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Abused for Revenge

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"Cry , just cry I want to see you cry."he cooed in my ears and then he starts thrusting in and out of me angressively. I couldn't scream anymore as I was too weak to make a sound. my eyes transformed into a dam of water and tears blurred my vision pouring down my cheeks like rain. I was already feeling like a slave for him, cause I willingly submitted to his want. He wanted me to cry and that I did, cause I had no choice. As I jerked under him, I felt as though I was in torment, hell, purgatory infact anything worst. I wanted this to stop but it didn't. He kept thrusting in and out of me till I could no longer take the pains. Was this the s*x people call fun? Or was he just doing this to turture me? Each pains he inflicted on me, made me feel his burning urge to get his revenge. Whatever my father did to him must be very cruel and it filled me with Guilt. I felt so guilty that I didn't want to beg him, cause I stupidly thought I deserve this. *** The battle between the Lycan-blood park and the Lamia Pack draws on apace. A battle which will bring permanent enslavement to the loser and sovereignty to the winner. Lycan-blood pack has always been the most powerful pack who ever reigned the earth and as such never lost any battle. Lycan-blood Park is challenged when the Alpha's daughter Diacianna Adolphus, is kidnapped during the battle by the current Alpha of lamia pack. To save his daughter, the Alpha of Lycan-blood pack must surrender his park to the amias. What happens when the Alpha of Lycan-blood pack blatantly forsakes his daughter just to save his sovereignty?

Chapter 1

Daciana POV

-Hours earlier-

"why aren't you really in support of this war?" I asked the pack beta that one big question that's been lingering on my lips.

I mean everyone of this pack is so excited about the d*mn upcoming war between we and the Lycan blood pack, except me off course.

"Well I've a lot of reasons but I've one very major reason for that. It's not as if I'm scared of our pack losing or being enslaved cause definitely that is impossible as no one has ever defeated us.

When I was of your age, I use to pray and wish that I do experience any war before my passing especially since I already met my mate then.

I wanted a war to come in my time so I'll be among those legends who fought and won the battle but everything changed when the previous war came in my time.

I thought since I have a mate, I'll surely come out alive with my mate and my little family alive. As usual our park won the battle but all the happiness and excitement I've harbored for this war, went down the drain when I lost my mate and my first son.

maybe I could have lost Ava too if I hadn't taken her to my sister park before the war since she was still a toddler then"

"Wait...You had a son?" I was dumbfounded.

He nodded, his eyes emitting plangent. If I should have an eye of a eagle, I could swear he was trying so hard to fight back the tears building up in those Hazel eyes of his. and I instantly regretted brining up this topic. It's the first time I'm seeing the beta in such lugubrious state. The death of his wife and son must have really been tragic for him.

"I'm sorry about that." I mumbled.

"It's okay." He gave me a reassuring smile. "I've gotten over it I guess but please don't ever tell Ava about this okay?"

"Sure I won't" the beta really spent quality time with me this morning, I wouldn't have mind spending a whole day with him as I consider him more a father to me than my biological father But when my father arrived I have to leave them and came here to my favorite spot—the alyvia forest.

Right now, I'm sitting up high in a tree on one of the branches. My head rested against another branch my gaze fixed to the sky.

The songs of those birds playing around in the sky filled me with a sense of tranquility. I wish to be like them_they are so free and happy with thier lives.

I stayed up here for a long time till the sky starts getting dark.

the birds began flying away and the cloud starts grumbling.

It took two thunder bolt and a drop of water on my body to realise that it's about to rain.

With that, I jumped down from the tree and started racing.

Now the rain start pouring down angressively making The ground slippery.

I wasn't careful enough so I slipped and fell down. My head came in contact with a stone and that's it.

I blacked out.


I was hearing crackling and popping noises of woods burning but I couldn't fathom where's coming from as I was grooming in darkness.

Suddenly my eyes flickered open and I was met with fainted light illumating the place I was. Trailing the reflection of the light, I look to my side to see woods burning which was offering both light and tepidness. With the aim of finding out where exactly I am, my head spun around.

"We are in a cave." I heard a masculine voice confirmed as if reading my mind. My head kept spinning, this time around, searching for the owner of the voice but it seem I was the only one here.

My chest starts heaving as a sense of terror dominated me. who's that??

