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You are my Destiny Love

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Shanom Laura, a little girl who really admires the figure of Zacky Rodriguez, a top singer. Shanom, who also likes singing, makes Zacky his idol. However, who would have thought that Zacky was Shanum's biological father. Will Shanum's identity be revealed? So how can the superstar Zacky have a daughter?

Chapter 1

Brak!"Serve me now!" said a handsome man in a drunken state, he pounded the table and glared at the woman in front of him."Sorry sir, I'm just a waiter here, I'm sorry if my activities disturb you, sir, excuse me," answered a girl whose face turned pale with fear as she walked away from the man who looked very drunk."What did you say! You can't refuse me huh!” shouted the drunk man, grabbing the hand of the woman who had only moved three steps from in front of him. However, unexpectedly, the man immediately attacked, covering the girl's lips with a kiss.“Let go! Help!" shouted the woman while struggling and screaming hysterically. The woman was so scared when she received the man's treatment. However, no matter how hard the girl rebelled, her strength was not strong enough to fight the man who now looked like he was going crazy.Anger, passion was taking over the drunk man. Now, the girl's tears could no longer be stopped. When the man started to go further, he was still kissing the girl's lips greedily. He laid the girl's body down on the sofa.He started tearing the girl's clothes. Meanwhile, the girl who lost her strength was still trying to fight back. The man who felt rejection became increasingly emotional.After successfully getting rid of everything that was attached to the girl's body. The man was ferociously fondling every inch of the woman's body under his arms, the woman was no longer able to fight back.Her energy has run out and now she can only accept every treatment of the depraved men who have now controlled her. even his screams and sobs could no longer be heard. Only tears continued to flow, accompanied by soft, unbearable sighs. His heart is really broken right now.However, not the man who smiled with satisfaction when he heard the girl's melodious sigh. This means that the girl who is now under him is feeling satisfaction. The man smiled sarcastically again, looking at the body beneath him. The poor woman's face looked pale and helpless.“Hehh… how is my game darling. Do you still think I'm a little man who can't satisfy you? I just used my tongue but apparently you already got a release.” said the man smiling smirking at the woman."Now get ready, dear, because I will give you real satisfaction, hmm...," said the man again now, while taking off all the clothes that were attached to his body. It was visible that her core had tightened and hardened perfectly. then without warning the man immediately stabbed the girl's body brutally without feeling or mercy.“It hurts help! Sir stop it!” Safia groaned sadly, feeling pain in the core of her body. No matter how hard he begged, Zacky still seemed to deafen his audience.The girl could no longer fight, her strength had run out, leaving only fatigue in her body. Now what he had guarded for 19 years was gone, by a despicable man he didn't even know.Zacky was really heartless, in fact, the man still pushed his body without mercy. while continuing to pump Safia's body, it continued to smile sarcastically. A flash of anger was also clearly visible on his handsome face.“You are so delicious darling… You are only mine Rachel Weisz.” said the man after venting his anger. The man finally let out a long groan, getting his release. Without even feeling guilty, he actually mentioned another woman's name at the end of the game.Now it wasn't just the pain in his body that his heart felt in extreme pain. Realizing not only, not knowing each other. Even the man who had the heart to take away her chastity. It turns out he has a woman he loves and only uses her as an outlet for his lust. Zacky was fast asleep, after carrying out his depraved act. Meanwhile, Safia, a woman who is no longer a girl, feels disgusted with herself.He felt his body was so dirty. Safia looked hatefully at the figure of the man beside her who was now sleeping so peacefully. As if he didn't realize that he had just committed a sin. Safia staggered her steps. Go to the bathroom in the private room. He doused his body and then rubbed several parts of his body that had red marks, due to the actions of the depraved man who robbed him of his chastity.“Ahhhhh! "Ma'am, sir, I'm sorry Safia, ma'am, Mr. Safia can't take care of himself," Safia screamed and cried uncontrollably, lamenting the misfortune that had befallen her at this time. With the remaining strength of the beautiful woman, she took a step. Safia picked up her clothes but unfortunately her clothes were no longer in shape.Only her span skirt could still be worn. Safia then picked up the man's shirt and was forced to put it on. Despite her disgust, Safia continued to wear the depraved man's shirt, which had stained her. Meanwhile, the man was still asleep in his sleep.because he was too drunk and tired to make him comfortable even if he just slept on the sofa. Meanwhile, Safia, the poor woman, came out of the private room where the fateful place had become a silent witness to the loss of her chastity. Safia came out looking very messy and sad.yes, Safia Laura, a 20 year old girl, who had just been defiled by a man named Zacky Rodriguez. A 24 year old man, the only son of a successful businessman and one of the 2nd richest people in his country. Mr. Roger Rodriguez and Mrs. Liliana.Zacky, who prefers to enter the world of entertainment. Becoming a singer, model and advertising star instead of continuing his father's business. Has a charming face and an athletic body. Making Zacky easily accepted in the entertainment industry.making him an idol that many women are crazy about, and has thousands of fans. He loves a woman who is both involved in the world of entertainment. Rachel Weisz, model and actress who has successfully starred in several films. as well as being the first woman that Zacky liked and loved.Zacky started to love Rachel when they were involved in projects and photo shoots together. Zacky really admires Rachel's figure even though the woman is three years older than him. Age did not make the man's love fade. It was Rachel's maturity and gentleness that was able to amaze him.However, unfortunately Rachel already has a boyfriend. When Zacky decided, he confessed his love for the woman. Apparently, Rachel only saw him as a younger sibling."Sorry Zack, you are still too young and I only think of you as a younger brother."Those were Rachel's words, which always rang in Zacky's ears. Feeling heartbroken and disappointed, the man finally went to a club and took it out on himself by drinking. until he got drunk and unknowingly took out his anger on a girl named Safia, a woman who worked at the club.Safia herself is a girl who has only been working at the club for two days. The poor woman entered the private room by mistake, which resulted in a heartbreaking tragedy. Safia, who had previously been asked to clean private room number 58, instead entered room number 59, perhaps as a result of the noise and sound in the club that Safia entered the wrong room.Safia, slowly stepped out of the cursed club. The woman walked down the street still sobbing softly. raindrops seemed to accompany his steps. Really, tonight was the worst night of his life. He still hoped that what happened tonight wasn't reality and was just a nightmare.

Chapter 2

Zacky, opened his eyes and looked around him. His head was still very heavy and he felt dizzy. The effects of the Vodka drink are still felt. Zacky shook his head hard.Zacky tried to gain consciousness, but to his surprise he found that he wasn't wearing a single thread. Then he stepped over and picked up his clothes one by one. However, he was shocked again when he found women's clothes piled out of shape.The man had already guessed what had happened last night. He must have slept with one of the women of the night at this club. “Fuck!” Who's been feeding the courtesans to me ahhh!" Zacky cursed, cursing himself for giving up his virginity to a cheap woman and that, it was really disgusting.Zacky then put on his clothes, but only jeans and underwear were still there, while his shirt and blazer went nowhere. Zacky then checked his wallet and valuables, and nothing was missing. Zacky panicked again as he looked for his cellphone, and


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