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Caged by my Alpha

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Crystina is the pack's outcast. This is because her father was the murderer of their last Alpha. She was brought into their pack as retribution. She was to pay for the sins of her father and despite their Alpha's hatred for her, he couldn't stop noticing her tiny smiles, and her pretty face. When Luka thought he would get over it, he realized she was his mate. How is he supposed to love the daughter of his father's murderer? How is he supposed to accept this fate? When he couldn't find an answer, he left just to avoid her. Now, Luka was done running. He's ready to claim Crystina as his mate but unfortunately, her heart already belonged to another.



Review after half of the novel

Nit sure how I feel about this book yet. The people are so frustrating! Why is it so hard for them to talk to each other and tell the truth to one another? If they could just speak they do not even have to connect just talk to each other things would be much less complicated. Also the names is the book are a bit confusing. Also there is so much happening but also jothing happening at the same time. Overall it does peak my curiosity but it also frustrates the hell out of me.

June 16, 2024

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