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Alpha Rogue's Exiled Mate

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“I’ll be coming for you soon, and that includes everyone who harmed my baby. Now run while you can.” Imprisoned for the crime she didn’t commit, Nyra Tahira wouldn’t just give up the throne that was rightfully hers, even if it would cost her her life. When her father died without naming the true successor, and was pinned as the murderer, she was imprisoned and had to be married off to a ruthless alpha. Nyra does whatever it takes to escape. But on her wedding day, a random rogue leader, Creed Velementov, the “Ravager” who kills mercilessly, kidnaps her from her cell. Things just got complicated as he created another chaos. Nyra smooth talks her way out and with Velementov trying to create an army to overtake his alpha uncle, it was more than complicated. Now as Velementov prisoner, Nyra couldn’t help but seduce her way out and reverse their roles. Both banished and exiled, Nyra finds her new life close to Creed. The two are now a forced to be reckoned with, avenging their suffering as the exiled mates. And with their getting closer, what happens when Nyra’s supposed mate tries to steal her back? And when a war breaks out, how can Nyra stop herself from killing her beloved mate?

Chapter 1 Death

Death. It smells like death. The cold rush of blood tickled its way to my arms, signaling me that danger was around. I sniffed the sweet stench of it, together with the rusty effect that adds to its flavor. Ah, heaven. I feel like I am floating, my paws clawing deep into the soil, and my sharp nails attached to something.

But something was amiss. The cold air’s direction is different than usual. It’s as if my body had gained its full control and I was just a vessel inside. Pheromones rushed beside me and I looked for the source of it.

Everything was fast, as my brother pinned me to the ground and pushed me away.

“Nyra, no!”

My attention snapped to the one who called me. My brother. What is he doing here?

“W-what is-” Disappointment was on my brother, Brian’s face.

“Protect the alpha!” My younger brother, Ceylan, yelled, pushing me away from them.

I paused, watching them with barred breath as sweat trickled down my face.

I recognized a familiar scent just near me. The alpha, my father, was dropped on the ground as the pack doctor rushed in.

“How could you do this to father?” Ceylan asked.

I watched as my brother carried my father’s dead body in his arms. Blood all over his hands. I was still speechless, my instincts told me I was in deep trouble. Far for than I could ever imagine.

It seems that I had plunged myself into a deep abyss of darkness and I could not return to what it was.

I growled, my inner wolf protecting me from the possible harm I might be in.

I looked up at the sky, ah. Full moon. Just in time.

It was just my two brothers until Beta Reed came in and grabbed my hands, “Please cooperate, Nyra.”

“What did I do?” I asked, wondering how far I had crossed the boundary now. I shifted into my human form and he put a cloak on to cover me.

“You went wild again…this time, you had put the alpha’s life in danger again.”

Oh. that explains it. No need to know anything further. I did it again. I harmed them again.

Despite that, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. It was bizarre. So that explains why blood is everywhere again. My hands were covered in a pile of it.

“Did I just…killed father?”

Beta Reed looked me straight in the eyes, “I warned him to take you away and keep you in a cage before this would go further, but he didn’t listen and told me he would take care of it. Now look at him.” His eyes carried a heavy emotion, Anger to me.

“This won’t take long before the packs around us hear this and will think the alpha is weakening…heck even harmed by his daughter. They’ll soon ransack this pack knowing no one could protect us.”

I snapped my eyes shut, my body trembling at what I heard. Ah, of course, I understand. I just brought more danger to the pack.

“You’re a sight to the pack, Nyra. You should have listened to me when I told you to run away from here.”

Normally, I would fight back and punch him in the face but knowing this is entirely my fault, the only one I could blame for this is myself.

“The pack doctor will heal him, he will, right?”

“Pray he will wake up because you just made his life fifty-fifty. And once he does wake up, you need to get away from here as far away as possible.”

He then motioned for the deltas to escort my hands and push me out of the area. I managed to pass by Brian who was busy holding our father’s body and Ceylan who was looking at me with the same disappointed face, but not before the smirk on his eyes.

“Brian, help!” I called out, but he was avoiding his eyes from me as if I was a disease. A very deadly one that might poke his eyes out once he looks at me. In a matter of minutes, I was shoved into the cell where we kept the prisoners. It was full of cobwebs and spiders and rats but that didn’t bother me.

My mind was still, processing everything.

I do not mind being locked here, I had practically lived here my whole childhood for having this rare disease of not being able to control myself when I shift and harm anyone who’s in my sight.

All I could think of was my father, who was the only one who believed that he could save me from this.

The only one who protected me when the rest of the pack had wished death upon me. And I couldn't bear it if he died, I might not survive further.

I also could not find any scent of mother, the Luna. She must also be devastated here. She’s not even showing up for me. Well, she must have hated me so much that she couldn’t stomach seeing me.

I could try to escape this, but the silver chains they put around me are weakening me. I could barely keep myself awake from thirst and hunger.

