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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: BUBE V
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Every werewolves always feel the connection and love towards their mate the moment they met them. But what could be the possible explanation for the reason why Alpha Damien could not feel the mate bond for his mate Stacy rather he is out to get revenge on her. Stacy believes all her life that she is human and she is unaware that there are other beings out there apart from humans. Stacy's world came crashing down when she crossed part with Damien the Alpha of Moonlight pack. She was exposed to the world of the supernatural but the most shocking part of it is that she is one of them.


The sound of the rain could be heard hitting on the roof of houses, many people are in their various homes resting or bonding with their families, and some are stuck in the bar, shops and their places of work by the rain. While inside a cave at the edge of the forest is a 25 years old lady trying to give birth to a child all by herself.

After many pushes, pains and groans she was able to give birth to a baby girl. She stared at the little gift in her hands as long as she could cause she know that today will be the last time she will be able to hold her baby in her arms.

She quickly cut the cord and wrapped up the baby. She wanted to take her baby to a safe place knowing that those after her will be closing in on her any time, but she can't do that. She is weak and there is a storm out there, she can't take that risk, she needs to rest to gather enough strength for tomorrow's journey.

Everything in her is begging her to keep the baby and raise her but she knows it is impossible cause she hardly stays in a place for long cause it will not take time for those that are after her to find her. The last thing she wanted for her daughter is to be exposed to a life of running and hiding in the wild.

She wants her baby to have a normal life like every other child out there. She has only one option and that is to take her child to her mother, though the two of them are not on good terms she knows that her mother is the only option she has and the only person to keep her daughter out of danger.

The next morning she set out to her mother's place. Getting to her mother's place she saw the barrier that makes it impossible for others that are not related to her mother to see the house. She weave through the barrier and stood at her mother's doorstep.

She gently placed her daughter on her mother's doorstep and placed a note beside the little girl. She looked at her baby for the last time and left with a heavy heart.

"I hope you will grow up to be better than me and I know staying with her will be the best thing for you. Forgive me little one, am only doing what is test for you. The new mother said to her baby."

A woman who looks to be in her late fifties stepped out of the house after she made sure that her daughter has left. She has been watching her daughter from the moment she entered the barrier with something in her arms but she can't tell what that is from where she is seated.

"What sort of trouble did she bring this time around?" The older woman wondered.

She is too mad at her daughter to face her but she was curious to know what she dropped at her doorstep. She was shocked to see a newborn baby wrapped up in a piece of cloth, she don't need a prophet to tell her that the baby in front of her is her grandchild.

She picked up the baby to take a closer look. Turns out that the baby is a girl and there is something else. This explains why her daughter brought her daughter to her, she is glad that her daughter is sensible enough to bring her daughter and not expose her to danger.

She picked up the note beside the baby to know what is written in there. But there are only three words in there.


The older lady smiled at the note, cause this is the only way her daughter and her have been communicating for years. She wondered when she and her daughter will start acting like how a mother and her daughter are supposed to be.

Stacy grew up knowing only her grandmother, the only thing she know about her mother is her name and her picture of when she is still a teenager. From the picture Stacy can tell that she is the replica of her mother, she does not have any idea of who her father is or what he looks like neither does her grandmother.

But Stacy is not complaining cause she loves her grandmother so much and she doesn't care about a mother that doesn't want her. She loves her grandmother so much that she made it her number one priority to make her grandmother happy and take care of her.

On the same night, Stacy's mother gave birth to her, that is the same night the Alpha and Luna of Moonlight Pack who happens to be Damien and Paper's parents were killed by a bunch of rogues.

Damien became the Alpha of Moonlight Pack after his parents were killed but since he is still young, his father's Beta took over until Damien is of age to rule the pack. Damien is a good Alpha but ruthless to those that tried to harm his family. He has a twin sister Piper who is mated to one of their pack warriors but unfortunately, he was killed in the fight to avenge Damien's parent's death.

The death of Piper's mate torn her apart but the only thing that is still keeping her sane is her daughter Kathy and her twin brother Damien.

Damien has devoted his time to taking care of his sister and his niece, and at the same time he is hoping that he will find his mate.

He is 28 years old and he has not found his mate yet, he has been hoping that one of these days that he will be lucky enough to meet his mate. He knows that his pack members are worried about his mateless situation but they don't dare to voice out their worries.

Every pack needs their Luna to make them feel whole and stronger. Moonlight pack might be one of the strongest pack out there but they need their Luna to be stronger and more organized.

Chapter 1

In the middle of the Dark Forest stood the Moonlight Pack, it is called the dark forest cause of the story surrounding it. Humans believe that whoever ventures into that forest will not make it alive but that is just a rumour which is far from the truth.

Moonlight Pack is a very large pack that is also one of the strongest pack in the werewolf's world, they are known to have great warriors and has zero tolerance for betrayals. There is a Packhouse that stood at the centre of the pack, a four-storey building where the Alpha and his family reside and other key members of the pack, like the Beta, Gamma, Delta and the pack warriors.

The other pack members live in the houses scattered around the pack house but Every Friday every pack member will have their breakfast in the pack house. That way the Alpha will be able to see his pack members all at once and it also helps to strengthen the bond among the pack members.

Pack members love their Alpha cause he is very ki


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