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Betrayed by His Mate; Reborn as the Alpha

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"I, London Knight, Alpha King, and Lycan Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack, hereby reject you—" "Wait please—" "—Blaire White as my true mate." A bone-snapping pain shot through me, soliciting a scream from me. My body felt like a part of my soul was about to get ripped out. My heartbeat threatened to burst at the overwhelming, detaching pull. I have heard that the pain of getting rejected was like Knives being thrown into my neck, leaving a burning sensation, but trust me, now that I am experiencing it, it is surely worse than that. He watched me writhe on the floor with tears in my eyes, devoid of every emotion. His eyes held no pity at all. In that moment, with his slow blinking gaze and puff of smoke, he took the form of the devil himself. "Accept the rejection and make things easier for yourself. You were nothing but a good f*ck, and that's how it's going to be forever." ***************** When London gets cheated on by his mate and betrayed by the alpha of his pack, he gets hit by a truck and is given a chance at life by the moon goddess. Although he lost his memories, he couldn't explain why he despised women and hated anything that had to do with having a mate. He meets his second chance mate Blaire after a one-night stand and believes she is no different from others and rejects her instantly, but she doesn't accept the rejection and will stop at nothing to win his heart and, most importantly, his love. But the question is, with the constant rejection and mistreatment from his side, how long will she be strong enough to keep fighting, especially when she finds out something that is about to change her life forever?

