Alpha Tane’s Guardian

Alpha Tane’s Guardian

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Flo Winder
  • Chapters: 26
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.5
  • 💬 1


Lorenna is a bounty hunter searching for monsters across the country. On a night out with her friend, everything changes when she has a one night stand with a werewolf, Tane, who turns out to imprint on her, making her his mate. On the night of their first date, she is chased by four vampires into the wolves territory where they help to take down three of the vampires. When the fourth vampire disappears, Lorenna races back to meet her date who unbeknownst to her was one of the wolves who helped her. After a successful first date, she continues her work of looking for a target in the area and finds herself in trouble when she falls through some ice and can’t get out. Tane however, has been following her and rushes to her rescue, saving her and then assisting the doctors in nursing her back to health. When she wakes up, she realises that he was the wolf that rescued her and is unfazed by the revelation which makes him question her background. She reveals she has magic but refuses to disclose more at that time. The missing vampire comes back with a large group to get revenge for the death of their clan and attack the wolves scouting the perimeter. Hearing the wolves call for help on the mindlink, Tane and others go to help, leaving Lorenna at the house. They fight hard but there are more vampires than expected, making it more difficult to overpower them. Lorenna appears and attacks the vampires easily, taking them out one by one. With a few left, her eyes begin to glow and she transforms into a wolf and attack the remaining vampires alongside the pack. Tane becomes excited that his mate is really a wolf but she explains to him that it’s just magic, although it was something she’d never done before. Seeing that they each had their secrets and enjoying that they could be themselves around each other, they continue to date while Lorenna searches for the bounty that she has now lost track of. At a party together, someone mentions how they are the perfect mate which causes Lorenna to panic. The realisation that he thought more of her than a date or even a girlfriend is more than she can handle and so she makes the decision to be friends with him. Not wanting to lead him on and waste his time. Tane finds it nearly impossible to be her friend but persists with the hope that she will one day change her mind. When it becomes too difficult to be around him without being with him, she decides to leave and to go look for her target to collect her bounty. Lorenna welcomes the time to clear her head. The werewolf king alpha calls for an alpha meeting to discuss attacks happening to packs around the country and to other species. While at the meeting, the betas who are standing guard outside are attacked by orcs under the order of an unknown higher power. When beta Jason is caught and about to be executed in front of the alphas (who have come to their aide), Lorenna appears and uses her Angel wings to block the attack like a shield. Everyone is shocked. She doesn’t wait for a reaction and immediately leaps into battle and helps the wolves to kill ever last orc. The alpha king is threatened by her and attempts to intimidate her but the other alphas disagree with him and convince him to leave her alone, wanting to keep her on their side. Having seen Tane in danger and missing him while she was away makes Lorenna realise that she doesn’t want to leave him and decides to tell him everything. Tane welcomes her back and revels in the fact that she is an angel, and therefore sent to him by the moon goddess herself. Lorennas best friend and witch Lucina visits her and beta Jason discovers that she is his mate. Lucina is more accepting of the mate bond and is thrilled to have finally found her soul mate, and even happier that it means she can be around her friend more. For a while everything seems to be going well. Lorenna has temporarily given up her hunting to be with the man that she loves and is enjoying being in a pack that makes her feel like she has a family. As s result, she decides to accept the mate bond and to be Tanes Luna. The attacks on other packs continue until one day Lorenna receives a visit from another angel, one much higher up and stronger than her named Possy. Also known as Poseidon. He believes she should be his mate, as her father had promised her to him when she was born. She refuses and renounces her connection to her father as he abandoned her as a child. Possy attacks her and easily beats her, threatening to come back with an army if she doesn’t change her mind. Lorenna tells Tane about the meeting and he tries to comfort her by guaranteeing the wolves to protect her, but she knows it won’t be enough. A few days pass by and the have a ceremony for their new Luna, where she is welcomed by everyone and Tane gives her a key to his/ their home together. They worry about Possy but decide it’s best to begin preparations for the attack tomorrow and be together tonight. That night in bed, Lorenna experiences excruciating pain and is unable to move. Her screams can be hard far and wide and nothing can seem to comfort her or lessen the pain. Over the next few day, her wings begin to grow and become sharp as knives as she evolves into a higher angel, granting her more strength and power. Once she has recovered, they begin to prepare for battle despite Lorenna wanting to fight alone. By the time they’re through, wolves from other packs and Lucina’s witches have joined her, creating a small army. Although they know it will not be as large as Possy’s. When the battle arrives, Possy stays out of the way, and just watches. Lorenna uses the opportunity to help take out some of his army knowing that the wolves and witches wouldn’t survive fighting Possy one on one, so he would take her full attention when he did join. This doesn’t take long and he soon targets her. This time she is faster and stronger, but he is more experienced so he has the advantage. She puts up a fight but soon starts to lose which catches Tanes attention who bounds towards her in an attempt to rescue her. Before he gets there, Lorenna stabs her sword into the ground and her eyes glow brighter than ever before, as her wings wrap around her in a metallic shield. The wolves start to grow larger, their fur turns razor sharp like knives, their claws are huge and poisonous and their eyes turn black as night. They are now monstrous and deadly. A single swipe killing anything in their way. Suddenly they have the advantage and are destroying they army. But Possy is attacking Lorenna’s shield, breaking her wings in an attempt to get to her. Tane attacks him and they fight viciously, taking chunks out of each other. Lorenna can’t bare it any longer, knowing that everyone is getting hurt because of her. The power inside of her begins to grow hurt and explodes out uncontrollably. Standing unsteadily to her feet, she directs the power which becomes fire in her hands and she pours it on to Possy relentlessly as he stands over the injured Tane. His own power allows him to resist, stepping closer and closer to her until he is able to plunge his dagger into her stomach. The fire stops. The wolves shrink back to their old form. Lorenna pulls the dagger out and staggers on her feet in shock. Her own blood drips from the blade. She analyses it for just a moment before screaming “run” in a mind link to the wolves and witches a like. They look confused but the majority do as they are told. Tane drags himself to his feet and refuses to leave her. Although it pains her to sacrifice him, she knows she can’t wait any longer, not if she wanted the others to stand a chance if survival. She turns the dagger and shoved it straight into Possys shoulder just as she teleports herself over to Tane and wraps him in her wings. The two angels blood combines and creates a huge explosion, killing the orca and knocking down the trees. Tane wakes up to Jason shaking him. He’s screaming but Tane can’t hear him, his ears are still ringing from the explosion. He turns his head to see Lorenna lying lifeless next to him with Lucina trying desperately to wake her up. Although they’ve won the battle, a lot of the witches and wolves died or are injured. Lorenna survived but is very injured and unconscious, they can’t be sure when or if she’ll ever wake up. Tane recovers from his injuries but it takes a long time. Without Lorenna, he is lost and decides to focus on healing himself and his pack while he waits for her to return to him. Possy’s body is never found. Is he dead or just injured and in hiding? Either way, the wolf packs need to rebuild and prepare for what the future might bring.


