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Alpha Koen's Rejected Mate

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Luna a warewolf,  was on  the run from her past including the father of her secret riplets, two boys and a girl. A powerful Alpha, Koen by name, rejected her as his mate. But she was forced to turn to him, knowing he was the only one who would help her out after her triplets with him were kidnapped. Alpha Koen got to know about the triplets and Luna five years after he have rejected her. He promised to save them, as a second chance to reclaim his mate and protect their children. As they work together to rescue the triplets from the kidnappers, their intense connection from their past is reignited, but they must keep their true feelings for each other a secret as Alpha Koen now has an arranged mate. Their mission is complicated by the appearance of Lucas, a warewolf from the silver moon pack. He has been crushing on Luna secretly, and he once saved the triplets from being killed by the hunter before now, he made Luna fall in love with him. He also claims to have information about the kidnapper, after hearing their disappearance in his absence, well he got the information, but was unable to save them from the kidnapper. While Bella Alpha Koen arranges a mate, tries every means to stop Alpha from getting back to Luna, even if it means killing Luna and her triplets. In order to achieve their mission getting back their kids, Luna and Alpha Koen must come to terms with their past mistakes and protect their triplets. They have a tense and emotional reunion, full of accusations and apologies. Alpha Koen sees their children for the first time after saving them, he realizes they are his, as told to him by Luna. He feels a mix of awe, love, and resentment towards them. He introduces them to his pack, who are wary and hostile towards Luna and the kids. However, will Alpha Koen and Luna be able to overcome their differences and reclaim their status as mates, or will Luna choose her second mate? Or both?

The Rejection

Luna sat on the bed in the bed room. She had her eyes full of tears and sorrowful, seeing the mate, whom she had loved with all her heart, act as beast to her.

"We had a sweet relationship, and now you are about to reject me." She told Alpha Koen, he acted dump folded. Rather he looked into her eye and muttered. "Hmmm." He continue. "You and I have enjoyed our past; it wasn't just me; beside, I chose you with the knowledge that you might in return take much of my nature. You couldn't; here I have found a purebred Warewolf from a powerful pack, the red moon pack." He told her.

"Does that mean you have rejected me? You professed love to me four weeks ago and made love to me. Who do you think I should give my heart to, just like I have given it to you? I love you, Koen." She said to him, with a sign of interest.

"It is over between us. You can as well go to hell," he replied her and stood from his chair. Luna also stood and held him in his clothes."Don't do this to me. You are the only one I love" She pleads with him.

"You couldn't fulfill my desire; you were only good in your natural beauty, but not to my satisfaction by nature. I can't be with you. And I won't like to see you here by the time I return from seeing my mate." He said it boldly and had warned her seriously.

"I can't leave; my heart belong to you; we have to build up what we have just started." She told him.

"Luna, not now. I have told you to leave." He repeated this and left the house. Luna shifted into a wolf. She sat on the floor and had her face so worried, planning to leave in such a manner to avoid being abused by others. But she picked courage, believing he would return and change his mind. She then transformed into a human.

"I will sit and await him; I will use my body to hold him down." She said and planned her way on how to win his heart again.

While she kept waiting, Alpha Koen returned by setting down of the sun.

"Where is Luna? I hope she has left the pack." He asked his guard.

"She should be inside." He answered.

Alpha Koen ignored him and held Bella, his new mate hand in hand down to sitting room. She was asked to wait.

Luna heard the sound of his voice and tried to check.

"Finally, he has brought in his new mate. It is now clear to me that I am not more needed in this pack." She said that and had tears run down her cheek. It was already night, and she had nowhere to run. "I won't let her have my home." She said that and went down the the sitting room.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"She can't take my home." Luna transformed into a wolf and faced Bella, which also made Bella transform. They both face each other. Luna wasn't confident enough; she had seen the strength of Bella around her and decided to shift into humans. "I thought you wanted some fights. This is one of the reasons why I have wanted a purebred Warewolf." Alpha Koen said "Do not stir the anger in me. Go in there and back your clothes quickly; leave my pack." He added.

Yet Luna was still disturbed; she believes she will win his heart back.

"Who can change his decision—not even his friends? His words are decision are respected by then. He has been seen as a strong and powerful alpha. I can't let him dump me, he is mine." She said this to herself while she was inside.

Alpha and Bella went in. There he had time spend with Bella, and all Bella demanded was that he send Luna packing and officially make her his mate.

He smiled and promised to have her wish done.

Early in the morning, after Luna had her bath, she had her door open, unknown to her, without expecting Alpha Koen to pass through.

She pulled off her clothes and started applying cream to her body. Alpha Koen stood at the doorpost, watching her beauty, which attracted him.

"She has reminded me of our past, what we share, a beautiful skin; she looks beautiful." He said and gradually drew closer to her, then touched her back.

"Don't try that." He said this to her as she tried to cover herself.

"I am not ready for this." She said this to him and Alpha turned her face towards him. And stared at her from head to toe; he couldn't control himself. "Please don't do this to me. I am not in the mood. You have rejected me." She told him, as he was about rising the s*x urge in her.

"It is a reward for being stubborn. I warned you to leave earlier before now but you refused and claimed to stay." He proudly told her.

"Please, Alpha Koen. This might injured me; I promise to leave now." She pleaded. 

"I can't." He told her.

"I will permit you penetrate me, in one condition, if only I remain your mate after this."

He saw the smart condition she has put in, he said within himself.

"I see she trust my words. This will be the last s*x I will have with her, and after this, she will have her things forced out of my home."Luna kept silent, she was waiting to hear from him.

"Accepted.?" She asked.

"Well accepted." He gave a deceitful response. Luna sense it and refused to lay with him. He pushed her down to the bed and had s*x with her. She tried refusing him, but he used his strength to penetrate her. The little she could try ended up alpha-c*mm*ng on her body.

After he was satisfied, he stood from her body, and had his belt fixed to his trousers.

"You have finally taken advantage of me again. You enjoy it, while I see it as a sign of  good-bye "she said to him in bed.

"We enjoyed it." He told her. And lift to meet with his guard. Alpha instructed the guard to take her out of the pack within a few hours. By then, Luna, with tears, had washed her body; she knew what he was up to.

"The next thing he will do is force me out of his house. Which I won't take. I have been ardorn and cherished by the maiden and other of his domestic workers. Living like a slave will end up being a disgrace." She looked from the window, saw the guard coming, and quickly shifted to a wolf. She hid herself and her clothes in the bathroom. The guard stepped in, searched, and saw that no one was in the room, it didn't occur to him to check the bathroom.

"She has left." He told Alpha Koen. Alpha nodded his head; he believes she has left on her wolf clothing, he enjoyed the his time with Bella.

Luna left silver moon pack

Luna left the silver moon pack; she had her cabin build in the boundaries that connect the red and blue moon packs; she had nowhere to go.

"I have to make my cabin here. A connection that will keep remind me where i once belong" She said with the little she could, she got some wood and built herself her cabin.

Two days later, Alpha was seen with Bella on a daily basis, and that made his rival think much about that. But no one can approach him. "Where is Luna? She has not been seen for a long time." Xavier one of the caring werewolves in the pack asked sitting with friends. "He hasn't shown much interest in Luna since he made her his mate. Does he really love her?" Lucas asked.

"He should be in the right place to answer." They pointed at Elgin Alpha Koen best friend.

"How will I know? I am not living with them, and beside, he has always acted kind to Luna each time I am there. I believe she is observing some re


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