Days passed by with me being locked in my cell. I wasn’t given any food or drink, and I am surprised that my past training in being foodless had come to be of use. The dark cell did not provide any light or entertainment. The only thing I could keep myself sane with was my breathing and counting the hours I was kept in.

I was used to being feared. To being hated. But I was never used to being pitied. Not by anyone. I could feel it from the stares I got from the guards.

I would ask them if they managed to save my father, but judging from the looks of hatred they gave me, I think I got the answer.

“Poor her. If I were her, I would have already killed myself from regret. Imagine killing your father.”

“When will her trial be?”

“Tomorrow. Not even visited by her brothers?”

My ears perked up, “My father…died?”

“Shut up, b*tch! Who said you’re alive to talk?”

I glared at him. I am hungry, thirsty, and tired, “You know I could eat you alive for that?”

With matching deadly smiles, they both gulped, dropped their food to me, and instantly got quiet.

I munched on the meat eating like there’s no tomorrow when I heard a pair of feet walking from the stairs. The sound was getting close and I sniffed it, knowing the scent all too well.

My brother Brian came for me. I knew it. Despite his nonchalant nature, he still has a soft spot for me. He couldn’t endure the thought of me in this dark cell.

“Brian!” I called out, seeing him nearing the cell as hope filled me in. “Brian, tell them, it wasn’t my fault. I was unconscious and couldn’t control myself!"

“I know.”

I smiled, at least there was a person who could understand me, "I apologize, let me out of here, and let me see Father one last time. And mother, where is she?”

“She’s refusing to see you. She heard of what happened and had already abandoned you as her child.”

I admit that it made my heart break into a million pieces. I may not be mother’s favorite but she’s the only parent we have now. I fear she might either go insane or kill herself from the pain of losing her mate.

“Let me see her,” I said.

“I am afraid that won’t happen.” His answer struck me. What?

“You crossed the line tonight, Nyra. Even if I want to protect you, I’ll also have to protect myself first.” He continued, his voice calmer than it normally is and he sighed.

“You have a price on your head now. You’re considered a killer for committing that kind of treason. You will have a trial tomorrow."

"And you're letting it happen?"

He gritted his teeth, "Nyra, what do you expect me to do? I let Father protect you his whole life! You want me to let you out of this cage and let you escape? Or accept your faith the Moon Goddess bestowed upon you?"

I rolled my eyes again. Moon goddess here and there. Where is she when I need her the most? “You’re a coward, do you know that?”

“You don't have the right to call me that." He seemed to be triggered by that. Good.

"Why? It's the truth, you won't even step up and claim your position as the next heir! You'll just let Ceylan get the throne? Is that what you want?"

"I have my principles, and I accepted the fact that I could never lead a pack, Nyra."

I shook my head at my brother's stupidity. "What a spineless coward."

Our argument ended as Ceylan came in. Brian threw one last glare at me before leaving us.

“Sister.” Ceylan's sickening voice called me, his snakelike eyes taunting me. Now I know why he was smirking that day. He's the only one enjoying this situation as much as I hate this.

"You're smiling... You seem to be in a happy mood that you can see your sister in a cage than letting her out."

"Awe, but you need to pay for what you did to Father." He chuckled.

I frowned, “Where’s the father?”

“You missed the chance to prove yourself to Father, Nyra. To think you're the eldest but can't even control yourself every time you shift. What will happen if Father lets you rule the pack in the future? It would be pure chaos, wouldn't it?"

"And what are you suggesting, that you deserve to take his role?"

He scratched the back of his neck, "Ah, about that, I seem to forget to tell you. He’s dead, you killed him, Nyra. It’s your fault. And after your trial, I would be enthroned as the new alpha. Isn't that wonderful?"

This cheeky b*st*rd. Taking his chances!

"You b*st*rd! I swear, once I get out of here-"

He put his finger on my lips, “Shhh, stop barking like a poor dog. You know the drill on what we do to people who committed treason.”

I bit my lip, clenching my jaw as much as I wanted to punch him. Ceylan watched me as I shivered in anger, laughing as he mocked me and eventually left.

I was left again with murder thoughts. In just one night, I committed I crime that I did not even remember.

Chapter 2 Wendigo

Being starved to death was fine, but being enslaved was not for me. I would rather get my hands chopped than be tied to the pole of the main grounds in the packhouse as every pack member does what they want with me.

This has been Silverfang’s way of dealing with the prisoners.

A punishment before even being served justice in a trial.

They had just finished removing one of my nails, some even grabbed my hair so much that I am not surprised I might have gone bald. The trial would be in two hours, and what am I doing?

I am here still being punished by my fellow pack members.

The members who promised loyalty to my father and had made an oath to never even touch a single strand of my hair. But they did.

Judging from their ecstatic expression as they punished me, I know they must have waited their whole life to do this to me.

The trials carry unfair rules that I have to fight for my life while beaten up. They would make the prisoner compete with o


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