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Covet Me, My Heartless Alpha

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Warning Mature Content! "No one can touch her, every drop of blood that comes out of her will cost of your lives; whether I reject her or keep her by my side, this woman is mine." —Jaxon Knight. They were fierce adversaries who belong to separate packs. Both had been chosen and destined to inherit their throne. Nevertheless, if their story had already been foretold in a prophecy, how could these two Alpha bloods change their chain of events? Veronica Silva, a strong Alpha blood who knew how to stand her ground. However, with the fate intervention, how was she supposed to evade the cruel, cold-blooded Alpha? She swore she wouldn't fall for this vile person, but what would she do if the Moon Goddess insisted that he be her Moon Blessed Mate?

Chapter 1 A Night With Alpha

"Do you like it, baby?" A tickling breath and rough voice hit Veronica's neck. The man's soft and firm palm traveled to her waist and up her chest.

“A-Alpha… Ngh.” She couldn't stop a sweet and seductive moan to escape from her lips.

"You seem to use this erotic body of yours to lure me, aren't you?" He licked her neck while a grin appeared on his lips. "You know that our pack is mortally opposed to each other, that's why you're doing this, right?"

"No, please, Alpha."

Her green eyes were now completely submerged in the Alpha's blue gaze in front of her. She could feel the bulge inside his jeans pressing against her stomach as he pulled her waist even tighter. The heat that now enveloped her entire being caused the inside of her underwear to get even more wet, and even the air conditioner that had been put on had no impact.

The Alpha grinned at her, whispered in her ears, and sent shivers down her spine, "Open your mouth."

"Yes," she answered as if she were a slave who was ready to what he would command.

"Good girl."

The Alpha instantly grabbed her hair and claimed her with a kiss as if he was a lion on the prowl. After removing her dress, his hand moved once more, this time, slipping under her panties.

"Alpha, there," Veronica growled softly as she lost all sense of her own body. Because of the various ways the Alpha stranger had been rubbing her, she was no longer able to control or even slow down her body's response.

He recognized Alpha by the peculiar fragrance emanating from it. It had a lavender scent, which made her feel even more inebriated.


When the Alpha lifted her effortlessly and flung her, she was caught off guard. She swallowed as she noticed that his blue eyes progressively grew red, a sign of anger or perhaps excitement.

"Tonight, you can't escape under my arms. Even if your legs are worn out and crippled, I will thrust. Even though your voice is hoarse from groaning, I'll make sure that you will still moan my name and implore me to go on."

He approached her and prepared to invade her but before he could do that—


Veronica sprung abruptly and firmly from the bed to catch her breath. Her heart felt like it was ready to burst out of her chest, so she held it tight. She eventually calmed down and noticed that she was not in her room when she looked around the white space.

“Ugh!" She held her head as it suddenly stung. The second time she wandered her eyes, she saw its neatness and spoke to herself, "Where the hell am I?"

After half an hour, she just realized she was in a hotel after repeatedly staring into oblivion, "F*ck! How I wish I had already shifted so I could ask my wolf what the hell happened to me last night!" She growled and flung the cushion to the ground.

'All I can remember is I sneaked at the annual Alpha meeting with Ava. After that, we drink some camphaigne and…after that—” She stopped in the middle of her thought, pulled her hair with irritation and shouted, “Ugh! I can't remember anything!”

"Why am I thinking about these things, I can ask Ava directly!"

She stood up to return to their packhouse; however....

"Aghh!!" She screamed when she suddenly collapsed to the ground and felt a peculiar aching between her legs.





She did that over and over and slowly closed her eyes to remember what really happened to her inside this room.

A few minutes later, it seemed as if her world collapsed as each the stranger Alpha's kiss and caress gradually returned to her. His red eyes, the lavender smell that was even more intoxicating than the campaign she drank and his breath that penetrated her entire being.

'What the f*ck have I done?' While there was a tears in the corner of her eyes, she mind-linked Ava, her little sister, "Ava where are you?!"

"I should be the one asking that, where are you?!"

"I-I don't know. Just tell father that I went somewhere. Please!”

"What? Why? Tell me where the hell are you—"

Ava couldn't finish what she was saying because Veronica had cut the mind-link and even though her knees and body were still weak, she quickly ran away from the hotel.

