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Alpha Kurt

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After being betrayed by his mate, Alpha Kurt lives for the pack and for his duties. He refuses to remarry, but an heir is needed. What is he supposed to do? Accept a contract or folow his heart? Punished for her father's mistake, Rosamund Gibson has been demoted from Beta's Heir to a simple Omega. Her life resumes down to working and getting beaten. But that is about to change. Kurt and Rosamund will have their paths crossed and will have to learn to overcome the challenges that separate them from happiness. Will they be able to do it or another hartbreak is what awaits them?


Nydra Byrd

Review after the novel completion

Omg I wad gripping to my chair the whole time, the crazy turns was unbelievable great read! Who would have known that he would actually be happy one day by fate and not by his own will. I hope K and R get their happily ever after, they most definitely deserve it their connection is way too strong to not end this book with them at least having a litter of pups! Can't wait for another update soon don't leave us hanging

March 12, 2024

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