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Chloe's Werewolf Journey

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Chloe's Werewolf Journey is a thrilling and heart-warming story of Chloe, a simple girl from a small village, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finds true love along the way. After losing her virginity to her soulmate Jonas, Chloe's life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers his hidden secret - he is a werewolf. Facing tough decisions, Chloe must navigate a world of magic and secrets, all while discovering her own true direction in life. Join Chloe on her epic journey full of adventure, romance, and a captivating tale of finding one's true path. Chloe's Werewolf Journey is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romance with a touch of fantasy.

Chloe's first kiss

Chloe was eighteen years old and was living in a small village named Edenwall.

She had two older brothers: Nicholas and Andrew. They were living in a small cottage with their mother, as their father passed away when they were little. He had drowned on the river which was not far from their home.

Chloe was a shy, sensitive girl who would spend most of her time reading romance books, especially the ones that were about werewolves and vampires.

She knew lots of boys, but she never had a boyfriend, nor had she ever been kissed.

Chloe was in desperate need of an adventure in her life, but there wasn't much to do in her village.

One night her brothers asked her to go with them to a small party that was being held in a cave.

They assured her that she will be safe with them, as they will protect her from anyone or anything that might want to hurt her.

Chloe didn't really want to go, as she was too shy around people, but the adventurous spirit in her made her decide to finally go.

Nicholas and Andrew were already ready for the party, but Chloe had nothing to wear.

She started crying, but then her mom came with a beautiful outfit perfect for a party, it was an old dress of hers that she modified especially for Chloe, as she has been listening to what her children talked about.

Chloe couldn't have been happier, that the outfit fit her perfectly!

Nicholas, Andrew, and Chloe made their way to the cave, Chloe was standing in the middle, proud of her two brothers.

Arrived at the party, the boys grabbed themselves some beer and went dancing with two gorgeous girls they knew.

Chloe was so surprised that they have already ditched her like that. She didn't know what to do so she just hid in one dark corner of the cave.

"What am I going to do? My brothers left me all alone, just to dance with some stupid girls! They were supposed to take care of me..." Chloe thought out loud.

Right after that, a tall, brunette girl, about twenty-five years old, approached Chloe.

" Why are you sitting here by yourself? You should be there with all the people dancing and partying!" The girl said to Chloe.

Chloe looked at the stranger girl with her big blue eyes and didn't know what to say. She just got up and tried to say something, but she could only blabber.

"- Did the cat eat your tongue? The girl asked.

- Sorry, I...

- It's okay just come with me and I will introduce you to some people that will help you relax and have a good time."

Hearing that, Chloe didn't know what to do so she just gave her hand to the girl and went back to the party.

She found out the girl's name was Sarah and she wasn't from her village, she was there on holiday only visiting her grandma.

Sarah introduced Chloe to three of her friends, one was a handsome man with hazel eyes and dark hair, named Jonas and the other two were two gorgeous blonde women.

Chloe was mesmerized by Jonas's eyes. She couldn't stop staring at him.

Sarah noticed that and slowly bumped her with her elbow.

A slow song started playing and everyone started dancing with their partners.

Chloe got sad, but right then Jonas came and took her to dance with him.

She was so happy inside but didn't want to show that to Jonas, so he wouldn't think that she was so desperate.

As they were dancing, Jonas was smiling at Chloe, and because she was so shy she couldn't resist seeing his eyes so she slowly put her head on Jonas's chest.

She loved the sound of his heart racing rapidly, although that was weird to hear as he wasn't doing any effort that would have been responsible for an increased heart rate.

But she didn't care thinking too much about it as she was enjoying that dance the most.

Right before the song ended Jonas whispered in Chloe's ear to follow him outside so they could talk.

She did it without hesitation as if she was hypnotized by him.

Luckily her brothers didn't see her going out as they were too busy kissing the girls. They would have probably stopped Chloe from leaving without them.

Jonas asked for Chloe to give him his hand so she wouldn't stumble on rocks.

She reached for him and stumbled, almost falling on the ground, but Jonas catches her in a second.

"- Wow, great reflexes you have! Chloe said.

- Oh wow, she speaks!" Jonas replied.

Chloe was blushing as she was still in Jonas's arms, feeling his great, hard-like rock muscles.

It was very cloudy when Chloe arrived at the party, but now the clouds were slowly disappearing and revealing the full moon.

"- Oh, look, we can almost see the moon shining!"

Noticing it too Jonas gives Chloe a long passionate kiss and he runs so fast that Chloe couldn't even see in which direction he went.

It was Chloe's first kiss and she couldn't have enjoyed it more!

Searching for Jonas

The party ended and Chloe found her brothers and they all went home.

On their way, Nicholas asked Chloe if she enjoyed the party. She told him that it was ok, not wanting to reveal to him what happened, that she got her first kiss.

Their mom was waiting for them as she was worried, like a mother and she was so happy when they saw them coming home.

Nicholas and Andrew went straight to bed, but Chloe wanted to tell her mom all that happened, after all her mom was also her best friend.

When talking about Jonas, Chloe's eyes were sparkling with joy and her mother could realize that Chloe might be already falling in love and she was very happy for her daughter.

Chloe finally went to sleep and all that she could dream about was Jonas and the way he kissed her.

When she woke up it was already evening, but she still went outside to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air of autumn.

She was hoping to meet Jonas again, she needed to see him.



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