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A Mate For The Hybrid Alpha

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Daykan Greystone has always felt like an outcast because he was the product of a forbidden romance between a wolf slayer and a werewolf. He never really felt like he belonged anywhere and was mostly alone until he met the strongly opinionated and feisty vet; Naomi Peters. He never expected to fall in love with a human and just when it seems like everything is falling into place, a vicious form of evil threatens to take her away from him. Is he finally ready to accept both sides of his heritage so he can defeat this beast? Naomi Peters was looking for a new beginning when she moved to Carson. It felt too good to be true when hot gym owner; Daykan Greystone suddenly developed an unexplainable attachment to her. But nothing could have prepared her for his big secret and she is unexpectedly thrust into a world she knows nothing about when a Wraeken sets its sights on her. Is Naomi willing to trust Daykan with her life? Will she give her heart to him even though he comes along with more than his fair share of baggage?

Chapter 1: Crushed Dreams

Chapter One

Lana had always dreamt of this moment; holding the hand of her soul mate as she struggled to give birth to their child. While other women might not be particularly enthusiastic about the process of giving birth, it was something she had always yearned for.

She had always been prepared to embrace the pain because she felt there was no greater joy than being a mother.

The contractions that caused her teeth to clench in pain did not seem to hurt so much as she gazed into the eyes of her significant other.

“You are doing fine baby, just keep pushing and it will be over soon,” Erek encouraged as he gently squeezed Lana’s hand.

He was terrified because Lana was bleeding a lot and he couldn’t imagine losing her. It was fairly common for a she-wolf to die on the birthing bed and with Lana being a human; her chances of survival were less than average.

“Just a little further Lana, I can see your baby’s head,” Zera called from between Lana’s open legs.

Zera had helped give birth to majority of the pack’s children, with Erek being one of those numbers. She was usually assisted by Kavia and Sildra, who were present now and prepared for any complications.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!” Lana screamed in pain as she pushed and her whole body strained with the effort.

A loud piercing cry filled the room as her baby’s head popped out into Zera’s gentle waiting arms.

“That’s it Lana, I need another mighty push to get the rest of the baby out of there, one more push and you can rest.” Zera urged Lana to try again.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lana screamed louder than before as she gave it her all once more.

“It’s a boy Erek,” Zera said with a wide smile as she wrapped the child in a soft green blanket handed to her by Kavia.

“We have a boy Lana, I am so proud of you, my love.” Erek kissed Lana’s forehead and his eyes shone with unshed tears.

“His eyes are glowing silver, which means he has Wolf’s Mark, you are very lucky Erek.” Sildra said as she peered over Zera’s shoulder to get a look at the baby.

Erek was indeed lucky; majority of half-breeds did not possess the wolf’s mark.

This meant that although his mate was a human, their child had gotten more of Erek’s genes; including wolf’s mark and had all the abilities that a purebred would have.

Perhaps one day he might become an Alpha like me. Perhaps he will be so exceptional that the pack would actually allow a half breed lead them. Erek thought with a hopeful smile.

“Oh please, let me hold my baby in my arms.” Lana pleaded weakly as she stretched out her arms.

“Just a minute, let me clean him up. Don’t strain yourself Lana, you need to rest and I can see the question in your eyes Erek.

Once we stitch her up and she gets enough rest, she will be just fine.” Zera said with a little smile as she gently wiped the baby with a warm towel.

Erek let out a deep breath that he wasn’t even aware he had been holding, his mate and child were alright and he couldn’t be happier as he stared into Lana’s eyes.

Zera continued wiping the baby, but stopped when she got to his chest as her eyes widened in shock.

“What is this? But.. but.. bu, this doesn’t make any sense. How.. wh.. why?” Zera stammered in shock.

“What’s the matter Zera?” Erek asked in panic as he looked towards her.

“Is something wrong with my baby? What is wrong with my baby, Zera?” Lana asked with her eyes wide with fear as she struggled to sit up.

“Look!” Zera exclaimed as she held the baby towards Kavia and Sildra and they gasped in shock.

On the left side of the baby’s chest, just above his nipple was a pink birthmark in the shape of a flower and that was what Zera, Kavia and Sildra stared at in horror.

Erek rushed to them and inhaled sharply when he saw the birthmark and he slowly turned to look at Lana with shock in his eyes.

“Why does your baby bear the mark of a Wolf Slayer, Lana?” Zera growled as her eyes glowed with a silver light.

She tossed the baby on the bed in disgust and the little one cried in protest at the rough treatment.

