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Alpha's hostage

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She is a pure omega and queen of her pack until her husband dethroned and imprisoned her. Two of her sons discover the truth and ask the alpha of the enemy pack for help. But he will only accept on one condition. She has to be his. And she will never be anyone's again

Our worst enemy

Hades, alpha of the Silver Pack, couldn't believe his eyes. Two of the sons of his greatest enemy were kneeling before him, imploring him to overthrow none other than their father. That was a joke in very bad taste. He was not a closed person of character but he would like to give some good corrections to those two puppies who dared to make fun of him. Or maybe that was simply his father's strategy to end his power.

He was known for his kind nature with puppies but not with those who tried to manipulate him. But for the moment, he would play along. Nobody knows how it could go.

-And what is the purpose of coming to ask me for something like that? - sitting on the throne in the great room, he commanded respect like the tycoon he was. The others present were uncomfortable about the present situation but without his order they would not do anything.

The two young men lowered their gaze avoiding his, a symbol of total submission, although the hands of the one who seemed to be the oldest closed on his knees showing that he did not agree with that position. Being alpha children, that attitude was memorable and Hades admired that he hadn't already rebelled. Perhaps his request was not so far-fetched.

-Not long ago- he started to say, tensing his shoulders -We discovered our father's actions and we will no longer tolerate that, not when our mother is the one in danger-

There was an awkward silence and Hades leaned his elbows on his thighs, interested.

-Go on-

The boy raised his head but lowered it as soon as he realized that the alpha was questioning him with every pore of his body.

-We have discovered that our mother is alive and is imprisoned in one of the underground dungeons. Our father has held her captive for a long time and has taken her place as the total alpha of the pack, using her body only to procreate-

-And do you think I'm going to believe something so crazy?- the two boys now looked at him with their wild eyes, as if hope escaped from them. Hades ignored him, if they lied, sooner or later the truth would come out.

-It is well known that his mother fell ill after the first heir, and that after that she was confined until she died. That story that they are all brothers of the same mother is silly. Not after the multiple love affairs of the alpha-

-But we are not lying- the minor screamed in despair, receiving an arched eyebrow from the alpha.

-Really? Give me proof and maybe I'll think about your offer- if he wasn't mistaken, his mother was the only pure-blood omega in the pack and leagues around, this was serious.

The boys looked at each other uncomfortably, asking them for proof when they didn't have it, it was cruel. The older one bit his lower lip until it bled. He knew it had been a crazy idea to ask his father's greatest enemy for help, but no one else could face him.

Hades possessed a pack just as large and powerful as theirs. Besides, their lands adjoined, going to find another alpha would have taken too long, and time was something they didn't have. Alan did what he would never have done in another situation. He lowered his head almost to the ground and pleaded.

-You are our only hope. Please reconsider-

His brother next to him copied his position, repeating the same words.The alpha's silver eyes stared at the scene uncertainly. He smelled the fear of leaving the puppies, but not a fear of lying, but of the one that you know you can lose everything.

-Guards- he called- Take them away-The two young men raised their heads with expressions of mixed terror and disappointment.

-Alpha- Alan tried again.

-Don't reply to me boy, wait like a good puppy, I can't take this decision so lightly-

He could see how the boy's eyes sparkled, a hint of hope, although he did not promise anything.


Siran closed the door behind him and sat down after his alpha did behind his precious carved mahogany bureau.

-My faithful advisor, what do you think about what happened-

The wolf, barely 300 years old, but who looked no more than a 25-year-old human, frowned as he always did every time he drew a conclusion.

-I think it's a good opportunity for you to get hold of the Gray Pack, alpha-

-Always so wise, my friend- This novel has been registered in Safe Creative under the code 2101136567257 and by the Author's Office in my country, Cuba, so no plagiarism or adaptations are allowed.If you find it on another platform under the name of another author other than Valkyria Wolf, please let me know. Thank you

Damn alpha

The heat was stifling. Her throat ached when she swallowed from thirst, she couldn't remember the last time the precious liquid had passed through her. The shackles brushed the open skin of her wrists and ankles, shaking her entire body. The lashes in her stomach multiplied every second, taking her breath away. 

Her belly, which had grown in the last four months, holding her next puppy in it, was now losing thickness from a pool of blood under her legs. She did not care, maybe it was better that way, her body was so weak that ending a pregnancy would be impossible. If only everything disappeared

What had she done to deserve this?


-Do you think they're lying?- Hades leaned back against his red velvet seat, staring at Siran, his beta, indifferent.

-They seemed desperate, but they could be very good actors-

-There is something in his story that does not add up to all this-

-I agree with you. They talk about their mother as if she


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