The afternoon sun woke Lorenna up by shining through the gap in the curtains straight into her eyes.

She soon realised that she was completely naked under the thin sheets and the large muscular man laying next to her on the bed had his arm wrapped around her waist with her head laying on his chest. She couldn’t remember his name but she definitely remembered the way he made her feel last night. He’d given her the most incredible time of her life and she’d never woken up snuggled into anyone before.

The heat radiated off of him and she was grateful for the fact that heat didn’t effect her like it did normal people. Especially the way he was wrapped around her, she was sure she’d have melted if she were anyone else in the world.

His dark brown hair is a mess which she knew she was to blame for, he’d looked perfectly presentable last night with it combed and styled. Light stubble decorated his chiselled jaw making it look darker and more prominent, and she remembered how it tickled and scratched her face and neck when he would kiss her. She liked that.

Lorenna gently lifted her head high enough to get a good look at his face and enjoyed the flashes of last night that popped into her mind. He had taken her like no one before him.

In the taxi back to his house, she had straddled him the entire way as they made out continuously, unable to keep their hands off of each other. His lips and tongue dominating hers and then kissing and sucking at her neck while his hands wandered over her, feeling her body through her skin tight dress. Her curvy hips and slender waist made him groan excitedly as he longed to be anywhere but that car. Her long wavy hair tickled his hands as he stroked her back and all he could think about was grabbing it in fistfuls as he took her.

When the car stopped, the man threw cash at the driver and lifted her out with her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. Not stopping kissing her in any of his movements. She could feel his muscles beneath his shirt and couldn’t wait to get a look at what was hiding underneath.

They didn’t make it to the bedroom… the first time. He placed her on the kitchen counter, unzipped his trousers and lowered his underwear, releasing his hard cock. She didn’t wait for him and pulled her own panties to one side, giving him permission to take her.

A growl rose in his chest at her actions with a smirk on his face making her instantly wet. She grabbed his cock in her hands and after giving it a rub guided it inside of her.

He stares into her eyes intensely as he enters, watching her green eyes widen with excitement. She feels like he had her locked in a trance with those gorgeous dark brown eyes and like she couldn’t tear herself away from them. She bites her plump lips in an attempt to stop herself from begging for more, but it only seems to make him want more and grabs her forcefully.

