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Luna Asterbelle peacefully welcomed her wolf upon the celebration of her 18th birthday. It was what she was waiting for, knowing that her mate would come looking for her by the time that her wolf resounded within her soul. Though after five years of quietly living her life with her ambitions, it all got broken into pieces when her long time bully returned, Jerome Dawson. He kept on harassing Luna because of the fact that her whole family was the sole reason why his one and only living parent died. He hated her since they were children, and now that she’s a grown adult, Jerome wants her to pay for what her family has done. With the identity of a she-wolf, would Luna choose to stay silent or be aggressive against Jerome this time around? What would happen if Jerome realized that there’s something special about her, which he hasn’t seen from any other women that he met before? Will their red string of fate continue to play with their lives until one of them surrenders or will it lead them to a happy ending?

Chapter 1 - A Deadly Wolf


Today marks the third day before my debut arrives. I have anticipated the celebration to the point that I had prepared for it for two months, even though the invitations are already ready and are just waiting to be handed out to them. Since the day that I was born, I have been eager to get to know my wolf. I’m sure that it will show itself on my eighteenth birthday.

“Hey, Yve…” I softly called my friend’s name as we were both crossing the road while the signals were still allowing us to walk.


“Have you ever encountered your wolf? You’re already at your legal age, right?” I asked her out of pure curiosity as I faced her.

Yve turned around the corner before she grabbed me by the wrist. “Don’t tell me that you still haven’t met yours?” She gasped as I shook my head twice with a hint of disappointment. “Oh my… As far as I know, I’ve been living with my wolf about two to three years ago even though I still haven’t celebrated my debut,” Yve answered my query.

It was the first time that I heard about it. I can’t help but to feel saddened. “What if mine never shows up? Would I end up being abandoned by my parents and be thrown out of our pack house?”

Yve hit my head with her bare palm. “Don’t be so negative, Luna. Your name says it all, you might be some ferocious Alpha’s luna. You just have to be patient, your birthday is upcoming too. Keep your hopes up, okay? Your parents would never be ashamed of you even if you end up without a wolf,” she said with a cheeky smile planted on her lips.

I was affected by her positive energy, her words made me motivated. “Thanks, Yve!” I embraced her before we decided to proceed to our destination.

We’re supposed to head to the nearest cafe in our neighborhood for our group meeting. There are about eight students from the same class who promised that they would attend, excluding the two of us, which makes us ten members in total. The deadline of our project’s submission is already next week, but considering that my birthday is about to come before it, I wanted to finish this as soon as possible.

Less than half an hour passed, Yve and I arrived at Lucio’s Cafeteria. I instantly got to smell the fragrance of the surroundings right after I opened the door. A bell resounded as the door creaked open as the both of us crossed the threshold.

“Luna, Yve!” I heard our classmates calling us.

The moment that I saw a group of people waving their hands at us, I headed over to where they were sitting. “Haven’t you made an order yet?” I questioned as I placed both of my palms above the table to grab all of their attention.

“Andrea already did, she even paid for all of the orders,” Joseph answered. He was chuckling as he nudged his shoulder on Andrea’s waist.

It was kind of bothersome for me to witness, but I didn’t mind since they were a couple. I wouldn’t have sat idly on the same spot if I knew that they weren’t in a romantic relationship, since I would already consider it as a form of harassment even without her signal.

“Let’s start discussing our plans for tomorrow, as well as the materials and the responsibilities of each one of us. I’m the leader here, so I hope that you will all be cooperative,” I announced.

All of them replied with a yes, so I began to recall the main objective of our project. About fifteen minutes passed, and parfaits were brought to our table. There were a huge variety of drinks as well, of course there weren’t any alcoholic beverages since not all of us were permitted to drink.

My eyes felt itchy at the same time that I got this weird feeling that something was approaching, not knowing what it was or who it would be.

“What is that?” I heard someone ask from behind, I chose to listen rather than to look at whoever spoke. “Isn’t that a… wolf?”

I almost choked myself when I heard what the man said. I instantly focused on where he was pointing out.

“Hey, Luna. Are you alright?” Emily asked, she must have noticed that I was acting out of the ordinary.

“Y-yeah…” I whispered.

I gritted my teeth when I confirmed that the man wasn’t mistaken. There really was a werewolf standing outside of the cafe even though it was still broad daylight. It’s a mystery to me how the people outside weren’t even in a state of panic.

But, weren’t werewolves not allowed to be in this city? I’m pretty much sure that they have their own territories, and only humans who still haven’t found their own wolves are permitted to stay here until they graduate.

“A-ahh!” Andrea screamed out her lungs. It was quite deafening for me to hear since she was just right beside me.

Before I even got to turn my head around to ask what’s wrong, blood splattered all throughout our table. I knew that the werewolf killed a classmate of mine, but I was literally frozen on my seat. Everyone ran away from the cafe. Men didn’t care about the women and children that they were bumping as they prioritized their own safety. Some escaped through the windows since the exits were occupied.

“Luna, snap out of it! We have to run,” Yve yelled directly in front of me as she was reaching for my arm.

I was dragged by Yve away from where we were. I looked back to our seats and saw that it was Joseph who was getting slaughtered by the werewolf. My lips parted in realization that the silhouette that I saw from the window was merely a trick for the wolf to get in the cafe without being noticed.

“J-Joseph… We have to save Joseph,” I stuttered as I forcefully stopped Yve from her tracks.

“What are you saying? He’s already a goner!”

“But Andrea…”

“At least for once in a while, think of yourself rather than anyone else. Don’t be stubborn if you don’t want to end up in the same situation as Joseph,” Yve cutted off whatever I was about to say.

Authority was evident in the tone of her voice, but I know that she’s also scared. Even though her eyes weren’t faltering, I know that Yve’s soul was screaming of fear as well.

Chapter 2 - Warm Sensation


Both of my legs were getting wobbly, I felt like my own body would soon betray me and I would end up dragging Yve into despair together with me. I have thought about it for a few minutes, and I knew that I shouldn’t stay with Yve if I don’t want to place her life in danger.

“If you’re planning to cast me away, it’s useless,” Yve muttered.

I was about to push her chest so that she would be forced to let go of my wrist, but I guess that I’m such an open book. I couldn’t think of any other way for her to let go of me so I let her be. We were stuck in the middle of the crowd, even though this is just an average cafeteria, there are a lot of people who are considered regular here because of their outstanding menu.

My friend was the one leading the way while I was focusing my whole attention at the werewolf who had just recently finished off Joseph. It was only a matter of time before it was able to reach our destination, the wolf was now in f


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