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Arthelnda: one who guards the immortal

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ryia
  • Chapters: 30
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9.5K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 35


Athelinda ia a young lady, different from every other maiden in her realm of Ferra. She has been chosen as the girl who would go down to earth and return with the heart of a lycan-Hybrid, willingly. The best way to do this, she is told, is to get him to fall in love with her. She was lectured on everything she needed to know about Lycan-Hybrids. The vital information includes everything about the mating cycle. What she did not see coming or was told, was that she was the mate to a brutal king that kills with no mercy. Arthelinda has him where she wants him.. She is his mate... It couldn't be that hard, right? Read to find out



I grin in mockery as I stare at Amelia, the first daughter of Mariana the Queen of the Ferra Realms, adding too much makeup to her already caked face.

"Hey sister…!" Came Juliet, Amelia's sister.

her make- up looking worse than that of Amelia. Amelia stops her makeover and turns to look at Juliet, who was posing halfway from where I stood patiently, behind Amelia.

"My goodness! You look amazingly beautiful, dear sister!" Amelia cools.


I muttered in my head.

"I can't say the same for you, Amelia." she says tauntingly.

"You better give up now, and let me win."

"Are you afraid if I don't step down you would win?" Amelia questions.

Her focus was back on the mirror.

Juliet's expression changes and she buffs in anger.

"I have come to inform you that the queen our mother has asked everyone to come on out."

"Duly, noted. You can leave now, little sister."

Juliet huff's again before taking the exit, not without leaving a bang from shutting the door.

Amelia turns to the mirror and chuckles slightly.

"Just a little powder and—-" she rubs on her cheeks a little more. "All done!"

She squealed.

"With Juliet looking like that, I'm pretty sure she would be looked over. The other girls don't stand a chance against me. Right, Arthelinda?"

She turns from her chair, her gaze now fixed on me.

I slowly look away from my reflection in the mirror and my gaze settles on Amelia. I say nothing but just stare at her.

"I forgot you're dumb." She says before getting up from her seat her long dress followed her proudly.

"Oh…and," she stops halfway and turned to me. "I left something for you on the shelf right next to the drapes." She says before turning around finally to walk out.

I watch her walk out from the door. I catch a glimpse of The guards that were situated at the door, following her to where ever she is headed before the door closes.

I disunite my hands and place my hands on my hips.

"Finally." I groaned

I pulled the seat Amelia had sat on earlier and sat on it. I moved the chair a bit to the mirror and stared at myself.

My ginger hair flew to the side of my face, covering one of my eyes and the other stared back to the mirror. My green marbles were slightly dull… well practically because I'm bored.

I jumped out of the chair when i remember Amelia last words before she left the room.

I pulled open the shelves and search keenly.

I loud gasp left my lips.

Finally! Finally I got to read this.

It was a book. Not just any, but one with the real history behind ferra, the kingdom I was brought up in.

I've always wanted to know what took place in details. But the books I've come across weren't giving much of it. I've always felt and known there is more to it… to this! Finally I get the full story… and not the one everyone knows.

'God, the creator of all beings, chose to create man in his own image…. His very own image.

He created a planet Ferra and created a very beautiful woman to rule and guard the planet. He gave her powers to rule, he wanted her to be just like him. His very own made- REPLICA!

But soon after a quick study. He realized it wasn't wise to have someone just like him… with so much power. He decided to try again with a new creation. But he loved his first creation. She was a beauty to behold. She shone bright like the sun and he loved her so much. He decided not to eliminate her but make her and the planet not exist in other eyes.

But sadly, We have a queen now but it's not Lilith. I never got to meet Lilith. That is why I wanted this book so bad. I need to find out what happened'

The queen( Mariana) had called for an important meeting. Something she hasn't done… or never done. The only time her daughters get to meet her, is when they are personally summoned by her to her Chambers(which was a long time by the way).

But on this very day, she has sent words to all her daughters. Asking them to come prepared in their most beautiful attires.

I did not prepare myself like the rest did because I was different from them.

The queen took me as her daughter but It did not changed the face I wasn't her daughter. That aside the fact that Amelia would torture me with not letting me have books and other stuff if ever, I agree to join the rest.

I was found outside the gates of Ferra realms.

I was found in a basket outside the gates of the realm at a tender age by the queen herself.

No one knows Terra (Earth) has a guardian twin (Ferra), except God himself.

So the possibility of God dropping me there made The queen have an interest in me. The queen pardon me and took me in.

Her maids had suggested to make me one of the slaves but The queen would not hear of it. She brought me in and sheltered me, bringing me up as one of her daughters.

Little did she know her children had turned me into a personal maid.

I pull the stray of my hair to the corner of my ears.

And sighed.

At least I have my chance and space to finish the book I had always wanted. But first, I've got to tidy Miss Amelia's table.

My gaze fell on the mascara and I stifled a chuckle. I place my hand on the table, before clutching it and covering the slide properly.

I pull the drawer and place it inside.

I did the same for the rest of her makeup and sighed in relief as I tucked the last one in her drawer neatly.

My gaze catches a shiny Object and my eyes widen in shock.

Amelia's ring!

She never goes anywhere without it.

She must have left it while she was bickering with her sister.

Once upon a time Amelia and her sisters bonded nicely. But not with me. They all hated my guts.

But ever since I agreed to Amelia taking me as her personal maid, in return she would let me read whenever and be under her protection,her sisters had grown jealous of her.

Without taking it into consideration they had all agreed mother had given me to her.

Even if they all had maids, They deem me special because I was cared for by the queen.

I pick the ring and quickly stand up on my feet, as I made a mental decision.

'I'm going to give it to her'

If I don't… she might call off the deal, which I was pretty comfortable with.

Even when Amelia made me do most of the work I shouldn't be doing … I was completely okay with it. It was Better than having the rest toss me around.

I was pretty certain I would meet her halfway.

She couldn't have gotten that far.

When I got to the exit I opened the door hastily just to see the Amelia siblings coming from the other end.

'Wow and Woah's' were heard from the maid as they watched them walk in royalty.

Their makeup was the same as Juliet.

One of the maids must have done all of their makeover.

Two maids walked past me and stood at the side.

'They are so pretty' they bickered.

I bite my lip from chuckling once more.

'But how come everyone finds them pretty and I don't?' I wondered.

Maybe it is because I don't wear makeup… never worn Makeup, that's why I find it weird and a bit stuffy when I see them put it on.

I try to look away and dismiss my thoughts and focus on my aim, I watch the direction the girls are headed.

That's where I'm going.


Getting to the place was not a problem for me.

But when I begin my walk to the direction in which Amelia were taking, they all looked at me visibly livid. My impulse is to look away but I don't. I proceed forward and Within a short time I have gotten towards the exit of the room. They could have too… But they were taking slow steps and showing off their pretty gowns.

I shut the door calmly after getting in and look ahead. There were so many doors in the pathway and for a minute I was bewildered.

Am I in the wrong place?

I wondered.

I let go of the door knob and ventured inside.

The hall way was dark but the glimmer on the doors, helped radiate enough light to get one through the hallway.

I snapped to attention remembering why I had come here in the first place. I clutch and un clutch my hands that were straight to my side. And I tried to keep my focus trained on the other side of the hallway… Before taking hastily steps forward.



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