The Gamma's Betrayal

London Hale"Stop calling that sl*t your mate? Everyone knows how loose she is and how hard it is for her to keep her legs closed. Or maybe it's just you who aren't man enough for to satisfy all her desires. You can call me if you need some help." Bryce smirked and Ignored him.This wasn't the first time he said something like this, and this will definitely not be the last until I somehow prove to them how wrong they are to keep judging my mate.The condescending look in his eyes and the light scoff he gave off after his taunt had me balling my fists and gritting my teeth. He gazed at me boldly, not looking apologetic in the slightest, which p*ss*d me off more.I despised his guts and confidence when he spoke his mind and brushed it off like he never said anything offensive. He was very good at hurting someone's feelings with that sharp tongue of his."I really don't know what you were thinking when you decided to accept the mate bond and mate her. Leah is a sl*t, my friend, and we all know that once a sl*t is always a sl*t, no matter how respectable you might try to make her." Vince added, and I looked in his direction and watched him nod his head in total disapproval of my decision.I was shocked to see Vince siding with Bryce. Both were my best friends, but Vince and Bryce never seemed to get along. According to him, Bryce was an arrogant and inconsiderate son of a b*tch.But when it came to my decision to marry and mate Leah Flesker, both men could apparently put aside their differences and jointly taunt and scold me.Who knew.I ignored both of them, hoping that they'd take the hint and drop the topic, but curse my luck, Bryce seemed to be all out to run me dry of my self-restraint.It would be a shame to have to throw a punch at him for the umpteenth time since he came back from his trip.It wasn't worth it. I should learn not to let his words or those of others get to me.In as much as Bryce was an *ssh*l*, he was that extremely blunt fellow who always told the truth to you, no matter how inconveniencing and ugly it might be.Expect Bryce to have you rethinking stupid decisions through his very coy mannerisms. He may be straightforward, but he has sly ways of getting you to pull yourself back together whenever you're about to dive into something stupid."Of all the stupid things you've done, London, this just tops the list. I was away for just one month on spy duties, and you go ahead and make the dumbest decision of your life, and now look at you," He drawled with a big eye roll."How is Mrs. Hale taking it? Not likely, I presume." He asked, and the corner of his eyes dropped on me.Ever since he got back from his trip, he hadn't let me live it down, and it irked me. The mate bond was a beautiful thing, and although I never really felt desperate to have a mate out of the three of us, I was the first to find mine.Bryce, on the other hand, despite being a jerk, was actually a softie when it came to the topic. He wanted a mate bond just like his parents and was eager to get that. He wanted to find the one he would love and cherish forever, so I don't understand why he doesn't want me to enjoy mine in peace.My mother came to mind at his mention of her, and I sighed knowing that she hasn't taken my calls ever since I decided to take Leah as my mate last month against her disapproval three months ago when I found out she was my mate.Both she and Vince gave me a thousand and one reasons why it was a horrible thing to do, but I didn't see it that way. Leah had a tough time growing up, and certain decisions caused by unsightly situations led to her becoming a sl*t for easy cash.However, now she's not a sl*t anymore because I've given her a home, a name, and a husband who earns enough to make her comfortable. She was still a human and a woman regardless of her past, and I wasn't one to defy the moon goddess because of something so frail. I just wished my mother and friends would understand."Obviously, Mrs. Hale is not taking it well. She refused to attend the wedding ceremony." Vince chipped in while adjusting his boots in preparation for our journey home, and Bryce scoffed yet again, not caring about my feelings."I'd be surprised if she did. Did you attend, Vince? I wouldn't dare attend such a wedding if I were in her shoes; it's truly embarrassing." He cocked his thick black brows at the blonde, peering at him intently with his amber eyes."What was I supposed to do? The idiot was so adamant on making me his best man, I had to, or else he and his bride would be the only ones present at the alter without a witness present," Vince said and shot me a disappointed gaze.That was all it took for me to snap."Do not talk about my mate like that. We've all made terrible decisions; what matters is how we try to correct them. I'm tired of everyone having something condescending to say about my marriage to Leah! Vince, if you didn't want to be my best man, then you should have stayed home." I yelled, facing both of them.Vince sighed heavily, looking a little guilty. He faced Bryce, who shook his head and threw a tilted head my way."Look, London. It's not like we're trying to hurt you or anything; it's just that you're the beloved Gamma of the Nightwalker pack, so it's only fair to say people are constantly worried about you. You deserve only the best because you have sacrificed a lot for the pack. You deserve a mate who will love, respect, and cherish you." He patted my shoulder, and I could feel the deep sincerity dripping through every word."And to be honest, Leah isn't the one to give you that. I'm saying this as your best friend, someone who cares about you." He offered me a weak smile, his green eyes glistening under the moonlight."Why is that? Because she was once a sl*t? A call girl? Who are you to keep judging her? I told you all that she is a changed person," I gritted."You haven't heard the recent rumors?" Bryce cocked a brow at me, and I looked at Vince, hoping for a more detailed explanation, but he threw his face away."What rumours?" I questioned, returning my gaze back to Bryce."It's been going around that she's been having something to do with Connan, the beta, and Alpha Preston. Apparently it started way before your engagement to her and has continued after your marriage to her." Bryce explained while I glared at him.I walked up to him, barely refraining from ruining his pretty face with heavy punches. How dare he keep talking down at my mate like this? She isn't a sl*t anymore and should be given a chance to prove her worth."Rumors are rumors for a reason, Bryce." I was getting fed up."Yeah, but behind every rumor is a truth. Wise up, London, and get your act together. You can still take a choosen mate and divorce Leah. Thank the goddess that we're in morden days, so that makes it easier for you." Vince added, finally giving up on the topic before brushing past me to continue our journey home.I let out a heavy sigh, knowing that the topic might have ended now but would be continued tomorrow. We moved from the thick border of trees that marked our border towards the direction of our homes.Part of our land had more connection to the woods and natural resources; neighboring packs never missed an opportunity to try to steal from us, which is why we didn't joke with our security.Our patrol happened every night, but with rotated men. Tonight was for Vince, Bryce, and me. I was already tired of the long night, my argument with the men being a contributing factor, and