'Father shouldn't know that I slept with Alpha Jaxon,' she scarily thought.

If Alpha Elijah, her father, discovered about this, she didn't know what would happen to her. The Dark Blood Pack, Alpha Jaxon Knight's pack had long been a strong rival of the Shadow Moon Pack, her pack. And since her father was the Alpha of their pack, and she was the eldest daughter, she destined to inherit the throne as the next Alpha of the pack.

[Shadow Moon Packhouse]

"Where did you go? We've been looking for you for a while now, why did you suddenly disappeared without saying anything?" A cold voice of her father greeted her with Ava beside him, "You know you're not eighteen yet, you haven't shifted and your safety is important because you're the next Alpha of the Shadow Moon Pack."

"Honey, you can talk to her later after she rested," her mother joined their conversation.

"Right, sister, where did you go last night?" Ava asked.

Veronica looked carefully at her because it was surprising that she didn't know what happened to her. They were the only two together last night and she didn't know why she was the only one who passed out.

"I'm sorry father, it won't happen again."

"It's better not!"

Veronica just bowed her head to her father's booming voice.

[Three weeks later]

*At the dining table*

Veronica looked at the food spread on the table and like the previous days, the smell of them made her sick. She couldn't take it anymore, so she stood up and quickly went straight to the sink.

“Bleeechh… Blarggghhh.”


Veronica straightened up as her heart didn't stop beating faster, faster than the rat, faster than leopard. As if she was caught with her crime. Even though her back was facing her father, it was as if his red eyes were penetrating her back.

"Y-Yes, father?"

"I've been noticing your behavior for a few weeks."

"R-Really? Don't worry about me, father. I just haven't been feeling well these past few weeks—”

She couldn't finish what she was saying because she got scared of the deafening sound of the chair where her father was sitting on and in just a second, he grabbed her arm, "Then, let me assist you to Doctor Daniel."

"Father, I can do it myself."

Alpha Elijah stopped listening to Veronica and took her to the hospital where the Doctor he was referring to was. Her father forced her in to be checked by Daniel, in the end she could do nothing but follow.

After a few hours of waiting, the Doctor returned with the results. He approached them with a smile, when he was about to present the result to Veronica, her father quickly stole it.

Even though her nervousness was beyond measure, she waited for Alpha Elijah's reaction. After looking at the result for a few minutes, her father gave it back to her but his reaction was colder now. She slowly took the paper with trembling hands and almost fell to the floor when she saw the result.

Positive Pregnancy Test.

“Abort it.”

"F-father..." Big tears fell from Veronica's eyes. Aborting a child from her womb and flesh was something she could not take, "I-I can't do that. It's my baby. It's your grandson or grand daughter."

"You are about to turn eighteen and the day is approaching when you will shift and meet your fated mate, you still have time to do the abortion."

"F-father... please."

"Then, who's the father?!"

Veronica could hardly swallow her saliva because of Alpha Elijah's pressured question to her. She stared at her father for a long time but he returned only a cold stare. At first, she was hesitant to answer but with the idea that the Dark Blood Pack and Shadow Moon Pack could be a strong ally, she couldn't help but say it.

“It's Alpha Jaxon—”


A strong slap landed on her cheek as if her head was about to be cut off because of its extreme force. She could feel the surrounding heat from it while her head was now turned to the left.

"You are a disgrace to my forefather and bloodline!"

Chapter 2 Without Alpha Jaxon

Veronica's Point of View

[Eight Months Later]

I took a close look at my blissfully sleeping son. For the months that he was inside of me, I believed that no one would be delighted that he would be born, thus a variety of emotions ran through my chest. However, I was mistaken because it didn't cross my mind that the Moon Goddess would replace what I lost with an even better gift.

"I'll make sure that the life I provide you is not taken away by anybody else, Morgan, and I won't allow you feel as like you are missing out on the love you deserve."

I kissed his forehead and saw his small dimple even though he couldn't hear what I said. I would make sure that my son and I being rogue would not be an obstacle for him to enjoy a normal life.

A painful wound stung my heart as I remembered the past. The day my father found out about my pregnancy, he wanted me to abort Morgan but because I didn't agree, he became very angry


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