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Badboy's Rogue Luna

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Althea is a werewolf, found by her adopted parents in the wood. She very rare kind of wolf Canis Lupus which was the very first werewolf and is a mystery to other wolves. Althea has been considered an outcast by the Riverwood pack. Riverwood pack members are white wolves and direct descendants of the moon goddess. The upcoming Alpha Tyler is rude to her like any other wolf in the pack, she had only one best friend Jacob who happened to be her adopted cousin and Tyler's first cousin. Will resist Tyler's charms or she will end up with a big bad wolf who happened to be her mate?

CHAPTER 1 A beautiful Gift


She was standing in the big hall, it was prince’s 18th birthday, and he was going to find his mate, the pack’s Luna and the queen to whole white werewolf’s race. Every Alpha and Luna from every other pack were there to give their blessings.

It was first time she saw him this much deeply. He was tall as 6ft 3 inches and lean muscular. He had deep blue eyes and handsome face with his dark black hairs falling upon his forehead. She had always hated him because he was annoyed spoil prince who does not give a d*mn about anyone but himself.

She was feeling sympathy for his mate. His father, the current Alpha of Riverstone pack would announce his coronation if he found his mate today. Everyone was excited.

She hated such gatherings; she wanted to sit in her room instead of getting bore here. A lot of girls were excited to be his mate. He was looking at the crowd expressionlessly. His eyes met hers, but he did not change his expressions, he was looking at her rudely. She rolled her eyes and started looking away.

There were only 2 minutes left for middle of night. It was full moon. He left the scene for a while. Two minutes were already over and now he was 18, if he had his mate here, he should find her. But he was not there; he was nowhere to be found.

“Where on the planet the jerk has gone?” she thought angrily, she wanted to go home soon. But just then she hears her wolf being alert.

“What is it Lilly?” she asked her wolf. “Mate? Mate is here” her wolf said impatiently.

“What?” she took over her body. She started looking in the crowd. Just then he came back with his usual expressions.

“It’s him look its him” said Lilly excitedly.

She was about to run towards him, when she heard a mind link “Stay where you are , if you come closer I will reject you right here” it was him, he mind linked her harshly.

Lilly felt her bones numb. A word rejection is worst then death to a werewolf. He turned to the crowd “Looks like my mate is not here, as I am unable to meet her today, so we will delay the coronation” he said with stone expressions and turned to leave.

Lilly gives control to her back. “Lilly? Are you okay?” she asked to her wolf that did not response. “Lilly say something” she asked concerned.

“He is our mate and you heard what he said” said Lilly sadly.

“Yeah I heard him Lilly and it hurts” she said sadly to her wolf.

“Take me away please” Lilly said in a broken voice, and then she left the ceremony walking slowly towards her home. He turned to look at her and picked his Phone up.


“Feeling better my mate?” they were running in their wolf form when Apollo asked her.

“Yeah much better” said Alaska.

They turned back in their human form and took their pair of clothes behind the tree. She got up but her eyes were still tearful.

“What happened Ruby? Why are you still crying?” asked Jack who was looking so much concerned.

“I am sorry Jack, because of me you are also bearing this pain” she said sadly.

“Hey you are my mate, and there is no pain in living with you” He said while hugging her softly.

“Jack I wish we had pups, so these people would not tease me for not having children” she said while crying slowly.

“Hey please don’t cry Apollo is too much sad while looking at you like this” Jack said while moving his fingers in her hairs. “I will leave this pack for you, it all you who matters to me” he said sadly.

“But you are the beta how would you?” she asked.

“I will do anything to cheer up my mate” he said while smiling. She smiled in return.

They were now walking towards the woods, when they heard baby’s crying.

“Did you hear that?” said Jack.

She took a deep breath. “Jack? Did you smell that?” she asked concerned.

“Its blood” he said and ran towards the woods.

She followed him. They ran following the odor of blood. They stopped, where they saw a rogue wolf that was about to injured the newborn baby. They both had turned and attacked the rogue. He grabbed Jack from his neck but Ruby got him in time by biting of his leg weakening him. Jack had grabbed him from his neck, thus breaking it. The both turned back in their human form. Their clothes were torn.

