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Shane Johnson doesn't want to be the quiet, studious, good girl everyone says will die a virgin. She wants one thing: to lose her virginity. She needs to find the right boy. Thomas Andrews is a biology teacher who has just entered his dream vacation after being invited to give a lecture on teenage sexuality at a local high school. Their paths cross, and Shane makes him an offer he can't refuse. Shane will try in every way to seduce the sweet professor Thomas. Come to read on and find out what Shane will do to win Professor Thomas over.

1. Thomas

"Unknown: Could you have s*x with me?"

I finish the shower, my cell phone vibrates on the table, and I get this message from an unknown number. It must be something Robert would do. He loves these pranks.

"Me: Is this a joke?"

Seconds later, she says:

"Unknown Number: No, I'm serious."

My vacation has just started.

I have just showered, I haven't even put on my clothes yet, and I have to get these little jokes from Robert in the afternoon. I know he is my brother-in-law and thinks he is funny, but I will not admit it now.

If he is trying to get me to fall for this nonsense so that he can show Melinda the screenshots later, he is dead wrong.

"Me: Okay, Robert, you've had a funny time now, so let me get dressed."

"Unknown Number: Wow. Does that mean that you have no clothes on?"

"Unknown: That's good to imagine."

I ignore.

"Unknown number: Sorry. I shouldn't have missed the point."

"Unknown: And I'm not Robert!"

Unknown number: So what? Do you accept or not?

"Me: Look, if it's not Robert, fine. But whoever you are, I'll tell you I'm not in the mood for jokes like this."

At least I don't get an answer confirming my thesis that this is just another of Robert's pranks.

I know I am a biology teacher since I was 24 years old has awakened an interest in hormonal teenage girls, as I know all the girls in high school are.

And even today, at the age of 30, I know from the way they look at me from time to time that I still have some effect on them. Many don't just stare and practically insinuate themselves to me. I have heard and read many things. And I know maybe this message could be from one of my students. The hard part is knowing how she got access to my phone number.

I end up letting it go after the answer doesn't come. I get dressed and throw myself on the couch. Today I'm not even going to prepare dinner.

I'm just going to order a pizza.

After turning on the TV, I lie down and realize I am on vacation.

A month in my house without laptops, tests, meetings, and nothing reminds me of work.

I have a smile on my face.


The pizza arrives, so I have a smile on my face.

I open the Coke, pour myself a glass, and get a slice of pizza, mozzarella, my favorite. Just as I'm about to eat, my cell phone vibrates with the arrival of a new message. I think it's from Melinda, but no.

Unknown: I haven't given up on the answer yet.

I pick up my cell phone and type it quickly:

"Me: Look, you who says it's not Robert? I'm already in an appointment."

"Unknown: I know. And what is this insistence that I am this Robert?"

"Unknown: Look."


"Unknown: Do I look like Robert?"

"D*mn it!"

I'm speechless now. I run my hand through my hair. These girls are getting more and more appealing. She just sent me a picture where she is wearing only pink panties with her hand covering half of her boobs. It's hard to resist and not look.

"Me: But what was that?"

"Unknown: A nude. I think."

"Unknown: D*mn, I don't usually do this kind of thing, but you weren't taking me seriously."

I take a deep breath. It could get complicated for me. This girl could be one of my students, but the problem is that I can't recognize her. So I'll gather some information before doing something about it.

"Me: Okay, tell me what you want."

"Unknown: I already told you."

"Unknown: I want to have s*x with you."

"Me: Alright, what's your name again?"

"Unknown: I know what you are thinking. But I'm not one of your students, teachers Andrews. My name is Shane."

"Me: How did you get my phone number, Shane?"

"Unknown: When you were talking to Miss Dawson. She put her boobs in your face."

"Me: ?"

"Unknown: I know you remember her from the school where you did a lecture on sexuality this afternoon."

"Unknown: I followed both of you. At first, I was going to find your phone number in the principal's office, but I heard you tell it to Miss Dawson."

"Me: So you also heard me tell her I am engaged to be married, right?"

"Unknown: Yes, I did."

"Unknown: haha"

"Unknown: But I also heard you say that your fiancée is taking a course and will be away for two months."

"Unknown: so my proposal will benefit both of us."

"Unknown: :)"

"Me: Where are you going with this?"

"Unknown: I already explained that I want s*x."

"Me: But why with me?"

"Unknown: Because you seem to understand the subject very well."

"Me: If it's just s*x, why not with someone your age?"

"Unknown: Because I am a virgin, boys of my same age are all idiots and would ruin everything you know what to do. I would love my first time with you."

"Me: Wow."

"Unknown: And as I said, you didn't embarrass me by talking about s*x in front of me."

I take a deep breath and try to see what I can do. I type back.

"Me: This conversation is pointless. What can I do to make you forget about it?"

"Unknown: Easy"

"Unknown: Have s*x with me!"

2. Thomas

I take another deep breath. What am I going to do now? How can I solve this problem? I look at the picture she sent me, run my hand through my hair, and leave it on the back of my neck. My fingers run along my neck as I try to think of a way out of this without doing more damage.

This girl seems determined, but I'm afraid of what she will do, maybe something stupid. My educator side tells me to take it easy until I can get around the situation and make her realize how impulsive she's being.

"Me: All right."

"Me: I'll think about it. I will let you know what I decide."

"Unknown: That's good."

"Unknown: I hope you accept."

She doesn't say anything after that.

I don't know what I do to make her change her mind. A girl doesn't need to start their sex life that way and needs to see it like I do.

I need to show her that.

"What the fuck!


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