His lips crashed against her lips and his tongue massaged hers as his hips thrust against her. Plunging deeper and deeper inside of her with every move.

They moaned into each others mouths until she pulled away to catch her breath. The stubble of his beard scratched a little but in a way that made him feel

He buried his face into her neck, allowing her access to suck on his ear causing him to thrust harder inside of her.

He was so big and so thick that he filled her completely and hit the spot that made her want to scream in ecstasy.

Was it him making her feel like this or just the alcohol? Either way, she didn’t want it to end.

He pulled her dress down to reveal her breasts and seemed to admire them before sucking on them and teasing her nipples with his tongue.

His fingers slid through her chestnut brown hair and grabbed it between his fingers while his other hand grabbed at her buttocks, pulling her closer and allowing him to slam into her. Everything on the counters had fallen to the floor from the vibrations.

Her nails dug into him as she felt her whole body tense, feeling herself about to cum. The intensity of her orgasm utterly consumed her, making her scream, clinging to his body as he came inside of her.

Normally that’s when she’d take her leave, but this time was different.

They embraced each other for a moment as they came down from their highs and then he gently helped her down from the counter. He watched as she adjusted her dress and grinned like an idiot to herself before realising that he had now stripped himself completely naked.

His muscles were bulging beneath his skin from top to bottom. His abs were much bigger than an eight pack and now dripping with sweat down to the v pointed directly at his throbbing cock. His arms were huge and strong, and his shoulders like mountains. It made her feel so small in comparison.

She gulped and took a deep breath when she finally reminded herself to breathe.

She traced her fingers along a large silver scar that ran across his shoulder and down his chest . He flinched a little at her touch but soon relaxed when she ran her tongue over it, having always been turned on by battle scars.

He lifted her head up to face him using a finger to raise her chin and smiled goofily, clearly still drunk but fully in control. “I didn’t say we were finished.” He slurred a little.

He lifted her dress over her head, revealing nothing but her blue lace panties and backed her into the next room where she landed on a bed and he climbed on top of her.

Everything blurred together after that but she knew that they had spent the rest of the night ravishing each other until the sun rose outside and they finally passed out in each others arms.

Now that she was looking at him with a clear head, she could see how truly handsome he was. He was literally a dream to look at.

Although she knew she had to leave without waking him up, a part of her… a BIG part of her really wanted to have him inside of her one more time before she left, but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. They had a great night, don’t ruin it.

Using her powers, first making sure he was asleep to not see it, she transported herself to the foot of the bed where her dress and panties lay on the ground. Bending down to collect them, she notices his feet are hanging off the end of the bed showing just how tall he was. She lifted her head to peer over him and take one last look at his rippling biceps, biting her bottom lip and giggling quietly to herself, feeling quite proud to have been with such an Adonis.

In the living room, Lorenna quietly dressed herself and tiptoed to the front door. Looking around, it was a small single storey house, with an open plan living room and one bedroom to the back. Although small, she thought it was very homey with a cabin feel and realised that she hadn’t noticed a single detail of it last night, as if none of it existed.

Oh well. It’s not like she’d see it again.

Opening the front door she bumped straight into another man. This one almost as tall, but with black hair and clean shaven. She kind of recognised him from the bar… maybe.

“Hi” she smiled at him as he looked completely shocked at her. “He’s still asleep, bye.” She wasn’t one to be shy and didn’t care about the walk of shame. Why bother worrying about what other people think when she’ll never see them again?

She walked down the driveway without looking back and shoes in hand, hearing the man say thank you behind her. As soon as she heard him go into the house, she transported herself straight to her hotel room where Lucina lay hanging off her bed with a different man between her legs.

Both naked.

Both snoring.

Lorenna laughed at the site and took herself to the bathroom for a shower while she waited for her friend to wake up.

The diner

At the diner, Lucina sat with her eyes tightly closed, hugging her cup of coffee. The effects of last night taking over her with a giant hangover.

“Last night was one big blur. A beautiful, intense and magnificent blur.” She murmured.

“Hmm, that it was.” Lorenna agreed, tucking into her lunch with no headache in sight.

“Sometimes I hate you and your stupid abilities. It’s not enough that I have to give you a potion to even get drunk, but then you don’t have the decency to suffer like the rest of us.” Lucina grunted, trying not to be sick at the sight of food. “Happy birthday by the way.”

“My birthdays tomorrow.”

“Oh shit yeah… well you’ve had my present already. There’s no way you’d have gone home with him last night if you were sober, so… you’re welcome.” She winked slyly.

Lorenna was always travelling for work and rarely stayed in one place for more than a month, so when her childhood friend surprised her with a visit and a girls night out for h


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