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Charles Nwafor

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About me

Am by names Charles, a Nigerian writer and one who have written in different foreign app. Alpha novel isn't my first app to publish but one among the best to publish my alpha books.


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  • 👁 450
  • 7.5

Luna a warewolf,  was on  the run from her past including the father of her secret riplets, two boys and a girl. A powerful Alpha, Koen by name, rejected her as his mate. But she was forced to turn to him, knowing he was the only one who would help her out after her triplets with him were kidnapped. Alpha Koen got to know about the triplets and Luna five years after he have rejected her. He promised to save them, as a second chance to reclaim his mate and protect their children. As they work together to rescue the triplets from the kidnappers, their intense connection from their past is reignited, but they must keep their true feelings for each other a secret as Alpha Koen now has an arranged mate. Their mission is complicated by the appearance of Lucas, a warewolf from the silver moon pack. He has been crushing on Luna secretly, and he once saved the triplets from being killed by the hunter before now, he made Luna fall in love with him. He also claims to have information about the kidnapper, after hearing their disappearance in his absence, well he got the information, but was unable to save them from the kidnapper. While Bella Alpha Koen arranges a mate, tries every means to stop Alpha from getting back to Luna, even if it means killing Luna and her triplets. In order to achieve their mission getting back their kids, Luna and Alpha Koen must come to terms with their past mistakes and protect their triplets. They have a tense and emotional reunion, full of accusations and apologies. Alpha Koen sees their children for the first time after saving them, he realizes they are his, as told to him by Luna. He feels a mix of awe, love, and resentment towards them. He introduces them to his pack, who are wary and hostile towards Luna and the kids. However, will Alpha Koen and Luna be able to overcome their differences and reclaim their status as mates, or will Luna choose her second mate? Or both?


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