“Jack look it’s a baby” she said screaming.

“What in the middle of Jungle this baby is doing?” he said while holding it in his arms. The baby who felt safe had giggled.

“Hey little one you got so beautiful smile” said Ruby smiling.

“Jack why don’t we keep this baby” she said smiling.

“You know I can’t resist your smile” he said while leaning over her.

“It’s a baby girl what name you want to give her?” he asked.

“Me?” she asked surprise, she smiled and nodded.

“Althea” she said softly. Althea giggled in return. She had a dimple when she laughs.

“Now to on you are our daughter” said Jack while kissing her over cheek.

“Jack I am so happy today, its our pup” she said happily. They walked slowly taking her with them. This is how her story started, her journey started.

Few Months Later

“Jack I am going for grocery, I want to take few clothes and toys for Althea” said Ruby.

“Yeah sure mate you can go but take care of you I am going for a meeting as Alpha recalled a meeting today” said Jack while tying his tie.

Ruby walks towards him and kissed him over cheek. “Be home on time don’t make wait” she said smiled. He winked at her and she blushed. She lifts Althea up and left.

Althea was very beautiful baby. She had blond hairs and hazel eyes. She had dimple when she smiles.

“Hey look who is that” said Linda an omega of the pack.

“It’s Ruby, beta’s mate” said Quinn another omega of the pack.

“Do you see that child, I heard they got her from woods, they adopted her” said Quin.

“Do you think this child could be the next Beta?” she asked curious.

“No I don’t think so, this child is an outsider Alpha would not announce her to be beta” said Linda with nasty expressions.

“The child is beautiful, she must be beautiful in her youth” said Quinn.

Ruby was walking ignoring their gossiping. She entered inside a baby product shop. She brought stuff for Althea, when she heard baby cry. It was Luna Elena and her son who was 1 and half year old.

“Tyler honey what happened?” said Elena while calming him down.

She turned towards the toys to give him one, but he was being stubborn. Ruby walked ahead towards Luna.

“Hello Luna” she said while bowing towards her.

“Hello Ruby! No need of royalties here” she said smiling.

“What happened to our little prince?” she said while patting Tyler.

“Just being stubborn, you know he is too much stubborn” she said exhausted.

“Motherhood is sometimes a strong job” said Ruby smiling while looking at Althea who was playing with her toy. Tyler was trying to take that toy.

“Looks like he want that” said Elena. The both woman laughed.

“Ruby! Are you free to have cup of tea with me?” asked Elena.

“Yeah sure Jack said he would late as its meeting with Alpha” Ruby said while rocking Althea.

“Yeah Peter conduct the meeting to make peace with fellow pack” said Elena and the both left for the coffee shop.

“So that’s true you found Althea in woods” said Elena while patting Althea.

“Yeah I and jack found her in woods and saved her from a rogue, we felt a bond with her as it was moon goddess wish, so we adopted her” she said while sipping coffee.

“I am glad for you, you are a mother now Ruby, at least bitches around the pack will not tease you anymore” she said while smiling.


Tyler was trying hard to snatch the toy from Althea but she always win.

“Look they fighting, looks like our kids will not get along, first Alpha and Beta who are fighting” said Elena.

Ruby’s smile faded away.

“Luna but the pack and Alpha he won’t allow the outsider to be Beta” said Ruby concerned.

“She is your daughter now and you are betas of the pack for generations, so technically she is heir” said Elena while putting her hand over Ruby’s hand.

“Sometimes I get worry about my Althea, I know she will be treated outsider in the pack, as no pack accept rogues it’s the law around the world” said Ruby sadly.

“How would you know she is a rogue?” asked Elena.

“We don’t know her heritage, but we have doubt” said ruby while thinking.

“Don’t worry Ruby, I can tell from glimpse of hers she would be a strong wolf, strong enough to be beta” she said while putting her hand over Ruby’s shoulder.

Six years later

Ruby’s POV

Six yea


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