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Alphas of Blackmoon

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Warning: This content includes BDSM themes, reverse harem elements, and explicit scenes. Leia Agnor's world was shattered at ten when she and her ex-Beta father were forced to flee their home. Settling into Bluewood Pack, Leia was the only member who couldn't shift into her wolf form, becoming a constant target for ridicule. Her sole purpose was to care for her sick father and dream of escape. However, Leia's hope for a better future was snatched away when her father passed just before her eighteenth birthday. To make matters worse, her Alpha mate, Francis, chose his pregnant girlfriend over her, leaving her heartbroken and alone. Leia's only choice was to leave the Pack and try to fit into the human world. But fate had other plans for her as she encounters her stepbrothers, Alpha Xavier and Alpha Kai, leaders of the Black Moon Pack. Both of them sense Leia as their mate, which means she must confront not one, but two potential mates. As the unknown threat of their past begins to resurface, Leia must find the courage to face her fears and accept her destiny. Will she be able to embrace her true form and rise to the challenges ahead, or will she succumb to the overwhelming pressure?


E'Boni Clay

Review after half of the novel

So far the novel is pretty good I want to see more of Leah's powers I feel bad for Xavier who has the dark power I hope all ends well and that she's able to keep her mates. I hope that she is able to overcome the dark queen and have both her mates and live happily ever after but nine times out of 10 that's not going to be true I wonder are you going to have a conclusion to the story cuz I feel like there will be more to it can't wait

May 6, 2024

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