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Bound by blood

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He chuckled coldly as he smacked his lips. "I never said that for you to decide, I command it. You will no longer see Jasper." "And I refuse, I command it. Need I remind you, we aren't an actual couple Lucien. We owe each other nothing." Chuckling darkly, he began taking steps towards me as I took steps backwards. "Let me remind you, Freya, you bear my name, Wolfson. Every breath you take, belongs to me. Every inch of your body, your sinful curves, your inviting lips, your captivating eyes, they belong to me. Your legs are mine to spread, your lips are mine to kiss, your breasts are mine to feel, your body is mine to explore with my tongue and your c*nt is mine to mate with," he stated firmly. ...***... Contracted to marry the devil's reincarnate, Lucien Wolfson, Freya Hawthorne live in hell as she's welcomed with his cold shoulder. Crossing paths with Jasper Blackwell, his best friend, Sparks fly as she falls in love with him. Does it lead to a happy ending??? Read to find out

Chapter 1


I stood looking at my reflection in the mirror, the glittery diamond Jewelry adorned on my body, the beautiful white dress hugging my skin, it was a day of happiness for all except me. Being the Luna to a powerful pack is one thing, marrying the most dreaded alpha is another. Why me?

I walked towards my window slowly as I gazed at the full moon. Moon goddess, please, anyone but him. Alas, I couldn’t do anything about it. This was my fate. Married to the devil’s reincarnate, Lucien Wolfson.

My thoughts were interrupted by the maid as she called out to me softly, “Luna, it’s time.”

Turning my gaze to hers, I forced a smile as I made my way out of the room, placing the veil over my face cautiously as we continued on our way. Rumors rang in my head of how he murdered people in cold blood and fed on their flesh. His looks a nightmare as words couldn’t describe him. He was scarred all over, burnt skin from wars and bald, so they said.

As I approached the hall, my heart raced. I could feel my beats hitting my ribs. No! I can’t! I need to run.

Run! Run! Run!

That’s all that went through my mind. I stopped in my tracks scanning the familiar walls, but security was tight. I had no other choice. “Are you ok Luna?” she asked looking at me concerned.

Quietly, I nodded, projecting a confident aura, though tears threatened to betray my facade as we made our way to the gathering. I felt a knot in my stomach as I approached the hall slowly.

Peeping through the small opening in the door, everyone was seated and dressed to their finest awaiting my arrival. Draped in wine red from head to toe, my father exuded an ominous aura, devoid of any expression of affection. It was clear he wanted to expedite the transaction of my marriage, devoid of any sentiment.

My eyes narrowed through the opening as I scanned the hall deeper. There he was, dressed in black, his face covered with a mask as black gloves clung to his fingers. My soon to be husband, Lucien Wolfson.

“Welcome the bride! Luna Freya Hawthorne,” beta John announced.

My hands trembled as I felt my feet go numb. It's really happening.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The hall roared with cheers as applause filled the air. The huge door creaked open as I stood at the beginning of the entrance. It all felt too real to be true.

Taking in deep breaths, I walked in slowly as the cheers continued and the music started playing.

Walking through the aisle, I couldn’t help but listen to the whispers and murmurs of the guests nearby.

“Poor girl, getting married to the devil.”

“I think she’ll die tonight.”

“She won’t make it out alive, no one ever escapes his clutches.”

Their words ringing in my ear like a resounding alarm. It was too late to do anything now, I’m betrothed to the devil’s son.

Arriving at the alter, I stood few inches away from Lucien with my head bowed slightly. My hands trembled uncontrollably as I looked at the masked man in front of me.

Is what they say true? Is he really that hideous? Rumors had it that he had burnt scars all over his face and claws that could slice a cow in half with a single swing.

Could that be why his hands were covered with gloves? “We’re gathered here to join Freya and Lucien in an unbreakable bond,” beta John announced loudly.

As John continued speaking, I could feel my fear swallow me whole. I didn’t want this, but of course, I’m the one who has to sacrifice for the betterment of the pack. Why couldn’t anyone else do it?

“Unveil your bride!” John’s words cut through my ears as I gasped. He was going to touch me. My mind clouded with ugly images of his eyes from the description of others. His hands held the sides of my veil, my heart beat faster as he took it off.

Curious I raised my head looking at his eyes, it was nothing like they said. He had charming sliver eyes and from his clothes, I could tell he had amazing biceps. Lost in his eyes, unconsciously I stepped forward, slowly closing the distance between us.

He quickly averted his gaze jolting me back to the present.

“Prince Lucien, you need to take off your mask as per custom,” John said chuckling nervously. He let out a deep sigh as his hands made their way to his mask.

Curiosity gripped me as my gaze was fixed on him. This was the moment of truth, all the rumors about his looks were about to be confirmed.


Everyone in the hall let out loud gasps as my jaw dropped to the ground. He was nothing like they said. His chiseled face was perfect, his thick black hair arranged meticulously enhancing his face, his perfect physique, his charming sliver eyes. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at his perfect thin pink lips. He was a perfectly crafted human.

“You may exchange your vows,” John announced as he fixed his gaze on us. “I have nothing to say,” Lucien said agitated, his voice deep and husky yet dripping with a seductive allure which pulled me.

Turning his gaze to me, John asked, “Do you have anything to say, Freya?”

“No,” I responded timidly shaking my head.

“Well then, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you mates!”

The hall roared with cheers and applause at John’s words.

“You may now kiss the bride,” John said excitedly as he gestured towards us.

The hall went into a deafening silence as everyone’s gaze fixed on us. Kiss me? It was my first kiss, even though he’s really handsome, I couldn’t give him the privilege, he’s a monster with blood on his hands.

I felt strong hands grip my waist pulling me into their embrace. It was Lucien. With one hand on my waist, he cupped my chin compelling me to meet his gaze with the other.


It couldn’t be, does he really want to? In the blink of an eye, he took my lips into his. I didn’t know how to, so I followed the movement of his lips. His lips had a sweet particular taste I couldn’t describe.

Unconsciously, my hands wrapped round his neck deepening our kiss.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The hall went wild with applause and cheers. He swiftly released me from his grip as he straightened his back. It felt awkward kissing someone you don’t love. He averted his gaze away from me swiftly as he made his way down the stage.

Stretching out his hands, he gestured towards me. I placed my hands in his as he led me out of the hall. Flowers were thrown on us as we made our way out. My heart raced as we left the hall.

Taking a peek at the tall man beside me, I felt a surge of conflicting emotions course through me. He's my husband and I, his wife. Today marked a new beginning in our lives.

Chapter 2


As the cheers and applause became faint I couldn’t help but turn one last time to get a final look of my home. The place where I spent most of my life, now I leave to start a new life with a stranger. From a distance I saw my father, he stood their with an expressionless face.

Of course he did, he’s never loved me so his best bid is to sell me off to the devil’s son.

“Lets go,” his cold voice interrupted my thoughts as the carriage arrived.

He swiftly made his way into the carriage as I walked behind him slowly. Getting into the carriage, I sat silently as we rode. The atmosphere was eerie as chills went down my spine. My mind flooded with what awaited me in my new home.

Looking outside the carriage, I took in a mouthful of the night's cold air as I closed my eyes. Biting my lips softly, fear gripped me as I realized what tonight was. Wedding night! My eyes squinted open swiftly at the thought of a wedding night. I didn’t want anything to do wit


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