I just wanted to go home to my wife.My wife… My mate, my sweet Leah.My thoughts brightened at the thought of her. Leah was very beautiful, with long Auburn hair and the lightest blue-grey eyes that brought the sky to mind when it just had light clouds floating past it.Her unique eyes were my favorite part of her because they complemented her small, round face, pouty lips, and little button nose. She always had this innocent look in her eyes, and when she smiled, my heart melted at her dazzling beauty.How could I dare reject a goddess like her? She was the epitome of beauty.She was a little above average height with slender legs, a graceful carriage, and a slim body that still held curves and whatnot. I loved my wife. She was everything I desired in a female, and she always smelled nice. I was so lost in my mussing that I didn't realize that I had broken into a wide smile.Some would say I'm love sick, but after dedicating your whole life to pack duties and being twenty-five years old, you'd begin to enjoy the thought of belonging to someone and coming home to your woman.It was a beautiful feeling now that I had tasted it, and I hoped Bryce and Vince would find theirs so they could experience the sweet feeling of having a wife and finally leave me to breathe and enjoy mine.The walk home was a bit lengthy, having to go through a wide-stretching path. What made it even more tiring was the awkward silence as the three of us walked, with only the sound of our boots falling on dried leaves and snapping twigs under our heavy steps.Vince was extremely quiet, and although he was always the quiet one, his resolve to remain annoyed at me was glaring. Bryce, on the other hand, looked quiet, with observant eyes and hair tucked behind his ears.We continued walking in the utmost silence until we were finally in front of the estate gates. Bryce was the first to go in, followed closely behind by me and then Vince. The security guard shut the gates, both men bowing in respect at my presence before I walked away."We need to discuss a strategy for this year's training. New equipment and stuff will be needed." Bryce spoke, and I was immediately reminded of that."How about we discuss it at my place over a hot cup of cocoa? The weather is rather chilling out there." I had hoped inviting them over would ease their perception of Leah. Seeing her perform the duties of a wife so lovingly might help improve her image.Bryce turned to Vince, who raised his eyes at him in a silent conversation before their eyes fell on me."Fine, if you insist." He said.I could tell doing this was like walking on a path of thorns for them, but I was excited. This was the first time that they'd be visiting my home since I got married, and I wanted to let Leah know that we'd be having guests. I dug out my phone to call her right away, but after dialing her three times, she hadn't picked up."Shouldn't you call your wife to tell her you'd be home with guests?" Vince suggested it with heavy scorn at the mention of my wife."That's what I'm trying to do, but she isn't answering. She's probably preparing dinner." I replied. Bryce nodded with a hum, while Vince said nothing. Both men walked behind me."You know, it's quite ironic to see both of you tolerating yourself on account of Leah. You see, she's bringing you both together without even knowing." I teased."You're a hopeless puppy. What's making both our opinions align is our interest in your happiness. Don't get it twisted." Bryce crawled, and Vince nodded sharply."Whatever you say, gentlemen, So Vince, how are things with Samantha going?" I stole a side-eyed glance at Vince, who turned as red as a tomato.Our conversation revolved around teasing his *ss and laughing while we walked the short distance to my house. As a Gamma, I had a furnished apartment to myself. It was the Alpha's gift to me on my wedding day.He was the only one who was fully supportive of my marriage to Leah, and I honestly appreciated him, which is why I kept on working harder. Vince and Bryce had houses on the estate as well, but each had a roommate.We arrived at my cream-painted house, which had flower bushes surrounding it. A small swing stayed planted on the porch, along with a comfortable chair and hand-crafted wooden table, for nights outside or receiving guests.I closed the white picket fence behind me as I caught up with my friends, who were waiting by the porch. I rang the doorbell, and after a few minutes of no reply, I decided to use my key.I brushed off the odd feeling I got the moment the door opened. A weird aura floated around the house, and I found it awkward that Leah hadn't opened the door. She always does on the first ring.I walked into the house, feeling the walls for a light switch. The room came alive, and everything looked neat and non-suspicious until I spotted two cups of coffee on the table.Did she have a guest over?There was also a strangely familiar scent engulfing the house, and it wasn't Leah's. I sniffed the air, along with Bryce and Vince. Those two weren't top warriors for nothing; their intuition and senses were as sharp as mine."Where's Leah?" Bryce asked, his brows furrowing slightly. I knew he was suspecting something as my eyes moved around carefully.In that moment, we heard a soft sound. My ears perked up, twitching as I recognized it as a moan. A moan? My breaths hitched, and I began viciously sniffing the scent; it was very dominant, a hint that whoever owned it was still very much around.I traced the scent up the stairs, Vince following closely behind me. My heart raced the closer we got to the scent and the louder the sound became.I was ceaselessly praying that everything I was implying would be a lie. I rather hoped to find Leah masturbating than to believe what my senses were proving to me.I could care less about Vince, who was behind me; honestly, I forgot about him until I stood before the room my wife and I shared, where the oddly familiar scent was coming from and the loud moans dominated. My breaths were shaky as I reached for the knob and gently turned it.Nothing in a million years would have prepared me for the sight that I witnessed. Right on top of the Alpha was my beloved wife, twisting and rocking her waist to grind herself closer to orgasm. Her head was tipped back as they both moaned and groaned.I staggered back a step, not believing my eyes. The sight before me was like I had walked into a live p*rn show in which my mate was featured as the star."What the f*ck is going on?"

Numbing the Pain

London HaleI was still rooted to the spot, a tsunami of negative emotions consuming me as I beheld my naked wife skillfully grinding on another man.Her hands were placed against the headboard as the Alpha's hands stayed secured around her waist. Her breasts bounced, and sweat stuck to her body.She abruptly stopped midway through her orgasm as my voice broke whatever sexual trace she was in.Leah's face mirrored shock and surprise, which soon turned to guilt and fear. She quickly climbed off the Alpha, picking up the sheets to wrap around herself.I dipped my eyes to the floor, feeling anger in the midst of the pain that had dulled, and squeezed my hands. Blood coursed through my veins at the sight of both their clothes scattered on the floor.I knew the scent was too familiar, but I couldn't really place my hands on who its owner was. Upon seeing my Alpha naked, my mystery was solved.Now I understand t


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