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Alpha Mateo Claiming His Rejected Mate

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Kate’s life turned upside down when her boyfriend found his fated mate, who turned out to be her twin sister. Her parents sent her to a school of supernaturals to get rid of her. She prayed to meet her mate, and the moon goddess answered her prayers, only for it to turn out to be the popular soon-to-be alpha king who bullied her and wanted nothing to do with her. At school, she was nothing but a slave, but she was not going to take that anymore; she lived her life being bullied. Enough was enough! She had to teach him a lesson; she had to teach everyone a lesson; she had to show them that she was not just a slave; she was their Luna queen, and as for her mate, it was easy because he couldn't resist her body; she knew how to get him to beg her; she knew how to get him to obey her every command. She was going to change the fate of all omegas; omegas were special wolves, not just slaves! ****** He was a playboy alpha; all he knew was to f*ck and never to be heard of again; omega’s were his s*x slaves; he was soon to be alpha king with a chosen mate (Willow). His life was perfect until he set his eyes on her—his fated mate, Kate. She was everything an alpha would want: pretty, perfect body, smart, but one problem: she was an omega—weak, but did that stop him, NO! He had to claim her, and to do that, he had to discover the secret that played in her golden eyes. He had to fight all the other alphas that wanted her—he had to fight his triplet cousins, who were as crazy about her as him. ****** What will happen when an alpha meets his fated mate, who turns out to be a mere slave—a slave with a broken past? Will he claim her and make her his Luna? Was she willing to give love a chance after her boyfriend betrayed her and chose her twin sister over her?



The afternoon I lost everything I held dearly is the afternoon I will never forget in this life. The afternoon I wished to have fled, maybe none of this could have happened. 

That afternoon, my boyfriend, Javier, found his mate, who turned out to be none other than my own sister. 

There was no doubt about it, our resemblance was undeniable—we don’t only have the same parents, we were born the same day; we were twins; twins who were treated differently.

I will not even begin to lie to you and say that I had a perfect life before that afternoon. It wasn’t perfect at all, and I can testify that the afternoon only made it worse as I lost the only person who considered me.

It was my boyfriend’s eighteenth birthday—yes, Javi was finally turning eighteen and would get his wolf. We would finally live a peaceful life, as this was the afternoon he was going to take over the Alpha title of the pack, and I would be crowned Luna right after he confirmed our bond. 

I was excited because finally my parents will start considering my existence and I will prove to my sister that I am not just her shadow and lookalike—I am Luna, her Luna.

Well, that’s what I thought when I put on my glasses and ran out with a smile on my face, like a baby who just received a sweet.

“Mom, dad, I’m going out,” I told my parents, who didn’t care as long as I was done with my chores.

Reaching the car, I gave my boyfriend a kiss on his cheeks, who smiled before forcefully pulling me in for a kiss on the lips.

“I told you not to wear those glasses, my parents are going to be there,” he complained. He tried to remove my glasses, but I flinched.

“They’re just glasses, and I told you I can’t see well without them.”

“Damn!” he hit the car steering wheel before starting the car. I knew the glasses bothered him, as they made me look like a nerd, but that’s what he loved about me the moment we met.

"Well, I’m excited for tonight.” I tried to cheer him up by tugging my short hair behind my ear and licking my bottom lip. 

I had long hair up until my parents decided to chop it off at my sister's demand, as she wanted to look nothing like me. It was finally growing on my shoulders, but I could keep it only to that length. 

“Wait, you’re finally going to let me claim you?” He sounded shocked.

“Maybe, drive and let’s find out,” I teased, and he forcefully pressed his lips against mine before starting the car.

“I love you, and I promise no matter what happens tonight, I will never leave your side,” he said, taking my hand in his.

“I love you too,” I assured him, as I was sure I was his mate, I knew he was nervous as much as I was.


“Javi!” I called my mate, whose eyes were locked with my sisters. I didn’t know what was happening at the moment, as my sister came a minute ago to probably humiliate me, but as her eyes landed on my mate, she became paralyzed.

I was confused at what was happening, everyone was waiting for him to make a speech, but he was here, lost in my sister's eyes—our eyes were the only difference; hers were plain green while mine were gold, which my parents and everyone despised. 

They called me all different kinds of names; they’ve never been a wolf with golden eyes before, I was the first, and considering I was an omega, it made everyone question me. My sister and parents were betas of the pack while I worked as a slave, omega.

“Javier, come on, everyone is waiting for you.” I shook him this time, holding onto his arm tighter but he pushed my hand off him.

“Mate!” he said out loud for all to hear, ignoring me. 

“What are you saying?”

“Your sister Katherine is my mate; she’s my mate, Katrina. I’m sorry,” he apologized, his eyes still locked on my sister.

“Everyone, my son has found his mate!” I heard his father shout, and everyone cheered except me. 

Tears streamed down my cheeks freely as Javier aggressively freed his arm from me and fell into my sister's arms, who spread her arms for his embrace.

I watched them as she whispered something in his ear, still in each other’s arms. Everyone around me was now dancing—of course they’ve found their Luna, who was not me but my sister, but how could that be possible? He promised to never leave my side, no matter what, but with this hug, I didn’t think that would be the case anymore. 

I excused myself through the crowd, and as usual, no one minded or even noticed I was gone. 

