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"Cry , just cry I want to see you cry."he cooed in my ears and then he starts thrusting in and out of me angressively. I couldn't scream anymore as I was too weak to make a sound. my eyes transformed into a dam of water and tears blurred my vision pouring down my cheeks like rain. I was already feeling like a slave for him, cause I willingly submitted to his want. He wanted me to cry and that I did, cause I had no choice. As I jerked under him, I felt as though I was in torment, hell, purgatory infact anything worst. I wanted this to stop but it didn't. He kept thrusting in and out of me till I could no longer take the pains. Was this the s*x people call fun? Or was he just doing this to turture me? Each pains he inflicted on me, made me feel his burning urge to get his revenge. Whatever my father did to him must be very cruel and it filled me with Guilt. I felt so guilty that I didn't want to beg him, cause I stupidly thought I deserve this. *** The battle between the Lycan-blood park and the Lamia Pack draws on apace. A battle which will bring permanent enslavement to the loser and sovereignty to the winner. Lycan-blood pack has always been the most powerful pack who ever reigned the earth and as such never lost any battle. Lycan-blood Park is challenged when the Alpha's daughter Diacianna Adolphus, is kidnapped during the battle by the current Alpha of lamia pack. To save his daughter, the Alpha of Lycan-blood pack must surrender his park to the amias. What happens when the Alpha of Lycan-blood pack blatantly forsakes his daughter just to save his sovereignty?


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