I rose up from the floor which I was lying on and I was going to say something when someone walked in. It was the figure of a man, he was clad in a long coat and he has long curly hair. I couldn't see his face until he walks in fully, the light reflected on his face.

his front hair was covering a part of his eye. the other eye that was exposed was pure red. He looks just like a beast seeking to devour someone. the only deference between him and a beast is that he isn't ugly and of course he's human. Yeah,Despite his dangerous Aura, he still manage to look—handsome.

Fear washed over me as he starts walking towards me.

I glumped and starts shifting back with my butt.

As if he notices it, he spoke.

"Don't be scared, I won't hurt you." His voice is as calm as the sea but his Aura is blazing with fire and so I found it hard to believe him but I just remained still anyway. He got to me and squatted down before me. I looked away from him.

"What happened to me, how did I end up here?" I also want to ask him who he is cause I'm certain he isn't one of this park members but let me take it one question at a time.

"I found you at the forest soaked under the rain and you were bleeding, uncoucious so I brought you here."

And my mind went back to when I slipped and past out on the ground. My hand flew up to touch my forehead but surprisingly, I couldn't feel any open wound or scar and I sure aren't feeling any sting.

"Don't worry, I healed you." He answered to my questioning look and sat down on the big stone close to the fire.

"What were you doing there at the forest?" He started and from there questions led to questions and I was getting a little bit comfortable with the stranger.

Yeah, he's still a stranger to me and the realization of that prompt me to ask.

"Who are you? I'm sure you aren't from this pack cause I've never seen you before."

"Yeah you are right. I'm an outsider. I came to visit my aunt in this pack and I happen to lost my way back home so while wandering around the forest, I happen to see you there, lying on the floor unconscious" he motioned to the ground.

"Oh I see." I muffled and smiled at him.

"Your pack seem to be waging war with other pack and as I heard it's few days from now so what were you doing in the forest at time? Weren't you suppose to be training?"

"I don't have a mate."

"Why does it matter.? Everyone fights for themselves. Right?" He shrugs.

"Well let's say your fate during that war depends on the power of your mate." I says and he turn to look at me like it's the first time he's hearing something like that.

"Now I'm so interested about this war. tell me more about it." He gave me his full attention.

"There's nothing much about it. On that day, the men goes out to battle field and the women are save guarded in the hidey-hole Cabin at the battle ground then once they gets a signal from their mate, they goes out to attack." I explained.

"Hmm. How do you know all that? You seem to be very current with your park."

"Well my father is the Alpha so it's nearly impossible for me not to be familiar with all that." I replied.

"Wow... so you are the Alpha's daughter?" He arched his brow, amazed.

"Unfortunately." I shrugged.

"Like you are adolphus daughter for real??" He asked on a more serious note. His facial expressions became so stern that it got me scared.

He stood up and broaden his stance.

"I'm sorry baby girl but you'll have to come with me.." he said already pulling me up by my wrist. He didn't even wait to hear my response before he started dragging me out.

Wait what the hell is wrong with him??

"Hey wait...where are you taking me??" I asks but he paid deaf ears as he continued pulling me alongside him. Honestly his height was enough to scare the sh*t out me, I felt like a mice running beside him.

He walked deep into the forest while pulling me alongside him and I was getting really scared, I tried pulling my hand off his but it was a wasted effort, rather the more I pull the more his grip gets stronger.

It was as if he wanted to hurt me on purpose that very moment I told him I'm Adulphos daughter.

"Let go off me, you are hurting me...." my voice shook in accordance with my beating heart.

"Wallace get ready, we are leaving for the pack right away." I heard him mumbled to someone who wasn't here. Was that mind linking??

Next, he hit me so hard on my shoulders and I felt so weak. He swept me off from the ground like dry leave and drew me across his shoulders. I couldn't struggle with him, I felt too weak to do that and slowly I dozed off.

Chapter 2

Daciana POV

Groaning and grooming in the dark, I forcefully pulled my brows up and my eyes flicked open.

My sight was blur for a split seconds and slowly became clear as I was met with a sandy brown-roof. this isn't what I always wake up to and what I'm lying on, its way rocky and harder than my bed. I tried standing up from the ground I was lying on but got restricted by the chains wrapped around me. I wriggled my body trying to loosen myself. I cracked my head trying to remember what happened and how I ended up here and it clicked.

I remember how I had went to the forest. My favorite spot, then I met someone. I knew we talked but what we talked about is what I don't know and what happened afterward, I've no idea. I was still deep in thought when I heard prodding footsteps coming from the exit.

I look up to see two guys walking in. They were coated with arms and looks like warriors. they bought proffered towards me. I braced myself as I


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