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Alpha Damon: His Lustful Desire

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"Say something" he whispered. "..." I opened my shaky mouth to speak but nothing came out of it. I watched as he moved closer to me, closed his eyes and sniffed my scent. My heart palpitated as I saw him gulp down nothing. With him a few inches from me, he raised my chin, making sure that I was staring right back at him. "I love your scent" he confessed. His gruff and domineering voice echoed in my ears like a lullaby that made my knees weak. "Let's strike a deal Olivia" he paused and lightly ran his hand through my hair. "What do you say about becoming my mistress? In return, I will take you away from your misery" Alpha Damon arbitrated.

Chapter 1

It's the early hours of the morning. While others are still sleeping, I am right here in the kitchen washing the dishes and trying to make breakfast before the morning sun rises.

My eyes are red from lack of sleep, I slept late and woke up early. It is just like a daily habit for me when I am not a maid, or perhaps I am.

My wolf yawned from exhaustion, I do virtually everything in the house.

As a werewolf, we are not supposed to get tired but my wolf is weak. I don't have enough wolf power like the rest of the werewolves, I haven't summed up why it is like that for me.

My parents died when I was barely 5 and since then, I moved in with my uncle and his family who is a beta just like my mum because they were siblings while my Dad was an omega.

In the face of everyone, my uncle and his wife treat me like their daughter but it's never like that when we are in the house.

They hit me, send me on difficult errands. I cook, and clean and yet, they are never satisfied with anything I do.

Thankfully, I was able to finish making breakfast before they came out.

"You look like garbage Olivia" Karen insulted the moment she came into the kitchen.

She was decked out in a flowery gown, looking as beautiful as always with her nice body and spotless skin.

Instead of saying anything, I quietly served the food on the table.

I know she is trying to elicit me into saying something because she knows her parents will catch me in the act. They will soon be here!

My wolf screams distastefully, she always does that each time Karen is close to me and I can't blame her for being like that, Karen causes us the most pain in this house.

She walked up to me, gave me a southward look and began laughing.

"Do you bathe at all? I feel embarrassed knowing that you are my cousin" she asserted.

Karen picked up a plate of hot soup that I just served, I let out a hurtful scream the moment it poured on me.

At that moment, my body felt like it was on fire. I was fighting for a way to stop it from charring me further, the soup was too hot.

I was about to get hold of the cold water that was at my sight but before I could reach it, Karen forcefully took it away. "I love the way you are screaming, it makes you more ugly" she mocked.

Indeed, I am not as attractive as she is, Karen has invariably been classy, she wears the most beautiful dresses and accessories compared to me who only gets to wear what she doesn't want anymore.

But did she have to do this? I haven't done anything to warrant being poured hot soup all over my body. Why does she hate me? Because I am an omega?

Tears spewed down my eyes as I tried to run out of the kitchen but I wasn't fortunate enough, I bumped into my uncle and his wife.

"Where are you going to? You look like a mentally unstable person" my uncle quizzed. I was getting choked by my tears, I couldn't speak as a result of that.

I flinched at the sudden fall of a breakable plate and the loud cry from Karen.

"Mum, I was only trying to help her but she poured water on the floor so that I could slip. She even cut me with this, I just wanted to reduce her workload by helping her" Karen proclaimed.

Fresh tears gushed out of her eyes as her parents rushed to help her up. I wobbled backward and shook my head with my heart somersaulting in spookiness.

I wasn't surprised by Karen's acting, she has always played the innocent victim right from our childhood after hurting me.

I am just afraid of what comes after it. David, my uncle walked up to me in exasperation, his eyes were red, his jaw clenched and his fist was in a ball as he approached me.

"Haven't I told you to stop hurting my daughter? She didn't make you an orphan" he slapped me repeatedly on my right cheek until I fell on the floor.

"You have been a burden to us yet, you hurt Karen who cares about you" he bellowed. I stared at Karen with my tear-filled eyes, she gave me a disgusting look in return.

"If you are not my sister's daughter, I would have slaughtered you and sold your body to humans" he affirmed and hit me with a belt until he was satisfied.

My wolf cried, I could feel her tail wagging sorely at the back of my mind but I couldn't comfort her, I was in pain too.

My uncle kicked me out of the kitchen in rage while glaring coldly at me. "I don't want to see you in my sight, I will cut off your hand and give it to you if I do" he forewarned.

I know better than anyone that he could do that to me. I was feeling weak but I had to stand up, I limped on my feet as they wobbled on the floor, leaving for my room.

With the support of the wall, I got to my room safely. It was more like a storeroom with no bed.

I sat down on the cold floor, relaxing my back on the wall as an ocean of tears spilled from my eyes. I am nothing but a punching bag and someone everyone detests.

My life has never been like that of other female wolves out there, I haven't experienced anything called life yet, and I will be turning 17 by tomorrow.

I have been praying and looking forward to my 18th birthday, maybe I will be able to find my mate on the full moon of my 18th birthday.

Maybe he will treat me well and cherish me. If I find my mate, it means that I will be free from this hell. There will certainly be no breakfast for me when I was the one who made it.

I wiped my tears, stood up, and walked to the window to see the serene environment of the pack. The sea pack is just like every other pack filled with werewolves.

The morning sun gallivant into my room as my stomach growled from hunger while my wolf fought for dominance.

She will go around and cause me trouble if I shift into my wolf form, she will do whatever she pleases, she won't listen to me if I shift.

My wolf will also want to go into the forest in search of food but I have been banned from stepping outside the house.

I barely know how the outside world looks except for the peak of the environment I get from the comfort of my window.

I crave freedom every day of my life but will I ever be free?

Chapter 2

During that time they were having breakfast in the kitchen, I chose to remain in my room to avoid bumping into any of them when they were leaving the kitchen

The sharp pain in my abdomen brought me back to reality once again. I sat back on the floor and lifted up my shirt to see the burn on my stomach.

I took an herbal disinfectant I stole from the kitchen a few days back and applied it to the burn on my stomach.

It will take time before the wound heals and there are lots of scars on my body.

I am glad I get healed after everything because I am a werewolf even though it takes time. Although the scars have never gotten healed with the pain.

No matter how much I treat a wound after they've hurt me, it will leave a scar as if it's telling me not to ever forget the incident. I don't know if it's like that for other wolves.

I scoured the sweat on my forehead, once again relaxing my back on the wall with my eyes closed to suck in the pain.



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