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You're mine

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What happens when a new girl enters a school with two high-level and talented groups that hate each other? What can happen when the cards are played and fate has a different purpose for you? Sofia, a cold girl whose only family is her mother and brother, will have to face abrupt changes and will need a lot of help. But who will be able to give it to her? Esteban and his group or Daniel and his friends are two good options. Who will she choose? Being the new girl is not easy, especially when there is someone from your past who loves to make things difficult for you. In Sofia's hands is to get out of the past and move forward or stay in it and suffer, what will Sofia choose?

Chapter 1: First day of school

~~~~~One day before starting classes~~~

At Esteban's house

- Tomorrow we will already be in our territory - Esteban comments to Camilo and Michael - We have to win in everything. Those losers can't beat us like last time.


They are playing football in which both teams are tied, but at the last minute Daniel scores a goal showing who won the match.

Jeers from the winning team, were present. Which increased the anger of the support team at the last minute. Especially, knowing the punishment that they had to fulfill for having lost.

The punishment that both groups had decided was that the loser had to be the servant of the winning team for a month. So the boys took the opportunity for the losers to do the tasks that they did not want to do and even others that although it was not their place to do it, to annoy them they were sent to do, such as: cleaning the stable, having a party and that they cleaned up after without the help of their employees or their money, until Daniel made Camilo go to buy sanitary napkins for his sister, a favor that his sister never asked but that he did to annoy Camilo.

~~~~End of FlashBack~~~~~~

- Exactly - Michael comments - We can't lose again, tomorrow we have to show who's in charge.

On the other hand.

At the airport in Russia

Narrates Sofia

Here I am again. In a new country, with new foods, new cultures and zero friendships or at least known people. Mom says that let's understand her situation and adapt to this, since we can not change something. Especially when it's our ghost father who put us in this predicament.

My mother is a 39-year-old woman, divorced, who spends her time traveling for her work. That's why my older brother David and I constantly live alone. So we have already got used to moving from city or country and living alone. Which has not bothered us at all, since, in addition to not feeling so much pressure from our mother, we were always busy with our things.

So we rarely felt lonely, since in America my brother was in football clubs, music, dancing and photography. Instead, I was into figure skating, tennis, swimming, chess and music. Which is why the time in the clubs and the academic loads, we barely had time to breathe and we liked it. That way we didn't feel very alone.

We arrived at our house, a very elegant house in the neighborhood.

We unpacked our clothes (since it was the only thing we had to do) and because of how incredibly tired we were we decided to order food delivery.

The decoration and infrastructure of the house is nice for me, although David protested saying that it looked like a house for women only and he felt displaced, but well he had to settle since this house had already been bought by our ghost father.

We still do not know the agreement that my mother had with our father. The only thing I know is that this house was bought by our father and according to him, we will not have any more removals or transfers of country. My mother will continue in her job, but now our father will be the one who will pay for our education and stay. That is why we moved to your country. Following what he and my mother agreed.

We will have to go to classes tomorrow and I don't care about that as such. With so many changes that we have lived through in our lives, there is no longer any fear or excitement about getting to know school. I have no interest in getting up early and attending classes, but hey, we have to go.

My brother and I, we are excellent at studies even though we don't try so hard and that's a relief for us. However, that's why it's so boring and monotonous. Therefore, we are both more in clubs than in a library or at home studying.

First day of school

- Children, hurry up, it will be late for you — Mom shouts from the first silver.

- I'm coming— - I shout, fixing the uniform that I don't like at all.

It's too ugly for my taste.

- Wait a minute mother, I have to look perfect - shouts my brother when I go out to meet my mother.

Mom rolls her eyes, she knows how much David likes to look good, as well as how long it takes to do it.

An hour later

We arrived at the school. Since it was the first day Mom accompanied us to school, but obviously she literally flew off to her job. So it was up to us to go to the director's office.

The school was very big and had multiple courts among its facilities, which showed that there were clubs for something extra academic, which is good for Daniel and for me.

After a few minutes rambling in the big school we arrived at the principal's office

~~~~At the Principal's office~~~~

— It fills me with joy to have such perfect students in our school — the director comments while looking at the documents with our school information — Both brothers are first in their classes. Both have won many awards in sports, photography and music. It is certainly an honor to have you here.

Here we go again with the usual speech, let's take it to our salons at once - I thought without taking away the smile of I don't care what you say but I have to smile.

After another speech and showing our teachers my senior brother and me from penultimate year. We each left with our teachers to go to our respective classrooms and make our tedious and respective presentations.

Narrates Sofia

We arrived at my class. The screams of the students can be heard from outside. But everything is silent when the main teacher opens the door and enters the classroom.

The silence becomes sepulchral and order becomes apparent in seconds.

- Guys, good morning. As you know, I have no classes with you today, but I have come here because I want to introduce you to a new student — she turns to me and asks me to enter — I hope you will make her feel good and help her in any way you can.

I can't avoid this moment at all interesting. So I choose to enter and end the uninteresting show, as soon as possible.

- Wow! Fresh meat - the guys answer.

- So animal - replies one of the girls.

- Guys, be polite — the teacher scolds him - Go ahead student, introduce yourself.

- Hi my name is Sofia I come from the United States, I hope you take good care of me.

— Is that all?


It bothers me to be talking about me, if it were for me, he would arrive and he wouldn't even introduce me, but that can't be done.

The professor noticed my little interest in introducing me so he said all the things the principal said. That is to say, that I am an excellent student, that I have won many awards, among other achievements that do not excite me..

- Wow! I think this girl will take the first place from you Esteban - comments one of the guys.

— Please, no one is born who surpasses us — someone sitting at the last desks scoffs.

- Cof, cof, Daniel - someone said but it was not known who.

The chestnut stands up.

— Who was the idiot who said that? That *ssh*l* doesn't even reach our feet — he comments upset.

Everyone murmuring to each other.

What a little school I got into.

Chapter 2: Pack of Dogs

- Silence please and Camilo, I'm waiting for you at the end of the class in the punishment room.

Camilo rolled his eyes but didn't answer.

- Miss Sofia, you will place yourself next to Aninka. - he says to leave later.

I looked where the professor was pointing, I saw a girl with pale skin, brown hair and light blue eyes looking at me with joy.

At least she doesn't look crazy or with bouts of rage — I thought as I turned to her.

— Hi my name is Bogdanov Aninka, nice to meet you - He says while giving me a hand — Are you from the USA or did you just live there?—question.

— I am from Spain and I lived my last 3 years in the United States.

- Oh I see and have you lived in other countries?

—Yes, -I answered — in Brazil, Canada, England, Portugal and Colombia.

- Oh that's great, so you speak more than two languages? - Expectant question.

- Yes-I answer - Spanish, English, Portuguese, Thai and Korean.

- W


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