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Arabella And the Alpha

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Arabella Jacobs, had never even thought about love, much less being in love, but that changes once Alpha Axel comes waltzing into her life. Axel will learn very quickly Arabella will not be easily persuaded, or bossed around. Arabella will also find out that Axel doesn't take very well to disobediance. Will Axel be able to get over his constant need to be in control of everything, and everyone around him? Will Arabella be able to push her worries, fear, and panic to allow Axel into her heart? Find out this and more when you read Arabella and the Alpha.

Chapter 1

Arabella Jacobs cowered in a corner, with her father hovering over her. "Dad, please no more!" She begged him. "Shut up, you ungrateful brat!" Arabellas' father berated her, raising his fist to strike her across the face. His fist landed on her cheek with a crunch sound. Arabella screamed out in pain, before fainting. A few hours later when she finally had the strength to get off the floor, her father had passed out drunk. Arabella observed her swollen bruised face in the bathroom mirror. Her father hadn't always been this way, in fact he had been the most amazing father when Arabella was young. Once her mother passed though, he turned into an evil, cold hearted person. The elders say that's what happens when you lose your mate though. Arabella quickly ran to her room when she heard her father stir from his sleep. She silently crawled into bed, and fell into a deep dreamless sleep. "Get the f*ck up Arabella Marie!" Her father screamed yanking her out of bed. "You are so f*ck*ng late for pack training, get dressed and get the f*ck outta my sight!" Hank Jacobs screamed throwing his daughter on the floor. Arabella quickly pulled on some sweats, and a t-shirt. She slipped on her raggedy black converse, and ran out the door tying her white blond hair up in a ponytail. Even though her face ached, she dared not to complain in front of the pack. "You're late Ara!" the Luna informed her. "Yes, Luna i'm so sorry, I overslept." she lied. "Come here." the luna beckoned to her. "Let me see your face." Luna Elle gently grabbed Arabellas' face "Did he do this to you?" Luna Elle looked at her face in horror. "No, Luna i fell." Arabella lied again. "James come look at this child's face!" Luna Elle called to Alpha James. "I thought Hank and i came to an agreement that he would no longer beat on this child!" Luna Elle exclaimed to Alpha James. "I'm gonna go get him, and you take Aabella to the pack house please my love." Alpha James said heading towards the tiny cottage Arabella shares with her father. Arabella followed Luna Elle to the pack house, and waited for Alpha James to come back with her father. Hank Jacobs showed up with a black eye, and a busted lip. "I believe we have come to an agreement this time." Arabella knew as soon as her father looked at her that he was gonna beat her black and blue when they got home. Hank smiled bittersweetly "Yes Alpha we have, now if you don't mind i would like to take my daughter home, and feed her some lunch." Luna Elle looked at Alpha James, worry glinting in her eyes. Hank grunted at Arabella meaning it was time to go home. "Go to your room, and wait for your punishment." Arabella knew what was coming. She was sitting on her bed when he came in. "Take off your shirt." She obeyed seeing the hot iron in his hand. She knew he was going to be much more careful about leaving marks on her face now. Arabella screamed in Agony as her father pressed the hot iron to her stomach. She could smell her flesh sizzling, and she sighed in relief when he lifted it off her skin. The relief was short lived, as he pressed the iron into the small of her back, laughing. He continued branding her with the iron for 2 hours until she passed out from the pain. Arabella awoke when her father poured a bucket of ice water on her face asking "Are you ready to start your real punishment now?' Arabella whimpered scooting away from him. His foot connected with the seared flesh on Arabellas' stomach causing her to cry out. "Happy 18th birthday to the Daughter I didn't even f*ck*ng want!" Hank screamed. *RUN* a voice inside her head screamed, and so she mustered up all the strength she had left. She bolted towards the door, and once she got outside, she just kept running. She had no idea how long she ran for, but she couldn't stop. The voice in her heard, that she knew was her wolf, guided, and urged her to keep going. She could still smell her fathers' fading scent. *It's Safe now Ara* Arabellas' wolf purred. Arabella had always known her wolfs' name was Amazon. Arabella was so relieved to finally have her wolf. A pinching feeling caught Arabella's attention. She began to panic when she pulled a dart out of her neck, and as it all went black a group of black shadows enveloped her.


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