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YOU ARE MINE: When I Have to Fight for You

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“Sidd, if you leave me here, I won’t ever forgive you,” I declared, glaring at him. “I will hold you responsible for anything that happens to me. Remember you made me stay here till late,” I stated, even though I was scared. “I don’t need your forgiveness, Rani,” he snarled. “Holding me responsible for anything bad that happens to you is what enemies do,” he declared and moved off. *** From hatred to love, a bond was created between Rani and Sidd. Not without drastic challenges that are meant to separate them forever. Will their newly developed love withstand the challenges? Or will they allow their hatred to overpower their love and get separated forever?

Chapter 1

As the early birds arose, the day dawned crisp with the chirping of birds. The golden hands of the sun began painting the sky blue. The newly formed sun peered through my window, flashing its beautiful but disturbing rays straight to my face. I was reluctant to get off my bed. I always love the day, but not this particular morning. Suddenly, I remembered I had lectures today, which prompted me to spring out of bed and go straight to the bathroom to freshen up. I wasn’t the kind of person to delay while bathing. Caring for my skin was my priority, like every other sophisticated lady like me. I was always on trend with the latest Indian wear. With lehenga, pant-style salwar, and Anarkali being my favorite native Indian clothing for occasions. Being a college student, made me also love the modern clothing style. Ranging from simple pants and tops to the latest fitted gowns and the like.On this exceptional morning, I made up my mind to go to campus as a pure Indian girl by dressing up in my favorite pant-style salwar. I’m not such a lady to get hooked up by following others’ styles. I do what pleases my sense of taste of most times. That being said, I dressed up. Untying my locks, which are a natural black and flow to my waist, I am set to go. Stepping into my heels and picking up my bag, I take a final glance at myself in the mirror.“You look gorgeous!” I always complimented myself.Leaving my room and heading downstairs, I could smell the aroma of my mom’s cooking. Mrs. Amber Singh, my beautiful mother, was the best mother of the new generation. A widow chose not to remarry and instead focused on protecting her daughters.Following my full salutation, I notified my mom of going to campus. I rode to campus on my rare magenta scooter. I met up with Manikarnika, Manu in short, my bestie. She was a bright, stunning lady with a blithe and carefree character that drew attention, especially mine. She has always been my bestie right from day one on campus and she will always be.I used to enjoy campus life, but now I have a problem with a college mate named Siddharth Arora, also known as Sidd.Siddharth and I were the worst enemies on Earth. I just hated him for no reason. It's true that he's attractive, which is likely why he has a big ego.. He had such a heart-melting appearance, with a fairer complexion. He had a hawkish nose, rosy pink lips, sparkling eyes, and a well-built gym-going body. Coupled with his jet black spiky comb over haircut, which made him look like a hero in a romantic Bollywood movie. Many girls admired him for his good looks. I could say he was the most handsome guy on campus, but that didn’t change the way I feel about him. I bet he also hates me more than I can ever imagine. He will do anything to see me get hurt. I wish he could just disappear into the thin air.I was with Manu after the morning lectures when I saw him. He walked closer to us with his two friends, Shekhar and Milan. They were his best friends; he goes out with them most of the time.“Someone is trying to please the guys around,” he began his everyday scorning. “She tries to look beautiful even though she is ugly,” he tittered, staring at me.“Let’s go, Manu,” I commented, and we stood up to go. I wasn’t in the mood to retaliate just yet. We heard them laughing as we were leaving. We went to stay in a different place, far away from where we were before. A few minutes later, Manu’s mother called, asking her to come home if she was done with her lectures, leaving me to go to the library to study alone. An hour later, I finished my studies and decided to go home.. I was stepping down the staircase when I bumped into Sidd.“Not again!” I exclaimed, p*ss*d off. “Why are you following me everywhere I go?” I questioned with a wave of obvious anger.“Are you nuts or something!” He fired back. “Why, in God’s name, will I be following an ugly girl?”“I guess you have lost your sense of sight,” I retaliated.“Even a blind guy could see how ugly you are,” he scorned.“Honestly?” Do you know how many guys are falling just to come in contact with me? Do you also know that one of them is you? That’s why you keep on following me everywhere I go. Anyway, no matter how hard you try, I will never fall for you ‘cause you are so arrogant,” I stated proudly. I knew that would certainly hurt him.I stepped down from the last staircase and he said, “Stop flattering yourself.” I walked away without saying anything else.I got to my scooter, sat on it, and then rode out of campus.Later in the night, Kiara returned home from work. Kiara was my elder sister, kind and cautious. She graduated two years back, and she’s now working as a Managing Director (MD) in a large firm.I heard her voice downstairs and went to welcome her.“Welcome, sis!” I greeted as I hugged her. “How was work today?” I asked as I released her from the warm hug.“It was hectic today. I’m exhausted!” She expressed.A seven to nine work day, every day, but weekends were exhausting. I could see the signs of tiredness on her face. I helped her with her bag, walking upstairs to Kiara’s room as she trudged along behind me.The following morning. On campus, I met up with Manu to get soft drinks. “Have you seen Sidd today?” I asked.“No, I haven’t,” she replied negatively. “Are you missing him already?” She teased.“Of course not! I’m happy that he is not around today,” I stated and sipped my drink.“Whatever!” she commented.After we were done, we paid the bill and left the canteen. We went home after the second lecture.

Chapter 2

There were sports on campus the following day. I dressed up in my beautiful dress and went to the campus. I had taken my sportswear with me to be worn for the sports. I was on the female volleyball team while Manu was on the female basketball team. It was an amazing sports day on campus and so, the campus was filled with activities. After the sports were over, I went to freshen up and change into my dress. I had kept my dress in a locker but when I came out of the bathroom, there was nowhere to be found. I searched and also asked other girls but no one seems to know where my dress was. I had wrapped a towel around my body with my hair still wet. When I was searching, I found my dress on the basketball court on the floor.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed moving close to where my dress was. “Who the heck brought my dress down here?” I uttered pissed off.

As I bent down to pick up my dress, I heard a voice laughing from behind. I turned to look in that direction. There, I saw Sidd


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