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Billionaire Wolf’s Antidote Wife

Billionaire Wolf’s Antidote Wife

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“Marry my son, I will give you everything in this world.” President Greymont’s words resonated in Harriet’s ears. How could she be offered to be married to one of the richest men in the country? What does she have that she was chosen? She is just a lady who barely survives life with her little brother. However, left with no choice, Harriet agreed without second thought. Her brother is waiting for her to bring home food. After the flash marriage, she was shocked to discover that her husband is a person in his comatose state, unresponsive and couldn’t do a thing. Little did she know that her husband is an Alpha who is long pretending ill. “Let me love you well.” The words resonated to Harriet as soon as Zeus flipped her down the bed and kissed her passionately!

1: Heaven pours Blessings

In Mission Boulevard the sun is very high, and the weather is hot but there are still a lot of tourists. Harriet is fighting the fatigue and the withering because she hadn't had anything to eat since this morning, she is there to find a way to earn money to buy food for her little brother Liam. Even though it was very difficult and hot during these times, Harriet works hard because she knew that she has to make money to feed her brother who was sure very hungry at this time. They have been orphans for a year and have been evicted from their home because she can't pay their mortgage, their mother died in a car accident and unfortunately, she didn't leave anything for them.

Harriet looked at the people passing by while waiting for her to be called to run an errand. The area was surrounded by hotels and restaurants that might need her services as an errand girl but by late afternoon, she still hadn't gotten a single client. Having one would have been enough for her to buy a bag of bread for Liam.

She was already crying because she was worried about her younger brother. She wanted so badly to lower herself to beg but she refrained from doing so because for her that was the only dignity, she had left in herself. She promised herself that she would work hard and that every bread they eat should come from her sweat and blood. She had been able to uphold that principle for five months, so she believed that she could hold on to it until the time came for them to rise from the fall. She is only 20 years old but had stopped studying even when their mother was still alive because of the hardships of life they were going through. Although she wanted to continue her studies, she chose to sacrifice her dreams to help her mother. She used to work as a waiter in one of the restaurants in that area but when her mother died and she asked for a five-day vacation from her boss, he not only agreed but fired her. Since then, she has had a hard time finding a job until the one she fell into became an errand girl. Her situation was difficult but sometimes she was able to recover especially during the times when there were too many visitors in their place. She accepts errands left and right so in times like that, she was able to save for the days where it is difficult to get a job.

They live in one of the empty warehouses of their aunt Alice, a full cousin of their mother, but she is very cruel and very hateful. She doesn't care if the siblings Harriet and Liam eat something or not, not only that, but she also forces Harriet to pay water and electric bills which adds to the burdens of the poor Harriet.

Harriet was about to give up, she really wanted to beg so she took a position to start begging the people passing in front of her, she didn't care anymore because the important thing was to get home with food for her five-year-old brother Liam.

He seasoned the situation first, he looked at every corner of the road where he stood and felt which of the passers-by he could talk to, in the end he chose to talk to two old men who were obviously married and were there to have fun. She took a deep breath first, bracing herself before approaching the couple and pleading. "Sir, ma'am, please forgive me for disturbing your happy vacation but I don't have anyone else close by... Can I ask for even five dollars just to buy bread and water for my brother?"

In her whole life, that was the most courageous thing she did, to approach other people to ask to buy food not for her but for her brother. Harriet's pleading drew the couple's attention, the woman first smiled before answering her and just from the old woman's smile, Harriet breathed a sigh of relief because she felt she was kind. “Food. Why? Where is your brother?”

The woman turned and seemed to be looking for the brother Harriet was talking about, so she answered quickly to explain. "Ma'am, I'm sorry but my brother is not here, he is at the warehouse where we are staying and is waiting for me. Please don't think that I am asking you because of laziness. I have been here for more than half a day to wait for a job that the owners of the restaurants here to need my service, but no one has taken me even one and this is the reason why I am forced to ask you... I'm sorry." Harriet was shy. She didn't think she could do that thing but in her mind she didn’t care. The important thing is that she can buy food for Liam, she won't let her brother die of hunger.

“Oh, sweet darling, don't be ashamed. I feel proud of you. I can understand how much effort you can make for your little brother. Now take this and go buy your little brother something to eat. Don't starve yourselves.”

The woman handed ten-hundred-dollar bills to Harriet which astonished the latter. “No, ma'am, this is too much. I just need this. Thank you so much and God bless you.” Harriet quickly took the $100 bill and returned the rest to the woman, which the latter refused while smiling as she tapped the shoulder of Harriet.

“I know that you need this, sweetheart. Don't be ashamed. It is OK to ask for help. Nobody did life alone.” Harriet was inspired just by the old woman's speech; her voice was so gentle and so cold to listen to and so soothing. Harriet didn't realize her tears were falling, tears of joy because of her analysis that there are still kind people around. It seems to her that only their aunt Alice is cruel in the world.

“Thank you so much, Madam. You are really so kind.”

At the same time as the old woman smiled, the man with her also smiled before speaking. "Darling, give her our calling card, maybe she wants to serve in our mansion or maybe wants to work in one of our companies." After the old man said that Harriet's eyes widened because she couldn't believe what she heard. She didn't hesitate anymore and spoke again. "Really, you are going to help me work in your company or house. Do please, no matter what kind of job that may be, I will accept it, I can only feed my brother and give him a decent place to live."

Hearing Harriet, the old woman seemed to think before speaking again. "Ah, what about this? Go to your brother, get dressed and come back to that restaurant." The woman pointed to the Jan and Jen restaurant. "We will take you with us if you want."

Harriet couldn't believe what she heard, she knew that at that time she had no right to say no because she desperately needed a job and a decent home for her five-year-old brother. She nodded and continued to pour her tears. Unable to contain her emotions, she held the old woman's hand and thanked her again and again. She knows that the word thank you is not enough to make them feel her great joy and gratitude.

"Yes, we will go with you. Thank you because you still want to accept me to work even though you know that my little brother is my cargo. I promise, I will work hard, and I will make sure that my younger brother will not cause any problems."

"Don't think about that, the important thing is that you come with us so that you can live in a decent place. I heard that you are staying in the warehouse. If you want to take care of your brother at the same time, you can work at our house first as one to the maids. When you are standing on your own feet you can also decide if you want to work in one of our companies as a staff member. Maybe at that time you will be able to send your brother to day care." Harriet jumped when she heard the old man's offer, she didn't know them, but she didn't feel any hesitation. She strongly believes that they are kind and that they are heaven's gift for him and Liam.

"Alright, I'm going to get my brother and I hope you can wait for us." Suddenly she was seriously worried that the couple might leave them.

"Don't think about that, take your time. We'll wait."

After that conversation, Harriet quickly ran to a convenient store to buy water and food for Liam, she forgot that the one thousand dollars was still in her right palm.

2: Intentions

While waiting for the young woman to come back with her little brother, Mrs. Greymont remembered to ask her husband.

“Knowing your personality, why did you easily offer the young woman to come to our home?”

Mr. Greymont smiled first before he answered confidently. “Didn't you see that? That woman is very beautiful. She is the type of woman who needs the help of others, so she will definitely do everything to make up for the help she receives. Have you forgotten what the healer told us? Our son needs a woman who will be the antidote to lift the curse from Zeus. If we are lucky with this young woman, there is a high possibility that she will be the answer we have been looking for a long time for our son. I have a strong feeling that she is the answer to our problem, all we need is Damien’s approval." Mr. Greymont explained.

"But what if he's not the one who's meant to be?" Mrs. Greymont answered worriedly.

"Like I sai


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