Reaching outside, I walked home back to the Crescent pack. At this moment, I wished I could have received my wolf, as then I would transition and sprint back to the pack. I also realized how easy it will be for Javier to forget me as my sister had a wolf he could connect to.

Tracking back to the pack, which wasn’t that far from the hall where the party was hosted. My mind kept thinking of what my life would become. I was already the most hated and slave of the pack, and now that Javier was no longer with me, I’m sure it could only get worse.

Reaching our small apartment, which was across the pack as my family were the beta of the pack, my mother was Luna Javier’s mother’s best friend and my father was their right hand man, which influenced our level —well my parents and sisters level in the pack.

I opened the door only to bump into my bag. 

“Katrina, you’re here?” My mom said as soon as I looked up.

“Mom, what's going on? Why is my bag packed?” I panicked.

“I heard Alpha Javier has found his mate, I didn’t want to go because I thought it was you, but after the news, I’m excited.”

"Okay, but what does that have to do with my bag being packed?” I wiped away my tears.

“You’re Alpha Javier’s ex, not  that I am stressed or scared, as of course he only got close to you for your sister, but because it’s Alpha’s orders.”

“Javier asked you to send me away.”

“Have respect for your Alpha and yes he did. Now stop asking questions and leave. I mean, why fake tears? You know you don’t stand a chance with Alpha, right? I mean, look at you; you’re woofless. How could you manage a pack?” 

Those words came from my mother's mouth; it wasn’t surprising as I’ve learned to endure that now.

“Will it make you happy?” I asked, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Very,” there was no doubt in her voice.

“Okay mom,” I  turned and left without a glance —as long as it made my parents happy, I was willing to do it.

Dragging my heavy bag, I put it in the car’s trunk, which I assumed waited for me as the guard was inside; they never opened or helped an omega—we were the slaves. I was even lucky I was going with the car, which now made me believe Javier asked them to send me away.

Wiping away my tears, I rested my head against the seat as I closed my teary eyes, trying to fall asleep, which didn’t work as the images of earlier events kept reeling in my mind. His stare, the people clapping, and his father announcing his son had found his mate, I yelled out of anger, and the driver, who was a beta, warned.

“If you do that again, I’ll drop you here, and you’ll walk to the school yourself.”

“Wait school? You’re taking me to school seriously?” I tilted my head in shock, wiping away my tears.

“Yes, your parents order,” he said, and I closed my mouth.

I was still sixteen, so school made sense.

“We’re here!” he said, instructing me to go out.

We were at the big, high gate. I felt chills down my veins just by looking at the gate; it had scary drawings and writings on the wall. My tears naturally found their way to my cheeks.

“Do you want me to drag you out?” he sounded angry, as I was taking time. 

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and wiped away my tears.

“So sorry, thank you,” I said, wiping away my tears again and getting out of the car, getting to the trunk I took my bag.

He didn’t even hesitate to tell me anything; he just reminded me that my room was 47. I wondered what awaited me as I held on tight to my bag and headed in, ignoring all the faces that questioned me with their eyes.

Everyone was doing their own thing; some were making out by the corners, others smoked and drank, and others were in groups talking and playing games. I continued walking. I had no idea where I was going as my eyes were fixed on what the people were doing until I bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean...” a 6 inch tall figure.

“What the fuck? Are you insane?” He angrily said as he cleaned his shirt, which wasn’t messed up or anything. I guess I was a bug.

“I’m sorry, I’m actually new here. Can you help me find room 47?” I apologized; he scanned me for a second before responding.

“Second door to your left upstairs,” he said and disappeared. Well, I was glad he helped as I continued to make my way to the stairs.

“Ah, please!” I heard a moan as soon as I reached the second door to my left. I couldn’t believe my ears. Were people making out here? Well, I needed to sleep, so I raised my hand to knock, only for the door to open and a hand to pull me in.

“You’re here, gorgeous!” the guy commented.

My eyes landed on his six packs as he didn’t have any shirt on and down to his trousers —he was erected and whatever he had in there must be pretty huge. I couldn’t look away from the girl who was tied to the bed —I couldn’t tell if it was water or tears on her face —whether she was punished or enjoying whatever was happening here. 

My eyes landed on the naked guys in between her legs who looked like the guy in front of me, and that’s when I realized they were triplets. 

I didn’t even realize when the guy in front of me pushed me against the wall; my hands were still holding on to my bag as I was unable to form words. I didn’t understand what was going on.

“Great, another omega as a sex slave for us,” he roughly said as his hands caressed my hair, his eyes staring into mine. I could tell how shocked he was with my golden eyes.




I opened my eyes to two naked bodies laying beside me. I quickly got up and slid into my jeans.


“It’s still early, we can stay for the night,” one of the girls got up and suggested.


“Fix my bed before you leave,” I roughly said and walked out.


These omegas just couldn’t get enough of my dick; they all wanted me. Well, I couldn't blame them, as I was the future king of alpha’s. Everyone wanted a chance, but what made them think I'd settle for a weak omega when I was bound to lead a whole community?


I walked out in a hurry when my phone started vibrating in my pockets.


“Dad!” I picked it up.


“Your courtship ritual is this weekend; you’ll need to come home before the weekend.”


“I have a test, I can’t leave before...”


“It will be postponed, we’re expecting you tomorrow, just be here!” He shouted and ended the call. Knowing my father well, I’ll be in great


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