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A Luna For The Alpha King

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Step into the enchanting realm of ancient woods, where Ruby's ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn. Drawn into a hidden pack of werewolves, she must embrace her destiny as Luna, their chosen leader. With her Alpha, Archer, by her side, they navigate a treacherous path of love, sacrifice, and power. As relentless hunters threaten their existence, Ruby and Archer tap into ancient forces, forging an unbreakable bond and awakening the mystical might of an ancient oak. In a thrilling clash between the supernatural and the mundane, their resilience and unity will be tested. Will they triumph and protect their home, or will the forces against them prove too powerful?

Chapter 1: Dreams of the Wolf

"Help! Somebody help me!" Ruby screamed while trying to run through the woods. A weird groaning noise echoed behind her as she desperately called for help.

Grrrrrrrr…rrrrraaaarrrrr…the noise persisted, growing closer with each step.

Something was chasing her, something hungry and dangerous. Panic set in as Ruby looked over her shoulder, squinting to see what it was. To her horror, it was a pack of wolves!

She was no match for them despite her past athleticism. The wolves closed in, their growls sending shivers down her spine. Questions raced through her mind – how did she end up here? What was she doing in the woods at night?

As she ran, she accidentally stepped on a prickly flower and winced in pain. Strangely, when she checked her paws, she realized she had paws! Panic intensified as she questioned her reality.

While pondering her bizarre situation, the wolves closed in, surrounding her with menacing growls. One wolf with dark, silvery fur approached and spoke to her. Shockingly, she understood him.

"Why are you running?" the wolf barked, leaving her bewildered. "Is this a dream?" she thought.

Suddenly, the wolf pounced, biting her nape. A deafening roar woke her up from this nightmare. Covered in sweat, she sighed in relief, thanking heaven for the illusion.

"Oh, thank God, it was just a dream," Ruby muttered, panting heavily. To calm herself, she reached for her rosary and started to pray.

Her mom entered, recognizing the signs of Ruby's recurring nightmares. Concerned, she comforted Ruby, assuring her they were just dreams. But Ruby insisted they felt too real.

Determined to find a solution, Ruby decided to seek help from a priest or a physiotherapist. Her mom supported her decision but reminded her to take a shower due to the musky smell of her sweat-soaked pajamas.

As Ruby headed to the bathroom, she felt a sharp pain in her nape. Curious, she inspected herself in the mirror and discovered two deep tooth bites on her neck. The suspense lingered as she wondered about the strange marks and the unsettling dreams.

"What's going on with me?" Ruby wondered, staring at the bite marks on her neck. She couldn't bring herself to tell her mom. Her mom was super religious, and she'd probably think Ruby was possessed if she found out about the strange bite. Thankfully, her mom would be sticking around for a few days, giving Ruby some space.

"This is seriously weird. I need to get help, like, ASAP, or things might get even crazier," she thought, still fixated on the marks in the mirror.

Her mom called out to her again, interrupting her thoughts. Quickly, Ruby hid the marks, not wanting her mom to catch on. "Yeah, Mom?" she responded calmly from the bathroom.

Her mom suggested making warm milk to help Ruby sleep better. Panicking a bit, Ruby declined, opting for water instead. The suspense built as Ruby grappled with her hidden secret, unsure of where to turn for help.

The next morning was bright and sunny, with butterflies fluttering outside Ruby's window. It felt like the perfect day to embrace happiness and tackle anything that came her way.

Opening the window to let in the fresh air, Ruby felt optimistic. "Today's going to be awesome," she told herself. But her mom suddenly appeared at the door, startling her.

"Mom, how long were you standing there?" Ruby asked, a bit spooked.

Her mom chuckled, checking her watch playfully. "Just thirty seconds. Good morning, my Ruby love! How's my princess doing?"

"Fine, Mom," Ruby replied, managing a smile.

"You look way better than last night," her mom remarked.

"Yeah, maybe," Ruby agreed, rolling her eyes slightly. She wasn't fully convinced.

Her mom dove into her wardrobe, rummaging for clothes. Ruby, puzzled, asked what she was up to.

