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Alpha Ryker's Little Witch

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F*ck Tamara! you smell so f*ck*ng good. ' He rasped in his s*xy voice. His utterance brought forth goosebumps all over my exposed skin. My body was betraying me at the moment. My eyes flicked down on the front of his pants. A good outline of his appendage forced blood to flow further between my legs, making my cl*t become more engorged. He was hard for me, his gigantic erection pressed on his zipper. My hands itched so much to stretch and feel it, touch it beneath my fingers. They wanted to caress it gently, they yearned to pleasure the Alpha male. 'See what you do to me? ' He rasped, massaging his front in a sensual manner. 'Your smell, d*mn! It makes me want to jump on you for eternity. Pin you beneath me, while you scream my name over and over again in raw uncensored pleasure. ******* Living in a pack of werewolves as the only witch, Tamara has had a fair of insults from the pack members. That changes when she is mated to the alpha of the pack, alpha Ryker. A prophecy requires them to work as a team to defeat their enemies.


Samantha Šaško Denac

Review after the novel completion

I like it very much. The course of the story, the plot, the twists, the sex, the secrets... although it was obvious from the start that uncle is the culprit. On the other hand Theo and Monica being mates was totally unexpected. And their mating ceremony was... wow! Oh and i certainly felt their arguments when she was hurt and felt rejected and didn't want to talk to him, and her outburst when she called him weak after everything.. but wanted to beat the shit out od him when he called their bond weakness like she is at fault for him being stupid. I definitely didn't expect the ending and that cliffhanger left me with so many questions. I hope the is a sequel.

June 4, 2024

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