ the head of Ponderosa’s Combat Council demanded firmly.

A lady stood up agitated, ‘This was just a mere sitting. We cannot employ all our forces now because of that and I do not think this should be a cause for alarm, there is a ripple of unrest in the City due to this news’, she said addressing the Council.

Frida stood and looked angered by what the woman had just said. ‘Why shouldn’t the entire force be deployed, why shouldn’t the City be in unrest?’ She barked as she made her way to the podium. She continued, ‘ If there was a sitting outside of the boundary everyone should be on guard’.

The head of the combat Council shook his head and rose to his feet, ‘Major Frida we are not going to cause unrest in the City, the sightings are going to be monitored until further reports are given’, he said firmly.

‘Well if you all want to sit in here and pretend like you are safe that’s up to you but I won’t do the same’, she spat ‘I am not going to sit and wait for any report that will only weaken and put us off guard’ she continued as she stamped her staff on the ground. ‘I would not rest until they are all vanquished’ she snarled storming off.

The air in the room was choking and intense. Everybody was silent only the slam of Frida’s boot on the ground as she stormed off was heard.

The meeting ended as Frida and Vilda proceeded to visit the training grounds. The pair loved to test each other, Vilda who was excellent with the crossbow, and Frida who had impeccable duel skills. The pair finished training.

“I'll see you at the campfire tonight,” said Vilda leaving Frida behind at the training ground.

Frida dropped to the ground as she caught her breath. She felt something breeze past her. She quickly took a stance, only to be dragged by her hair. She quickly met its jaw with an elbow leaving traces of blood on her elbow.

“Get away from me,” she said as Vilda retreated holding her now-torn lips.

“C’mon Frida” she mumbled

“I thought you left,” Frida said as tossed a sword toward her challenging her to a duel.

“As you wish,” Vilda said as she tactfully picked up the sword and took posture.

They both put in a good shift with Frida bringing Vilda to her knees. The pair called it a day as they packed up making their way out of the training ground.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, at the Laboratory, Carter examined the New DNA samples comparing them with another specimen to get a similar match. Waiting for the centrifuge machine to separate the particles, he paced the room wiping away the beaded sweat which formed around his forehead. As the machine slowed down he brought out sample plates placing the separated molecules into them. He placed the specimen on the DNA sample and it read a perfect match. He froze. It couldn’t be possible he thought. Trembling, he started the process all over again because if this was a mistake he could lose his job for announcing fake news and steering fear.

After an hour the results were ready, he tested them again and they read positive the spatula in his hands fell to the ground. This was terrible news. The fur specimens which they had collected near the boundary just tested positive for that of an actual Werewolf. This meant that they had entered Ponderosa.

He wiped his face vigorously breathing heavily


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