"You've got an interview at Pulborough's company," her mom explained, presenting a dress she thought was perfect for the occasion.

Ruby's heart sank. She had completely forgotten about the interview. "How could I forget that, Mom?"

Her mom laughed it off. "Happens to the best of us! Your dad was just as forgetful," she teased, dropping the dress on the bed. "Guess you took after him. Now, get a move on and get ready!"

The suspense lingered as Ruby realized she had an important interview she hadn't prepared for. The pressure mounted as she scrambled to get ready in a hurry.

Ruby agreed to wear the red dress her mom picked, not wanting to upset her guest. Her mom beamed at how stunning Ruby looked, but Ruby worried it might be too much for an interview.

"Red for an interview? Isn't it too flashy?" Ruby twirled, trying to show it off to her mom.

"No way! You look sharp and gorgeous. That's how you nail an interview," her mom reassured her confidently.

Trusting her mom's fashion sense (after all, she was a stylist), Ruby shrugged and accepted her advice.

Her mom offered breakfast, but Ruby declined, feeling strangely full, perhaps from nerves or the previous night's events.

"Let's not talk about last night, remember? We'll figure it out," her mom comforted her while adjusting her dress.

Not wanting to upset her mom, Ruby agreed to take the food in a lunchbox. She hadn't done that in ages, but her mom insisted it was essential for her to taste the specially prepared meal.

Laughing together, Ruby grabbed the meal and headed out, waiting for her ride.

The car pulled up, and the driver called out to her. As Ruby approached, ready to get in, something bizarre happened—the driver's face transformed into that of a wolf.

"Whoa!" Ruby gasped, stepping back in shock. The sudden transformation left her stunned and bewildered.

"Ruby, you okay?" her mom asked, concerned.

Ruby caught her breath and glanced at the driver, but he seemed the same. "Nah, just a moment, Mom. I'm good," she reassured her mom.

Waving goodbye, Ruby got into the car and asked the driver to take off. Her mom kept waving until they were out of sight.

"Hope my hair's not a mess, ma'am?" the driver asked nervously.

"Talking to me?" Ruby was surprised.

The driver nodded, seeking reassurance. "Nah, you're all good."

During the ride, Ruby's thoughts kept drifting to the dream from the night before, those wolves surrounding her.

"Why did you bite me?" she remembered asking in her dream.

"You're mine," the wolf had replied.

"Not yours!" she barked back as a wolf, feeling trapped by the circle of ten wolves. She felt a sense of confusion and mistake in her transformation.

Interrupting her thoughts, the driver called out that they'd arrived. Ruby snapped back to reality, seeing the impressive glass building beside her.

The building was huge, reflecting the sun with its shiny, clear glass. It was super tall, with tons of windows reflecting the city. The glass was so clean you could see your reflection in it. It had sleek, silver frames and blueish panels adding color. At the top were these pointy things that seemed to reach for the sky. It stood proud and caught everyone's attention.

"One of the best in Pennsylvania," the driver praised. "Should I end the trip?"

"Yeah," Ruby replied absentmindedly, her mind stuck on the building. She got out, thanking the driver, who drove off.

Taking a deep breath, Ruby approached the building, feeling a mysterious pull toward it.

"Morning, how can I help?" a short lady greeted Ruby at the glass doors.

Chapter 2: Secrets Behind the Office

This lady was small, old, with silver hair shining. Big glasses covered most of her face, making her eyes look huge. "Hi, ma'am," Ruby started, feeling a bit uneasy in this beautiful place. It had a certain charm, and she sensed she might be seen as different among all these professional-looking people.

The lady, Macy, listened as Ruby explained she was there for an interview happening in two hours. "Oh!" Macy smiled, shaking Ruby's hand. "Follow me." She led Ruby, asking about her name and complimenting her dress.

Ruby, trying to be confident, replied, "Thanks, I'm Ruby."

Macy stopped at the door, saying, "He's busy, but you're next. Sit here. Water or coffee?"

"Water's fine, thanks." Ruby waited as Macy went to get the water.

An interviewee rushed out, crying. People stared, and Ruby felt a bad vibe. What if the interviewer didn't like her either? Anxiety se


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