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Alpha king's virgin sex slave

Alpha king's virgin sex slave

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"spread your legs!" He ordered whispering into her ear and sending shivers throughout her entire body.. "I...." She stared into his beautiful blue eyes as he slowly thrust into her. "I am going to fuck you until you can't walk!" He leaned in and kissed her on the lips as their hips moved in rhythm. Alpha king Fenrir referred to himself as the Sex Beast after getting possessed by a sex Demon who feeds on the energy of women after sleeping with them. Aside that, he hated humans for causing him pains and because of that, he made life unbearable for them turning each and everyone of them into slaves but then he met Lorena his slave who was auctioned off as a sex slave. Lorena is a human who hated Werewolves for ruining every human lives. When she got auctioned off as a sex slave, she never expected to end up with the Alpha king. The man he hated the most and vowed to kill. But In order to survive, she must accept to become his sex slave or end up dead like every other slaves who disobey the Werewolves law. Would she agree to do his will? Or would she accept his wish and become his sex slave? This is a story about love, sex, Heartbreaks, death, tears, and power.

Sweet smell

Fenrir POV

Walking into the auction had always been one of the things I hated in my five hundred years of living on earth. As I walked into the large room filled with Werewolves that reeks of different fragrant, I took my seat at the back. We all had a mask on, and I knew that I wouldn't be recognized as the Alpha king since my face wasn't visible for them to see.

I was forced by my Beta to go to the auction to get a few human slaves that'll will warm my bed. Although, I hated humans for what they did to me years ago, I still needed them to satisfy the curse that had befallen me.

Right, I was cursed with an insatiable sexual desire because I freed a thousand year demon. Draca, is a demon with sexual desires. He is a sex demon that feed on the energy of women. He is kind of similar to incubus but a little different as he sleeps with women when they are conscious.

I call him the Sex Beast.

No matter how hard I tried to avoid the sexual desires, I always found myself fucking someone. The worst part of the curse was that, anyone I have sex with, ended up losing their lives. My first victim was a werewolf and while fucking her from behind, she died.

“Maybe it's the curse and the moon goddess is annoyed with you,” Romeo, my Beta, had told me the first time it happened. I didn't agree with him and tried with another werewolf yet again, and she ended up dying in my arms. When I tried not to have sex, what I get is pain.

Excruciating pain that could take my life. Although Draca and I haven't had any inner conversation, I knew that he existed. He soon became a part of me. To avoid sacrificing the Werewolves, I had to get slaves who'll end up in my bed and die so Draca could get the energy he wanted. Romeo, my Beta told me that if I could find a woman whose energy matches that of Draca that she might not die. It was why I had come to auction. I was hoping that I could find a woman with a powerful energy.

Becoming a sex Beast was the price I had to pay for setting a Demon free.

“The auction shall now begin!” The light in the room suddenly went off. The light on the stage was turned on and soon, five human girls were pushed to the stage. They were all naked but didn't shy away as they walked around displaying their large breast and wide asses. I stared at all of them hoping I could find the next scapegoat that'll die that night but none of them caught my eyes.

“Here are the finest humans for tonight. They are the top five humans among others. They have strong stamina that'll satisfy you on bed and most especially, they are good play toys!” The sturdy man announced.

The men in the room started murmuring among themselves. I could smell their desires in the room, as most of them were probably turned on by the nakedness of the girls. “lets the bidding began!” The man shouted and pointed to the first girl. A blonde. She was the most endowed, with a plump thick breast and a neatly shaved pussy. When she turned her ass for everyone to see, they all shouted. “You can see how lovely she looks. This is Danielle, one of the best sex toys around. She'll serve you well and make enjoy the best sex ever!”

Oh, she caught my attention. My dick twitched inside my suit trouser, and I felt aroused by her endowed. She was going to be my next scapegoat. The woman who'll would give Draca the energy he wanted and also matched his energy.

“We will start the bidding now with a $50,000!” The sturdy man shouted.

“$100,000!” A man shouted from the crowd.

“$150,000!” Another shouted.

Everyone wanted her as they all began to call ridiculous prices. “$250,000!” Someone shouted, and the room went silent. None said a word again, as they had given up to that bidder.

“$250,000 going once, going twice…”

I couldn't afford to lose such opportunity, I shouted a ridiculous price. “$500, 0000!”

Everyone in the room must have gasped by the price I had mentioned. A light reflected on me and all eyes turned towards me. “Wow!” The sturdy man on the stage shouted. “$500, 000 going once, going twice and sold to the man in the red mask!” He announced.

The light that reflected on me turned off and the bidding continued. The other girls were bid off and thereafter, I stood up to leave since I had gotten what I wanted, but a sweet smell infiltrated my nostrils. It was the sweetest smell ever. Amongst every other smell, hers stood out. Her smell made me turned and walked down towards the stage. When they pushed her to the ground, I saw red. I heard a voice in my head. It was deep and hoarse.

I knew it wasn't my Wolf's voice, since we had not had any communication for years. If it wasn't my wolf, then it means that Draca had showered his true self.

“Mare!” His voice sounded in my head. “She is mine!” He said possessively.

As if under his control, I moved closer to the stage and my eyes found a red haired girl standing in the midst of other four girls with her hand wrapped around her breast. She was small compared to Danielle, who had everything I wanted. Her hips were curvy but from her waist up, she was small. She couldn't be more than 5'2.

“Mine to consume!” Draca laughed in my head.

“These are the least humans for sale as they are still fresh and are not experienced. They can't give you the pleasures you want, but they can work for you,” He said.

The girl, including my supposed mate, was pushed forward. She lost her balance and landed off the stage towards me. She almost fell to the ground, but instead she landed in my arms. My hands wrapped around her small waist and I grabbed her before she could fall to the ground. “Mine.” I whispered.

My greatest enemy, the Alpha king

Lorena POV

If there is one thing I hated, it's the Werewolves and how they had changed everything in the world. When they came years ago according to the story my great-great-grandfather told my grandfather and was later passed on to my father, they all made me understood that the Werewolves started the slave rule.

In four words, they made us slaves.

If you are lucky, you could either be sold off as a slave. A house slave, a war slave, a lucky slave who can become a werewolf is she mated to a wolf. The worst of it all was a Sex Slave. They are usually the worst, and although they have high advantage and gain more favor unlike the rest of the slaves, the sex slaves could be killed anytime.

Once their master get tired of them, they'll toss them away. My mother was a house slave who was lucky to marry my father, who was a war slave. When they had me, my mother died and when I turned Fifteen, my father died. The Werewolves took me in to the sex school,


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