“My love, there must be some sort of explanation for this. Please explain so I will understand,” Erek pleaded in a shaky voice as he knelt beside the bed.

“I am sorry Erek, I should have told you.” Lana said as tears rolled down her face.

“She really is a wolf slayer! She must be a spy! They have broken our pact and now she must die!” Sildra shrieked as she went down on all fours and howled.

“No, please wait, I’m not a spy. I never meant for things to turn out like this! Erek please I’m sorry. My love for you is real, please believe me.” Lana begged weakly as she stretched out her right hand to Erek.

“I believe you, my darling.” Erek said as he held her outstretched hand.

The door opened wide and other members of the pack rushed in after hearing Sildra’s howl.

“What is going on brother?” Lacan asked as he worriedly looked at Erek, his younger brother.

“The baby has the mark of a wolf slayer because his mother is one! He also bears wolf’s mark! Lana tricked us all; she has given birth to an abomination; a hybrid!” Zera growled as hatred filled her eyes.

The other members of the pack growled as they walked further into the room and surrounded the bed where Lana lay.

Some stopped to look at the birthmark on the baby, but they all eventually ended up in a semicircle around Lana and Erek.

“They sent a spy to us? She must die for this! Step away from her, brother” Lacan said as his eyes glowed.

“No, I won’t let you kill her!” Erek said as he glared at all of them present.

Erek had been trying to control the urge to change, but his other side won because of the danger that surrounded them. He had to protect his little family, no matter the cost and that was the only thing on his mind as he felt his clothes rip apart.

Grey fur rapidly spread out all over his body as he grew in size and his hands became paws tipped with deadly claws.

His mouth changed shape as it elongated and his teeth grew as they became razor sharp, while his ears were no longer at the side of his head but on top. He growled in warning as he got ready to attack.

He was magnificent as he stood before them and if not for the current situation, the pack would have been proud to call him their Alpha.

The other members had changed also and it was obvious that Erek was greatly outnumbered.

“Please spare our son, my sweet Daykan.” Lana said weakly as she held Lacan’s gaze.

It was a pity that she never got the chance to hold her child in her warm embrace.


Twenty Eight Years Later

Sam and Tina thought that it would be a wonderful idea to go hiking in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for their third date. As they stared at the beautiful sun and felt the cool breeze surround them in the woods, it seemed that they had been right.

“Isn’t nature just beautiful? I could spend weeks out here, just me and the great outdoors.” Tina said with a content smile as the wind ruffled her waist length blond hair.

“You are absolutely right. But if you ever do want to spend weeks out here, give me a call; it would be just us and the great outdoors.” Sam corrected with a wink.

He really did like Tina and enjoyed spending time with her and he hoped that she felt the same way. Maybe, this relationship could really go somewhere and they would be together for a long time.

Tina blushed at Sam’s words, she couldn’t wait to get home and have a long conversation on the phone with her girlfriends. It would be so nice to tell them about her new man and how she had finally gotten over Jake.

Sam stretched out his hand to her and she happily took it as they continued on their path.

They never noticed the beast stalking them from the thick bushes meters away. He was drooling as he watched them act out their little love play.

As he prepared to pounce, a part of him felt excited about turning their wonderful day into their worst nightmare. He landed on the man first and almost moaned in satisfaction as he sunk his teeth into Sam’s throat.

Tina’s scream of horror was the perfect soundtrack to his grand performance as he tore away a huge chunk of Sam’s flesh and blood gushed out.

“Someone please help us!” Tina screamed as she began running in the direction they had come from.

He was after her in a flash. He really did love a chase and just couldn’t get enough of human flesh.

Chapter 2: Moving Day

Chapter Two

As Daykan stood with his arms crossed, it occurred to him that he really did enjoy spending time at his gym, it felt more like a home than the place he laid his head to rest each night. Maybe it was because he felt in control and truly at peace here.

When he had thought about the kind of business he wanted to set up, a gym had seemed like the most suitable option.

He really wasn’t an office guy and couldn’t imagine sitting behind a desk from 9am to 5pm every day. Plus, he really wasn’t a fan of dressing up in a suit and tie; at the gym he could literally be shirtless and it would not be inappropriate.

Daykan also enjoyed working out and his body showed off the results from all those times spent lifting weights.

He was six foot six inches tall with thick silver hair that was long in front and shorter at the back; he had light hazelnut eyes that always seemed to be sparkling.

There was also the fact that his gym body was enough to st


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